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U.S. Navy (Total: 3,580)

Information on this website related to the US Navy and the CSA Navy, showing the number of people related to each item.


  • Adm. Montgomery Meigs Taylor
  • Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd
  • Commodore Abraham Whipple
  • Commodore John Rodgers
  • Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry
  • Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury
  • George Eugene Belknap
  • Louis M. Goldsborough
  • President John Fitzgerald Jack Kennedy
  • President John Fitzgerald Jack Kennedy
  • President John Fitzgerald Jack Kennedy
  • Rear Admiral Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral Frederick Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral John Crittenden Watson
  • Rear Admiral Raymond Perry Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral Thomas Slidell Rodgers
  • Reginald Belknap
  • Selden Chapin
  • Stephen Decatur
  • William Bainbridge

Service by Rank

Revolutionary War, Captain5
Revolutionary War, Commander1
Revolutionary War, Commodore7
Revolutionary War, Ensign1
Revolutionary War, Seaman2
Revolutionary War, Surgeon1
War of 1812, Captain2
War of 1812, Commander1
War of 1812, Commodore8
War of 1812, Gunner1
War of 1812, Lieutenant3
War of 1812, Midshipman2
War of 1812, Rear Admiral1
Mexican American War, Captain1
Mexican American War, Commander1
Mexican American War, Lieutenant1
Mexican American War, Midshipman1
US Civil War, Admiral4
US Civil War, Captain10
US Civil War, Commander9
US Civil War, Commodore6
US Civil War, Ensign4
US Civil War, Lieutenant6
US Civil War, Lieutenant Commander4
US Civil War, Major1
US Civil War, Midshipman2
US Civil War, Rear Admiral18
US Civil War, Second Lieutenant1
US Civil War, Surgeon2
Spanish American War, Admiral1
Spanish American War, Captain5
Spanish American War, Ensign4
Spanish American War, Lieutenant2
Spanish American War, Lieutenant Commander1
Spanish American War, Medical Director1
Spanish American War, Midshipman1
Spanish American War, Rear Admiral5
Spanish American War, Surgeon1
Philippine American War, Ensign1
World War I, Admiral3
World War I, Boatswain2
World War I, Bugler1
World War I, Captain6
World War I, Chief Boat Swains Mate1
World War I, Chief Warrant Officer1
World War I, Commander3
World War I, Electrician1
World War I, Ensign5
World War I, Fireman2
World War I, Gunner1
World War I, Lieutenant4
World War I, Lieutenant Commander4
World War I, Mechanic1
World War I, Midshipman1
World War I, Petty Officer3
World War I, Private3
World War I, Quartermaster5
World War I, Rear Admiral2
World War I, Seaman13
World War I, Surgeon2
World War II, Admiral4
World War II, Airman5
World War II, Boatswain4
World War II, Brevet Major1
World War II, Captain14
World War II, Chief Boat Swains Mate3
World War II, Chief Warrant Officer2
World War II, Commander9
World War II, Commodore2
World War II, Corporal1
World War II, Electrician3
World War II, Engineman1
World War II, Ensign7
World War II, Fireman5
World War II, Gunner6
World War II, Lieutenant37
World War II, Lieutenant Commander12
World War II, Machinist3
World War II, Mechanic3
World War II, Petty Officer51
World War II, Private13
World War II, Quartermaster5
World War II, Rear Admiral9
World War II, Seaman65
World War II, Sergeant1
World War II, Specialist6
World War II, Technician5
World War II, Vice Admiral4
World War II, Yeoman4
Korean War, Captain3
Korean War, Chief Warrant Officer1
Korean War, Commander2
Korean War, Gunner1
Korean War, Lieutenant3
Korean War, Lieutenant Colonel1
Korean War, Mechanic1
Korean War, Petty Officer12
Korean War, Private3
Korean War, Seaman7
Korean War, Sergeant1
Korean War, Technician2
Vietnam War, Airman1
Vietnam War, Captain2
Vietnam War, Chief Warrant Officer1
Vietnam War, Commander3
Vietnam War, Engineman1
Vietnam War, Ensign1
Vietnam War, Fireman1
Vietnam War, First Lieutenant1
Vietnam War, Lieutenant4
Vietnam War, Lieutenant Colonel1
Vietnam War, Lieutenant Commander2
Vietnam War, Petty Officer12
Vietnam War, Private1
Vietnam War, Quartermaster2
Vietnam War, Seaman4
Vietnam War, Technician1
Vietnam War, Yeoman1


HMS Adventure2
HMS Antelope3
HMS Antelope (1613)4
HMS Bonaventure5
HMS Defiance2
HMS Garland4
HMS Happy Entrance3
HMS Lion4
HMS Mary Rose (1623)2
HMS Merhonor2
HMS Monck (1660)2
HMS Rainbow (1586)2
HMS Repulse2
HMS Revenge4
HMS Vanguard3
USC&GS Bache3
USC&GS Blake6
USC&GS Eagre3
USC&GS Endeavor3
USC&GS Gedney6
USC&GS Hassler6
USC&GS McArthur4
USC&GS Patterson4
USC&GS Ready2
USS Adams7
USS Agawam2
USS Alarm4
USS Alaska11
USS Albany (1869)2
USS Albatross (1882)2
USS Alert (1812)5
USS Alert (1861)13
USS Alleghany4
USS Alliance (1875)12
USS America2
USS Amphitrite2
USS Anacostia3
USS Arago2
USS Arkansas (BM7)3
USS Aroostook2
USS Ashuelot8
USS Asp2
USS Atlanta9
USS Atlanta (1884)4
USS Augusta4
USS Bainbridge6
USS Baltimore (C3)11
USS Bancroft3
USS Benicia4
USS Bennington3
USS Bienville2
USS Boston2
USS Boston (1825)3
USS Boston (1884)7
USS Boxer (1832)3
USS Brandywine (1825)20
USS Brooklyn (1858)17
USS Brooklyn (ACR3)8
USS California2
USS California (ACR6)2
USS Canandaigua7
USS Canonicus4
USS Castine3
USS Catskill6
USS Cayuga2
USS Celtic2
USS Charleston (C2)2
USS Chattanooga (1864)4
USS Chattanooga (C16)3
USS Chesapeake (1799)2
USS Chicago (1885)8
USS Chocura2
USS Cincinnati (C7)5
USS Colorado (1856)31
USS Colorado (ACR7)3
USS Columbia (1836)2
USS Columbia (C12)4
USS Columbus (1819)9
USS Concord (1828)7
USS Concord (PG3)6
USS Conemaugh2
USS Congress (1799)11
USS Congress (1841)14
USS Connecticut (BB18)7
USS Constellation (1797)41
USS Constellation (1854)19
USS Constitution41
USS Contocook3
USS Crusader2
USS Cumberland9
USS Cushing2
USS Cyane (1815)6
USS Cyane (1837)23
USS Dacotah9
USS Dale (1839)13
USS Decatur3
USS Decatur (DD5)2
USS Delaware (1820)16
USS Delaware (BB28)3
USS Despatch10
USS Detroit (CL10)2
USS Dictator6
USS Dixie (1893)4
USS Dolphin (1821)6
USS Dolphin (1836)7
USS Dolphin (PG24)10
USS Enterprise (1799)6
USS Enterprise (1831)2
USS Enterprise (1874)9
USS Erie14
USS Essex (1874)7
USS Experiment (1832)2
USS Fairfield12
USS Falmouth13
USS Fern (1871)2
USS Fishhawk2
USS Florida (1850)3
USS Florida (BM9)4
USS Fort Jackson2
USS Fortune2
USS Franklin (1815)10
USS Franklin (1864)35
USS Fredonia2
USS Frolic7
USS Fulton (1816)2
USS Fulton (1837)5
USS Galena8
USS Georgia (BB15)2
USS Germantown14
USS Gettysburg3
USS Grampus (1821)6
USS Guard2
USS Guerriere (1814)16
USS Guerriere (1865)11
USS Hartford (1858)41
USS Helena (PG9)2
USS Hendrick Hudson2
USS Hetzel2
USS Hist2
USS Hornet (1805)16
USS Housatonic3
USS Hudson3
USS Idaho (BB24)2
USS Illinois2
USS Independence (1814)23
USS Indiana7
USS Intrepid2
USS Iowa (BB4)5
USS Iroquois (1859)16
USS James Adger-18512
USS Jamestown19
USS Java11
USS John Adams21
USS John P. Kennedy4
USS Juniata21
USS Kansas2
USS Kansas (BB21)5
USS Kearsarge22
USS Kearsarge (BB5)7
USS Kentucky9
USS Kineo2
USS Lackawanna10
USS Lancaster21
USS Legare2
USS Lehigh4
USS Leonidas2
USS Lexington (1825)6
USS Lexington (1861)3
USS Louisiana (BB19)3
USS Macedonian16
USS Mahopac2
USS Maine (1895)3
USS Maine (BB10)4
USS Manhattan2
USS Marblehead (1861)5
USS Marblehead (C11)4
USS Marietta3
USS Marion18
USS Massachusetts4
USS Massachusetts (BB2)5
USS Maumee2
USS Mayflower (1866)3
USS Merrimac5
USS Metacomet4
USS Miantonomah (1863)3
USS Miantonomah (BM5)6
USS Michigan17
USS Minneapolis (C13)7
USS Minnesota (1855)35
USS Minnesota (BB22)4
USS Mississippi9
USS Mississippi (BB23)3
USS Missouri (BB11)4
USS Mohican (1859)11
USS Mohican (1883)6
USS Mohongo3
USS Monadnock (BM3)2
USS Monitor2
USS Monocacy10
USS Monongahela11
USS Montauk7
USS Monterey (BM6)8
USS Muscoota2
USS Nantucket3
USS Narragansett5
USS Natchez6
USS Nebraska (BB14)5
USS Neptune2
USS New Hampshire9
USS New Hampshire (BB25)5
USS New Ironsides8
USS New Jersey (BB16)3
USS New Orleans3
USS New Orleans (CL22)2
USS New York5
USS New York (ACR2)2
USS New York (BB34)2
USS Newark4
USS Niagara2
USS Nipsic5
USS Nonsuch5
USS Norfolk2
USS North Carolina (1820)27
USS North Dakota (BB29)4
USS Octorara2
USS Ohio (1820)18
USS Olympia10
USS Omaha12
USS Oneida (1861)4
USS Ontario (1813)22
USS Onward6
USS Oregon4
USS Osceola3
USS Ossipee (1861)17
USS Ottawa2
USS Paducah2
USS Palos5
USS Passaic7
USS Patapsco3
USS Pawnee (1859)6
USS Peacock9
USS Pennsylvania3
USS Penobscot3
USS Pensacola34
USS Perry (1843)3
USS Petrel (PG2)6
USS Philadelphia (C4)9
USS Pinta4
USS Piscataqua (1866)5
USS Plymouth19
USS Pocahontas (1852)4
USS Pontiac2
USS Porpoise (1820)5
USS Porpoise (1836)4
USS Portsmouth (1843)22
USS Potomac (1822)17
USS Powhatan (1850)37
USS Prairie5
USS Preble (1839)8
USS President (1800)4
USS Princeton2
USS Proteus2
USS Quaker City4
USS Quinnebaug9
USS Raleigh (C8)2
USS Ranger5
USS Raritan3
USS Release2
USS Relief9
USS Resaca3
USS Rhode Island2
USS Richmond (1860)25
USS Roanoke (1855)11
USS Sabine (1855)17
USS Saco3
USS Sacramento7
USS Saginaw2
USS Salem (CL3)2
USS San Francisco5
USS San Francisco (C5)3
USS San Jacinto (1850)8
USS Sangamon2
USS Santee4
USS Saranac (1848)26
USS Saratoga29
USS Saugus2
USS Savannah7
USS Sciota2
USS Seminole4
USS Seneca4
USS Severn2
USS Shamrock2
USS Shark (1821)8
USS Shawmut4
USS Shenandoah (1862)11
USS Smith2
USS Solace2
USS Sonoma3
USS South Carolina (BB26)4
USS Spark (1813)2
USS Speedwell2
USS Spitfire (1814)2
USS St Lawrence9
USS St Louis (1828)13
USS St Marys16
USS Supply (1846)10
USS Susquehanna10
USS Suwanee (1897)2
USS Swatara17
USS Tacoma4
USS Tacony2
USS Tallahassee (BM9)2
USS Tallapoosa6
USS Tennessee (1865)16
USS Terror4
USS Texas3
USS Thetis6
USS Ticonderoga6
USS Tioga2
USS Topeka2
USS Trenton19
USS Tuscarora8
USS United States (1797)22
USS Vandalia (1828)14
USS Vandalia (1876)9
USS Vanderbilt3
USS Vermont9
USS Vermont (BB20)4
USS Vesuvius6
USS Vincennes22
USS Virginia (BB13)5
USS Vixen (1846)2
USS Wabash27
USS Wachusett (1861)16
USS Warren (1827)12
USS Washington (1814)22
USS Washington (ACR11)3
USS Wasp (1865)3
USS Water Witch4
USS Wateree4
USS Weehawken2
USS Westernport2
USS Whipple2
USS Wilmington5
USS Wisconsin (BB9)2
USS Worcester (1866)9
USS Wyandotte5
USS Wyoming11
USS Yankton2
USS Yantic14
USS Yorktown (PG1)11
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