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Daniel Gregory Claiborne Butts wrote a book in 1922 called From Saddle to City By Buggy, Boat and Railway.  It is available online at no cost.  He was a Methodist Circuit rider in central and eastern Virginia.  He names a lot of local people in the book.  Here’s what I found on Hattie Hayes Whitehouse.  She was a friend and not related:
From Saddle to City By Buggy, Boat and Railway; 1922; Chapter IV:   The Conference of 1877 and King George;  p95:  In the summer of 1878 we had a great meeting at Union, not in point of numbers added to the church; but on account of the profound impression it made upon the community, and the character of the conversions.  Among the many who came into the church at that meeting, I note Mr. Isaiah Hayes, his son Lawrence, his daughters Hattie and Elvira, also Mr. Hayes' brother, Josiah, his son Henry and daughter.
On September 8, 1880, I performed the ceremony of marriage which made Hattie Hayes and Ed Whitehouse man and wife.  I baptized the first baby Susie; The second babe was named for me, Lawrence Butts and is a successful druggist in Lynchburg.  Then when Susie married and became a mother, I baptized her babe.  Thus through the years we have kept pace with each other on the changing road of life, ever keeping in sight of each other's home, rejoicing together, and mingling our tears sometimes when we look around us and find an empty chair.
p129:  The Hayes were Pennsylvanians and Ed was a down east Maine Yankee, while I was an 'unreconstructed Virginia Rebel' yet it can hardly be said that more devoted friends could be found anywhere than that devout, intelligent, unpretentious family.

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