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U.S. Navy (Total: 1,053)

Information on this website related to the US Navy and the CSA Navy, showing the number of people related to each item.


  • Adm. Montgomery Meigs Taylor
  • Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd
  • Commodore Abraham Whipple
  • Commodore John Rodgers
  • Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry
  • Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury
  • George E. Belknap
  • Louis M. Goldsborough
  • President John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • President John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • President John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • Rear Admiral Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral Frederick Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral John Crittenden Watson
  • Rear Admiral Raymond Perry Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral Thomas Slidell Rodgers
  • Reginald Belknap
  • Selden Chapin
  • Stephen Decatur
  • William Bainbridge

Service by Rank

Revolutionary War, Captain4
Revolutionary War, Commander1
Revolutionary War, Commodore6
Revolutionary War, Ensign1
Revolutionary War, Seaman2
Revolutionary War, Surgeon1
War of 1812, Captain2
War of 1812, Commander1
War of 1812, Commodore6
War of 1812, Gunnery Mate1
War of 1812, Lieutenant2
War of 1812, Midshipman2
War of 1812, Rear Admiral1
Mexican American War, Captain1
Mexican American War, Commander1
Mexican American War, Lieutenant1
Mexican American War, Midshipman1
US Civil War, Admiral4
US Civil War, Captain9
US Civil War, Commander9
US Civil War, Commodore5
US Civil War, Ensign2
US Civil War, Lieutenant6
US Civil War, Lieutenant Commander4
US Civil War, Major1
US Civil War, Midshipman2
US Civil War, Rear Admiral18
US Civil War, Second Lieutenant1
US Civil War, Surgeon2
Spanish American War, Admiral1
Spanish American War, Captain5
Spanish American War, Ensign4
Spanish American War, Lieutenant2
Spanish American War, Lieutenant Commander1
Spanish American War, Midshipman1
Spanish American War, Rear Admiral5
Spanish American War, Surgeon1
Philippine American War, Ensign1
World War I, Admiral3
World War I, Boatswain Mate2
World War I, Bugler1
World War I, Captain6
World War I, Chief Warrant Officer1
World War I, Commander2
World War I, Ensign4
World War I, Fireman1
World War I, Gunnery Mate1
World War I, Lieutenant4
World War I, Lieutenant Commander3
World War I, Midshipman1
World War I, Petty Officer3
World War I, Private3
World War I, Quartermaster3
World War I, Rear Admiral2
World War I, Seaman12
World War II, Admiral4
World War II, Airman4
World War II, Boatswain Mate4
World War II, Brevet Major1
World War II, Captain13
World War II, Chief Boat Swains Mate2
World War II, Chief Warrant Officer2
World War II, Commander8
World War II, Commodore2
World War II, Corporal1
World War II, Electrician3
World War II, Ensign7
World War II, Fireman3
World War II, Gunnery Mate4
World War II, Lieutenant34
World War II, Lieutenant Commander9
World War II, Mechanic3
World War II, Petty Officer37
World War II, Private13
World War II, Quartermaster4
World War II, Rear Admiral8
World War II, Seaman55
World War II, Sergeant1
World War II, Specialist5
World War II, Technician5
World War II, Vice Admiral4
World War II, Yeoman3
Korean War, Captain3
Korean War, Chief Warrant Officer1
Korean War, Commander1
Korean War, Gunnery Mate1
Korean War, Lieutenant3
Korean War, Lieutenant Colonel1
Korean War, Mechanic1
Korean War, Petty Officer10
Korean War, Private3
Korean War, Seaman6
Korean War, Sergeant1
Korean War, Technician2
Vietnam War, Airman1
Vietnam War, Captain2
Vietnam War, Chief Warrant Officer1
Vietnam War, Commander2
Vietnam War, Engineman1
Vietnam War, Ensign1
Vietnam War, First Lieutenant1
Vietnam War, Lieutenant4
Vietnam War, Lieutenant Colonel1
Vietnam War, Lieutenant Commander2
Vietnam War, Petty Officer9
Vietnam War, Private1
Vietnam War, Quartermaster2
Vietnam War, Seaman3
Vietnam War, Technician1
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