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Martha Francis Hall - Story

b.6/24/1858 — d.1/27/1944



Martha Francis Hall Davis

Grandmother celebrated her 83rd birthday this year (1941). The many friends who called to wish her well shows in what high esteem she is held. Known as Grandma Davis to all her friends, she lives all by herself in the old family home, doing all her own work and many kindly acts for her neighbors.
Every morning she takes her daily walk, going the rounds to her sons' homes who live quite near by, to see how they all are and give an encouraging word or sage advice.
I was talking to grandmother the other day and she said she couldn't stand charity, sympathy and publicity. A more independent little soul never lived and it's rare to see such cleanliness, especially in older people. She said to me "I'll tell you when I'm found dead, they won't find me dirty".
She was telling us how she liked to talk and carry on a conversation with people and she said, "If I can't remember anything to say, I make it up". Clarence said most old people did the same.
She has a most cheerful disposition; never complains—and always looks on the bright side of things. I've heard her tell many times of the goodness of the Lord, and the many blessings she has shared' how she has never had a doctor nor been ill in her life and had her ten children with the least inconvenience and trouble.
Her life has been well lived and a worthy example for her descendants. There is no pretence about her; she is just what she is and proud of it and so are the rest of us. Grandmother has found it hard to keep up with the fast moving times, especially in some things. There are no words to describe how she feels about the dress or rather undress of the young girls and women of today.
-- Leah Ashton Gleason 

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Martha Francis Hall

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