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Mina Edison

Mina Edison

Mina Miller Edison was not content simply to be the wife of America's most famous inventor. As a devout Methodist, she firmly believed that each individual possesses the power to make positive change in their community. Her passion for gardening led her to support organizations that delivered flowers to shut-ins and developed children's gardens in underprivileged neighborhoods. Her work with Eleanor Roosevelt and the National Recreation Association furthered her involvement in public recreation and beautification.

“Like the private and public gardens she sowed and tended, Mina Miller Edison's charity work planted the seeds for growth, change and beautification that can still be seen today.”

Glenmont, the home of Thomas Alva and Mina Miller Edison, is on the New Jersey Women's Heritage Trail because of Mina's exemplary commitment to her community, which made significant contributions to the health and recreation of New Jersey residents.

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Mina Miller

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Updated: 7-13-2020
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