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Benjamin Bass - Bio

b.19 DEC 1694 — d.23 MAY 1756



The ministry of Mr. Bass, which was quiet and undisturbed, passed peacefully on until May 23, 1756, when he died, in the 63rd year of his age, after a settlement of 27 years, 5 months, and 15 days. During this period 83 persons joined the church, and 588 were baptized.

From his writings Mr. Bass appears to have been a man marked more by common sense, than by brilliancy of diction, withal a little inclined to facetiousness, yet open-hearted, and frank, and laboring diligently for the welfare of his people. He was often consulted by neighboring churches, and acted as Mod- erator in Ecclesiastical Councils. In the midst of the excitement which prevailed during the latter years of his ministry, occasioned by the preaching of Whitefield, and the rise of the "new lights," he preserved his own hold on the good-will of his society, and left his people in a state of as great prosperity as was enjoyed in any of the adjoining towns. His habits were simple and his manner of living frugal and unostentatious; yet his was ever a hospitable board, to which his parishioners and friends were cordially welcomed. He took great interest in the children of his parish, and never passed a child in the road with- out noticing it. The children so loved him, that whenever they saw him approaching, they would arrange themselves in a row, and as he drew near, greet him with bows and courtesies, while smiles of joy illumined their faces. As an illustration of his facetiousness, it is related, that having received an invitation to settle at Eel River, Plymouth, and being asked if he should accept it, he replied: "No, Eel River may do for small fish, but it is not large enough for Bass."

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  1. Book:History and records of the First Congregational church, Hanover, Mass; Website

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