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Vernon in the 1950s

Vernon in the 1950s

A profile photo of Vernon Eugene Martin aka VM "Mike" Striebel c. 1955.

Birth certificate of Vernon Eugene Martin, born September 18, 1916 in Gray, Knox County, Kentucky to David Radford Martin & Nannette Serena Walters, Dr. J. W. Parker as delivering physician:


Photograph of Vernon Eugene Martin on his MARTIN grandparents' farm on Arapaho Trail, Gray, Knox County, Kentucky: (----googlemaps Martin Farm location and John Dalton Martin Memorial Cemetery where Vernon is buried with father, brother, grandparents and a couple auts and uncles http://goo.gl/maps/GXLAF   ----)


Photograph of Vernon Eugene Martin with his grandmother Lucy Frances Johnson, wife of John Dalton Martin.  Also with Lucy stand her son Creed Dalton Martin with his wife Otie C. Cox, and their son Jack Martin, Vernon's cousin:


Narrative obituary written by son Ian Oliver Martin:

Death certicate of Vernon Eugene Martin:

Cremation certificate of Vernon Eugene Martin:

HOME IN CHIPIONA, SPAIN during the 1960s:

Nuestra Senora del Carmen, 9 Ramon y Cajal, Chipiona, Cadiz Spain
(formerly Avenida General Moscardo)


Website: http://www.chipiona.net/gallery3/index.php/Documentando/Antiguas/Martin

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  1. Website:MARTIN family in Chipiona, Spain ; An album of European photographs of Vernon Eugene Martin & Louise Sophia Stark;

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