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She is a direct descendant of the Royal House of Blois, France:


28th Great Grandparent / Grandchild
Thibault Count of Troyes, b. abt 0883
Theobald I Count of Blois, b. abt 0910 Luitgarde de Vermandois France, Centre
Emma Countess of Blois, b. 0950 Guillaume IV Duke of Aquitaine France, Centre
Guillaume V "The Grand" of Aquitaine, b. abt 0969 Agnes Countess of Burgundy France, Charentes
Guillaume VI Duke of Aquitaine, b. 1026 Hildegarde Princess of France France, Charentes
Guillaume VII Duke of Aquitaine, b. 22 OCT 1071 Phillipa of Toulouse France, Aquitaine
Guillaume X Duke of Aquitaine, b. 1099 Eleanor of Chatellerault France, Midi-Pyrenees
Eleanor of Aquitaine, b. 1122 Louis Vii, King of France, Henry II King of England France, Aquitaine
John "Lackland" King of England, b. 24 DEC 1167 (mistress) ___, Isabel De Clare, Agatha de Ferrers, Clemence le Boteler, Suzanne de Warenne, Isabella of Angloume England, Oxfordshire
Isabel Princess of England, b. 1214 Frederick II of Sicily England, Hampshire
Margarethe of Austria, b. 1 DEC 1241 Albrecht or Adalbert of Thuringia Italy, Apulia
Friedrich I of Thuringia, b. 16 NOV 1257 Germany, Sachsen
Fredrich II of Thuringia, b. 1310 Mathilde Princess of Bavaria Germany, Thuringen
Elisabeth von Thuringia, b. 22 NOV 1329 Frederich V Von Nuremberg Germany, Thuringen
Frederich I Von Brandenburg, b. 21 SEP 1372 Elisabeth of Bavaria Germany, Bayern
John "The Alchemist" Hohenzollern, b. abt 1406 Barbara Von Saxe-Wittenberg Germany, Berlin
Dorothea of Brandenburg, b. 1430 Christian I King of Denmark Germany, Berlin
Frederik I von Oldenburg King of Denmark and Norway, b. 7 OCT 1471 Sophia of Pommern-Wolgast, Anna von Hohenzollern Princess of Brandenburg Denmark, Haderslev
Adolf Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, b. 25 JAN 1526 Christine Hesse-Kassel Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
Sophie Von Holstein-Gottorp, b. 1 JUN 1569 Johann VII, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
Adolf Frederick I, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, b. 15 DEC 1588 Maria Katharina of Brunswick-Dannenberg, Anna Maria of Ostfriesland Germany, Mecklenburg
Adolphus Frederick II Duke of Mecklenburg, b. 19 OCT 1658 Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Christiane Emilie Von Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Germany, Mecklenburg
Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg, b. 23 FEB 1708 Elizabeth Albertine of Saxe-Hildburghausen Germany, Mecklenburg
Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, b. 19 MAY 1744 George III of England Germany, Mecklenburg
Prince Edward Hanover Duke of Kent and Strathearn, b. 2 NOV 1767 Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld England, Middlesex
Victoria of England, b. 24 MAY 1819 Albert of Saxe-coburg and Gotha England, Middlesex
Edward VII of England, b. 9 NOV 1841 Alexandra of Denmark England, Middlesex
Maud of Wales, b. 26 NOV 1869 Haakon VII of Norway England, Middlesex
Olav V of Norway, b. 2 JUL 1903 Märtha of Sweden England, Norfolk
Harald V of Norway, b. 21 FEB 1937 Sonja Haraldsen Queen of Norway Norway, Oslo
Märtha Louise de Norvège Princesse de Norvège, b. 9/22/1971 Ari Mikael Behn Norway, Oslo


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Updated: 12-21-2020
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