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U.S. Navy (Total: 17,263)

Information on this website related to the US Navy and the CSA Navy, showing the number of people related to each item.


  • Adm. Montgomery Meigs Taylor
  • Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd
  • Commodore Abraham Whipple
  • Commodore John Rodgers
  • Commodore John Rodgers
  • Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry
  • Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury
  • George Eugene Belknap
  • Louis M. Goldsborough
  • Lyal Ament Davidson
  • President John Fitzgerald Jack Kennedy
  • Rear Admiral Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral Frederick Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral John Crittenden Watson
  • Rear Admiral Raymond Perry Rodgers
  • Rear Admiral Thomas Slidell Rodgers
  • Reginald Rowan Belknap
  • Selden Chapin
  • Stephen Decatur
  • William Bainbridge

Service by Rank

Revolutionary War, Captain6
Revolutionary War, Commander1
Revolutionary War, Commodore8
Revolutionary War, Ensign1
Revolutionary War, Seaman2
Revolutionary War, Surgeon1
War of 1812, Captain3
War of 1812, Commander2
War of 1812, Commodore8
War of 1812, Gunner1
War of 1812, Lieutenant3
War of 1812, Midshipman2
War of 1812, Rear Admiral1
Mexican American War, Captain1
Mexican American War, Commander1
Mexican American War, Lieutenant2
Mexican American War, Midshipman1
US Civil War, Admiral4
US Civil War, Captain14
US Civil War, Commander10
US Civil War, Commodore6
US Civil War, Ensign6
US Civil War, Lieutenant8
US Civil War, Lieutenant Commander6
US Civil War, Major1
US Civil War, Masters Mate1
US Civil War, Midshipman2
US Civil War, Paymaster1
US Civil War, Private1
US Civil War, Rear Admiral20
US Civil War, Second Lieutenant1
US Civil War, Surgeon2
Spanish American War, Admiral1
Spanish American War, Captain6
Spanish American War, Commander1
Spanish American War, Ensign5
Spanish American War, Lieutenant2
Spanish American War, Lieutenant Commander1
Spanish American War, Medical Director1
Spanish American War, Midshipman1
Spanish American War, Rear Admiral7
Spanish American War, Surgeon1
Spanish American War, Vice Admiral1
Philippine American War, Ensign1
World War I, Admiral15
World War I, Boatswain2
World War I, Bugler1
World War I, Captain49
World War I, Chief Boat Swains Mate2
World War I, Chief Warrant Officer1
World War I, Commander13
World War I, Commodore1
World War I, Electrician2
World War I, Ensign10
World War I, Fireman3
World War I, First Lieutenant1
World War I, Gunner2
World War I, Lieutenant11
World War I, Lieutenant Colonel1
World War I, Lieutenant Commander14
World War I, Machinist1
World War I, Mechanic1
World War I, Midshipman1
World War I, Petty Officer3
World War I, Private3
World War I, Quartermaster6
World War I, Rear Admiral22
World War I, Seaman18
World War I, Surgeon2
World War I, Vice Admiral5
World War I, Yeoman1
World War II, Admiral23
World War II, Airman5
World War II, Boatswain6
World War II, Brevet Major1
World War II, Captain31
World War II, Carpenter1
World War II, Chief Boat Swains Mate3
World War II, Chief Warrant Officer2
World War II, Commander17
World War II, Commodore6
World War II, Corporal1
World War II, Electrician4
World War II, Engineman1
World War II, Ensign15
World War II, Fireman9
World War II, First Lieutenant1
World War II, Gunner7
World War II, Lieutenant72
World War II, Lieutenant Commander35
World War II, Machinist8
World War II, Mechanic3
World War II, Petty Officer84
World War II, Pharmacist1
World War II, Pilot1
World War II, Private13
World War II, Quartermaster7
World War II, Rear Admiral27
World War II, Seaman86
World War II, Sergeant1
World War II, Specialist7
World War II, Technician7
World War II, Vice Admiral25
World War II, Yeoman6
Korean War, Captain5
Korean War, Chief Warrant Officer1
Korean War, Commander4
Korean War, Electrician1
Korean War, Engineman1
Korean War, Ensign1
Korean War, Gunner2
Korean War, Lieutenant5
Korean War, Lieutenant Colonel1
Korean War, Lieutenant Commander3
Korean War, Machinist1
Korean War, Masters Mate2
Korean War, Mechanic1
Korean War, Petty Officer21
Korean War, Private3
Korean War, Quartermaster1
Korean War, Seaman8
Korean War, Sergeant1
Korean War, Technician2
Korean War, Yeoman2
Vietnam War, Airman2
Vietnam War, Captain4
Vietnam War, Chief Warrant Officer1
Vietnam War, Commander4
Vietnam War, Electrician1
Vietnam War, Engineman2
Vietnam War, Ensign1
Vietnam War, Fireman1
Vietnam War, First Lieutenant1
Vietnam War, Lieutenant4
Vietnam War, Lieutenant Colonel1
Vietnam War, Lieutenant Commander3
Vietnam War, Mechanic1
Vietnam War, Petty Officer17
Vietnam War, Private1
Vietnam War, Quartermaster2
Vietnam War, Seaman6
Vietnam War, Sergeant1
Vietnam War, Technician1
Vietnam War, Yeoman2


USC&GS Arago (1854)3
USC&GS Bache18
USC&GS Blake19
USC&GS Eagre12
USC&GS Endeavor8
USC&GS Gedney17
USC&GS Hassler23
USC&GS McArthur13
USC&GS Palinurus5
USC&GS Patterson13
USC&GS Ready5
USC&GS Silliman4
USS Aaron Ward (DD132)2
USS Abarenda (AC13)11
USS Abel P. Upshur (DD193)2
USS Adams (1799)2
USS Adams (1874)53
USS Agawam6
USS Ajax (1869)11
USS Ajax (AG15)6
USS Akron2
USS Alabama (BB8)41
USS Alarm9
USS Alaska (1868)38
USS Albany (1846)7
USS Albany (1869)5
USS Albany (CL23)16
USS Albatross (1858)2
USS Albatross (1882)23
USS Alden (DD211)6
USS Alert (1812)8
USS Alert (AS4)62
USS Alfred4
USS Algonquin2
USS Allegheny (1847)14
USS Allen (DD66)4
USS Alliance (1778)4
USS Alliance (1875)61
USS Alligator (1820)3
USS Altair (AD11)9
USS America3
USS Ammen (DD35)9
USS Amphitrite16
USS Anacostia6
USS Andrew Doria (1775)3
USS Annapolis (PG10)16
USS Antares (AG10)12
USS Anthony (DD172)2
USS Arctic (AF7)7
USS Arethusa (AO7)4
USS Argonne (AS10)9
USS Argus (1803)2
USS Arizona (BB39)19
USS Arkansas (BB33)43
USS Arkansas (BM7)11
USS Aroostook (1861)9
USS Aroostook (CM3)6
USS Asheville (PG21)11
USS Ashuelot32
USS Asp (1813)3
USS Astoria (CA34)7
USS Atlanta (1884)38
USS Augusta (1853)8
USS Augusta (CA31)15
USS Aylwin (DD47)4
USS Babbitt (DD128)3
USS Badger3
USS Badger (DD126)5
USS Bagley (DD185)2
USS Bailey (DD269)4
USS Bailey (TB21)3
USS Bainbridge (1842)13
USS Bainbridge (DD1)11
USS Bainbridge (DD246)4
USS Balch (DD50)5
USS Baltimore (C3)51
USS Bancroft (1892)8
USS Barker (DD213)7
USS Barney (DD149)3
USS Barry (DD2)12
USS Barry (DD248)4
USS Beale (DD40)8
USS Bear (AG29)2
USS Beaver (AS5)12
USS Belknap (DD251)2
USS Benham (DD49)8
USS Benicia16
USS Bennington (PG4)27
USS Benton (1861)4
USS Bernadou (DD153)2
USS Biddle (DD151)6
USS Bienville7
USS Billingsley (DD293)7
USS Birmingham (CL2)14
USS Black Hawk (1848)6
USS Black Hawk (AD9)15
USS Boggs (DD136)4
USS Boise (CL47)3
USS Bonhomme Richard (1765)3
USS Borie (DD215)7
USS Boston3
USS Boston (1777)2
USS Boston (1825)19
USS Boston (1884)35
USS Boxer (1815)5
USS Boxer (1831)8
USS Branch (DD197)2
USS Brandywine (1825)65
USS Brazos (AO4)7
USS Breck (DD283)6
USS Breckinridge (DD148)5
USS Bridge (AF1)12
USS Bridgeport (AD10)3
USS Britannia2
USS Brooklyn (1858)61
USS Brooklyn (ACR3)49
USS Brooks (DD232)8
USS Broome (DD210)3
USS Bruce (DD329)5
USS Brutus (AC15)4
USS Buchanan (DD131)4
USS Buffalo (1893)30
USS Bulmer (DD222)7
USS Burns (DD171)3
USS Burrows (DD29)9
USS Bush (DD166)2
USS Bushnell (AS2)10
USS Button2
USS Cabot (1775)4
USS Caledonia (1858)3
USS California (1867)16
USS California (ACR6)25
USS California (BB44)27
USS Callao (PG37)6
USS Cambridge (1860)3
USS Camden (AS6)9
USS Canandaigua (1862)25
USS Canonicus18
USS Canopus (AS9)13
USS Capella (AK13)2
USS Case (DD285)3
USS Cassin (DD43)8
USS Castine (PG6)19
USS Catskill14
USS Cayuga (1861)4
USS Celtic (AF2)18
USS Chandler (DD206)3
USS Charles Ausburn (DD294)2
USS Charleston (C2)19
USS Charleston (C22)25
USS Chase (DD323)3
USS Chattanooga (1864)8
USS Chattanooga (C16)19
USS Chaumont (AP5)9
USS Chauncey (DD296)3
USS Chauncey (DD3)13
USS Chenango3
USS Chesapeake (1799)6
USS Chesapeake (1899)4
USS Chester (CA27)6
USS Chester (CL1)12
USS Chew (DD106)2
USS Chewink (AM39)9
USS Cheyenne (BM10)3
USS Chicago (1885)52
USS Chicago (CA29)8
USS Childs (DD241)5
USS Chippewa (1814)4
USS Chippewa (1861)2
USS Choctaw3
USS Chocura4
USS Cimarron (1862)4
USS Cincinnati (1861)2
USS Cincinnati (C7)45
USS Cincinnati (CL6)12
USS Claxton (DD140)2
USS Cleveland (C19)22
USS Coghlan (DD326)2
USS Col Harney3
USS Cole (DD155)2
USS Colhoun (DD85)2
USS Colorado (1856)102
USS Colorado (ACR7)30
USS Colorado (BB45)17
USS Columbia (1836)22
USS Columbia (C12)22
USS Columbus (1774)4
USS Columbus (1819)32
USS Concord (1828)11
USS Concord (CL10)6
USS Concord (PG3)39
USS Conemaugh4
USS Confederacy5
USS Congress (1799)27
USS Congress (1841)29
USS Congress (1868)24
USS Connecticut (1861)5
USS Connecticut (BB18)48
USS Conner (DD72)2
USS Constellation (1797)87
USS Constellation (1854)96
USS Constitution117
USS Contocook9
USS Converse (DD291)5
USS Conyngham (DD58)5
USS Corry (DD334)3
USS Corwin4
USS Crowninshield (DD134)4
USS Crusader11
USS Culgoa (AF3)15
USS Cumberland37
USS Cummings (DD44)7
USS Cushing (DD55)5
USS Cushing (TB1)7
USS Cuyama (AO3)9
USS Cyane (1815)18
USS Cyane (1837)57
USS Dacotah21
USS Dahlgren (DD187)4
USS Dahlgren (TB9)2
USS Dale (1839)41
USS Dale (DD290)6
USS Dale (DD4)11
USS Dallas (DD199)4
USS Davis (DD65)2
USS De Soto (1860)8
USS Decatur (1839)13
USS Decatur (DD341)9
USS Decatur (DD5)12
USS Delaware (1820)34
USS Delaware (1866)8
USS Delaware (BB28)35
USS DeLong (DD129)2
USS Delong (TB28)2
USS Delphy (DD261)4
USS Denebola (AD12)2
USS Dent (DD116)3
USS Denver (CL16)25
USS Des Moines16
USS Despatch (1873)26
USS Detroit (C10)21
USS Detroit (CL8)18
USS Dickerson (DD157)3
USS Dictator23
USS Dixie (1893)28
USS Dobbin (AD3)8
USS Dolphin (1821)16
USS Dolphin (1836)16
USS Dolphin (PG24)52
USS Don2
USS Don Juan De Austria3
USS Dorsey (DD117)3
USS Downes (DD45)8
USS Doyen (DD280)3
USS Drayton (DD23)15
USS Drift3
USS Dubuque (PG17)9
USS Duncan (DD46)3
USS DuPont (DD152)3
USS Eagle (1898)16
USS Edsall (DD219)6
USS Elcano (PG38)16
USS Elk2
USS Elliot (DD146)2
USS Ellis (DD154)8
USS Enterprise (1799)14
USS Enterprise (1831)5
USS Enterprise (1874)40
USS Enterprise (CV6)3
USS Epervier (1814)3
USS Ericsson (DD56)5
USS Erie39
USS Essex (1799)3
USS Essex (1856)2
USS Essex (1874)47
USS Estrella2
USS Evans (DD78)3
USS Experiment (1799)2
USS Experiment (1832)3
USS Fairfax (DD93)4
USS Fairfield (1828)23
USS Falmouth38
USS Fanning (DD37)8
USS Farenholt (DD332)6
USS Farquhar (DD304)6
USS Farragut (DD300)6
USS Farragut (TB11)3
USS Fern (1871)9
USS Finch (AM9)2
USS Fishhawk4
USS Flambeau (1861)2
USS Flirt3
USS Florida (1850)7
USS Florida (BB30)15
USS Florida (BM9)30
USS Flusser (DD20)9
USS Flusser (DD289)2
USS Fort Jackson4
USS Fortune12
USS Fox (DD234)4
USS Fox (TB13)2
USS Franklin (1815)27
USS Franklin (1864)111
USS Fredonia5
USS Frolic (1865)33
USS Frolic (1892)6
USS Fuller (DD297)3
USS Fulton (1816)2
USS Fulton (1837)16
USS Fulton (AS1)6
USS Galena (1862)6
USS Galena (1880)30
USS Galveston (CL19)14
USS Gamble (DD123)3
USS Gem of The Sea3
USS General Alava (AG5)6
USS Georgia (BB15)38
USS Germantown31
USS Gettysburg22
USS Gillis (DD260)2
USS Gilmer (DD233)11
USS Glacier (AF4)14
USS Glasgow2
USS Gloucester2
USS Goff (DD247)5
USS Gold Star (AK12)4
USS Goldsborough (DD188)3
USS Graham (DD192)3
USS Grampus (1821)14
USS Greene (DD266)4
USS Greer (DD145)5
USS Gregory (DD82)3
USS Gridley (DD92)3
USS Guard (1857)23
USS Guerriere (1814)39
USS Guerriere (1865)33
USS Hale (DD133)3
USS Hamilton (DD141)2
USS Hancock (AP3)11
USS Hannibal (AG1)13
USS Harding (DD91)4
USS Harriet Lane2
USS Hart (DD110)3
USS Hartford (1858)124
USS Harvard (SP209)3
USS Hatfield (DD231)6
USS Hazelwood (DD107)3
USS Hecla2
USS Helena (CL50)3
USS Helena (PG9)27
USS Henderson (AP1)9
USS Hendrick Hudson3
USS Henley (DD39)6
USS Henshaw (DD278)3
USS Herbert (DD160)4
USS Herndon (DD198)3
USS Heron (AM10)2
USS Hetzel3
USS Hist (1895)5
USS Hogan (DD178)2
USS Holland (AS3)8
USS Hopkins (DD249)4
USS Hopkins (DD6)10
USS Hornet (1805)32
USS Housatonic6
USS Houston (CA30)10
USS Hovey (DD208)4
USS Hudson (1826)8
USS Hulbert (DD342)3
USS Hull (DD7)10
USS Humphreys (DD236)2
USS Hunchback3
USS Huron (1861)5
USS Huron (1875)6
USS Huron (CA9)20
USS Idaho (1864)15
USS Idaho (BB24)26
USS Idaho (BB42)18
USS Illinois (BB7)35
USS Independence (1814)116
USS Indiana (BB1)43
USS Indiana (BB58)3
USS Indianapolis (CA35)6
USS Ingraham (DD111)2
USS Intrepid11
USS Intrepid (1798)3
USS Iowa (BB4)44
USS Iris (1885)7
USS Iroquois (1859)58
USS Iroquois (AT46)3
USS Isabel (SP521)3
USS Isherwood (DD284)6
USS Isla De Cuba2
USS Isla De Luzon3
USS J. Fred Talbott (DD156)5
USS Jacob Bell2
USS Jacob Jones (DD61)2
USS James Adger (1851)2
USS James K. Paulding (DD238)6
USS Jamestown67
USS Jarvis (DD38)12
USS Jason (AC12)7
USS Java25
USS Jenkins (DD42)10
USS John Adams (1799)79
USS John D. Edwards (DD216)5
USS John D. Ford (DD228)4
USS John Francis Burnes (DD299)2
USS John Hancock2
USS John P. Kennedy5
USS Jouett (DD41)6
USS Juniata (1862)59
USS Jupiter2
USS Kanawha (1861)3
USS Kanawha (AO1)2
USS Kane (DD235)2
USS Kansas (1863)17
USS Kansas (BB21)39
USS Katahdin (1861)4
USS Katahdin (1893)6
USS Kearsarge (1861)72
USS Kearsarge (BB5)54
USS Kennebec (1861)6
USS Kennedy (DD306)8
USS Kentucky (BB6)40
USS Keystone State (1853)3
USS Kidder (DD319)5
USS Kilty (DD137)2
USS Kimberly (DD80)2
USS Kineo (1861)3
USS King (DD242)5
USS Kittery (AK2)5
USS La Vallette (DD315)3
USS Lackawanna53
USS Lamberton (DD119)4
USS Lamson (DD18)9
USS Lamson (DD328)4
USS Lancaster102
USS Langley (CV1)15
USS Lansdale (DD101)2
USS Lardner (DD286)3
USS Lark (AM21)2
USS Lawrence (1813)3
USS Lawrence (1843)4
USS Lawrence (DD250)4
USS Lawrence (DD8)11
USS Lea (DD118)3
USS Leary (DD158)2
USS Lebanon (AG2)2
USS Legare3
USS Lehigh (1863)12
USS Lenapee3
USS Leonidas (AD7)7
USS Levant18
USS Lexington (1825)22
USS Lexington (1861)2
USS Lexington (CV2)11
USS Litchfield (DD336)6
USS Little (DD79)3
USS Long (DD209)3
USS Louisiana (1861)2
USS Louisiana (BB19)42
USS Louisville (CA28)5
USS Luce (DD99)5
USS Ludlow (DD112)6
USS Luzon (PG47)2
USS M. W. Chapin2
USS MacDonough (DD331)3
USS Macdonough (DD9)5
USS Macedonian (1812)21
USS Macedonian (1836)32
USS Machias (PG5)23
USS Mackenzie (DD175)3
USS MacLeish (DD220)3
USS Madawaksa3
USS Maddox (DD168)2
USS Mahan (DD102)6
USS Mahaska4
USS Mahopac (1864)14
USS Maine (1889)8
USS Maine (BB10)33
USS Malvern3
USS Manhattan9
USS Manley (DD74)2
USS Maratanza2
USS Marblehead (1861)11
USS Marblehead (C11)22
USS Marblehead (CL12)4
USS Marcus (DD321)3
USS Marietta (PG15)17
USS Marion91
USS Marisheet2
USS Mariveles (1886)2
USS Maryland (ACR8)47
USS Maryland (BB46)22
USS Mason (DD191)2
USS Massachusetts4
USS Massachusetts (1845)3
USS Massachusetts (BB2)37
USS Massachusetts (BB59)2
USS Massasoit2
USS Mattabesett2
USS Maumee4
USS Maumee (AO2)3
USS Maury (DD100)4
USS Mayflower (1866)12
USS Mayflower (PY1)23
USS Mayrant (DD31)4
USS McCall (DD28)4
USS Mccalla (DD253)2
USS McCawley (DD276)4
USS Mccook (DD252)3
USS McCormick (DD223)7
USS McDermut (DD262)11
USS McDonough2
USS Mcdougal (DD54)7
USS McFarland (DD237)4
USS Mckean (DD90)3
USS McKee (DD87)2
USS Meade (DD274)2
USS Medusa (AR1)8
USS Melville (AD2)22
USS Melvin (DD335)3
USS Memphis3
USS Memphis (CL13)13
USS Mendota (1863)2
USS Mercy (AH4)7
USS Merrimack (1855)13
USS Mervine (DD322)4
USS Metacomet (1854)4
USS Metacomet (1863)4
USS Meyer (DD279)4
USS Miami (1861)4
USS Miantonomah (1863)11
USS Miantonomah (BM5)23
USS Michigan (1843)71
USS Michigan (BB27)30
USS Milwaukee (C21)14
USS Milwaukee (CL5)11
USS Mindanao (PG48)2
USS Mindoro3
USS Minneapolis (C13)29
USS Minneapolis (CA36)5
USS Minnesota (1855)109
USS Minnesota (BB22)40
USS Mississippi (1841)34
USS Mississippi (BB23)15
USS Mississippi (BB41)21
USS Missouri (1841)2
USS Missouri (BB11)27
USS Mohawk3
USS Mohican (1859)21
USS Mohican (1883)38
USS Mohongo9
USS Monadnock (1863)4
USS Monadnock (BM3)24
USS Monaghan (DD32)9
USS Monitor4
USS Monocacy (1864)67
USS Monocacy (PG20)5
USS Monongahela69
USS Montana (ACR13)31
USS Montauk18
USS Monterey (BM6)39
USS Montgomery (C9)31
USS Montgomery (DD121)3
USS Monticello3
USS Moody (DD277)5
USS Morris (TB14)2
USS Morse2
USS Murray (DD97)2
USS Muscoota2
USS Mystic (1853)7
USS Nahant9
USS Nantasket7
USS Nantucket11
USS Nantucket (PG23)8
USS Narragansett (1859)23
USS Nashville (PG7)15
USS Natchez12
USS Nautilus (1799)2
USS Nautilus (1838)3
USS Nebraska (BB14)40
USS Neches (AO5)12
USS Neptune (1863)2
USS Neptune (AC8)2
USS Nereus (1863)2
USS Nevada (BB36)19
USS Nevada (BM8)6
USS New Hampshire (1864)51
USS New Hampshire (BB25)45
USS New Ironsides18
USS New Jersey (BB16)24
USS New London2
USS New Mexico (BB40)23
USS New Orleans (CA32)5
USS New Orleans (CL22)26
USS New York2
USS New York (ACR2)49
USS New York (BB34)29
USS Newark (C1)41
USS Newbern2
USS Newport (PG12)9
USS Niagara (1813)3
USS Niagara (1855)21
USS Nicholson (DD52)3
USS Nina2
USS Nipsic (1863)43
USS Nitro (AE2)11
USS Noa (DD343)3
USS Nokomis (SP609)2
USS Nonsuch7
USS Norfolk2
USS North Carolina (1820)41
USS North Carolina (ACR12)29
USS North Carolina (BB55)3
USS North Dakota (BB29)40
USS Northampton (CA26)8
USS Nyack (1863)8
USS O'Bannon (DD177)3
USS O'Brien (DD51)4
USS O-92
USS Octorara (1861)3
USS Ohio (1820)54
USS Ohio (BB12)35
USS Oklahoma (BB37)23
USS Olympia (C6)54
USS Omaha (1869)36
USS Omaha (CL4)13
USS Oneida (1861)15
USS Onkahye3
USS Onondaga (1863)2
USS Ontario (1813)41
USS Onward (1852)20
USS Oregon (BB3)43
USS Orion (AC11)2
USS Osage (1863)2
USS Osborne (DD295)8
USS Osceola9
USS Ossipee (1861)50
USS Ottawa (1861)5
USS Overton (DD239)8
USS Ozark (1900)5
USS Paducah (PG18)13
USS Palmer (DD161)3
USS Palos (1865)26
USS Palos (PG16)5
USS Pampanga (PG39)7
USS Panay (1899)3
USS Panther (AD6)12
USS Paragua4
USS Parker (DD48)6
USS Parrott (DD218)7
USS Passaic31
USS Patapsco (1862)5
USS Patoka (AO9)4
USS Patterson (DD36)6
USS Paul Hamilton (DD307)4
USS Paul Jones (1862)5
USS Paul Jones (DD10)17
USS Paul Jones (DD230)5
USS Paulding (DD22)9
USS Pawnee (1859)26
USS Pawtuxet2
USS Peacock40
USS Peary (DD226)6
USS Pecos (AO6)9
USS Pembina4
USS Penguin (1861)2
USS Penguin (AM33)3
USS Pennsylvania (1837)11
USS Pennsylvania (ACR4)32
USS Pennsylvania (BB38)25
USS Penobscot9
USS Pensacola (1859)122
USS Pensacola (AK7)2
USS Pensacola (CA24)4
USS Percival (DD298)4
USS Perkins (DD26)8
USS Perry (1843)13
USS Perry (DD11)11
USS Perry (DD340)2
USS Petrel (1846)2
USS Petrel (PG2)35
USS Philadelphia2
USS Philadelphia (1861)2
USS Philadelphia (C4)40
USS Philadelphia (CL41)3
USS Philip (DD76)4
USS Phoenix (CL46)2
USS Pillsbury (DD227)6
USS Pinola (1861)2
USS Pinta16
USS Piscataqua (1866)11
USS Piscataqua (AT49)3
USS Pittsburgh (CA4)14
USS Plymouth (1843)19
USS Plymouth (1867)47
USS Pocahontas (1852)6
USS Pompey (AF5)3
USS Pontiac4
USS Pontoosuc3
USS Pope (DD225)8
USS Porpoise (1820)15
USS Porpoise (1836)12
USS Port Royal2
USS Porter (DD59)6
USS Porter (TB6)2
USS Portland (CA33)8
USS Portsmouth (1843)88
USS Potomac (1822)49
USS Powhatan (1850)112
USS Prairie (AD5)38
USS Preble (1839)19
USS Preble (DD12)11
USS Preble (DD345)9
USS President (1800)8
USS Preston (DD19)7
USS Preston (DD327)3
USS Princess Royal2
USS Princeton (1843)9
USS Princeton (1851)5
USS Princeton (PG13)10
USS Procyon (AG11)11
USS Prometheus (1814)7
USS Prometheus (AR3)7
USS Proteus (1863)4
USS Providence (1775)2
USS Providence (Unknown)2
USS Pruitt (DD347)5
USS Puritan (BM1)10
USS Purveyor3
USS Putnam (DD287)5
USS Pyro (AE1)2
USS Quail (AM15)4
USS Quaker City8
USS Queen of France2
USS Quincy (CA39)3
USS Quinnebaug (1866)5
USS Quinnebaug (1875)23
USS Quiros (PG40)9
USS R-143
USS R-24
USS R. R. Cuyler2
USS Radford (DD120)3
USS Rainbow (AS7)33
USS Raleigh (C8)29
USS Raleigh (CL7)12
USS Ramapo (AO12)6
USS Ramsay (DD124)3
USS Randolph (1776)2
USS Ranger (1876)41
USS Ranger (CV4)4
USS Rappahannock (AF6)3
USS Raritan11
USS Rathburne (DD113)4
USS Reid (DD21)6
USS Reid (DD292)5
USS Reina Mercedes (IX25)11
USS Release7
USS Relief (1836)24
USS Relief (AH1)15
USS Reno (DD303)5
USS Renshaw (DD176)2
USS Resaca12
USS Resolute2
USS Reuben James (DD245)5
USS Rhode Island (1860)15
USS Rhode Island (BB17)33
USS Richmond (1860)108
USS Richmond (CL9)13
USS Rigel (AD13)6
USS Ringgold (DD89)4
USS Rio Bravo4
USS Rizal (DD174)8
USS Roanoke (1855)22
USS Robert Smith (DD324)4
USS Robinson (DD88)2
USS Rochester (CA2)6
USS Rodgers (TB4)2
USS Roe (DD24)7
USS Roper (DD147)5
USS Rowan (DD64)5
USS Rowan (TB8)6
USS S. P. Lee (DD310)4
USS Sabine (1855)63
USS Saco (1863)17
USS Sacramento (1862)12
USS Sacramento (PG19)13
USS Saginaw8
USS Salem (CL3)16
USS Salinas (AO19)4
USS Salt Lake City (CA25)8
USS Samar (PG41)10
USS San Diego (CA6)5
USS San Francisco (C5)43
USS San Francisco (CA38)5
USS San Jacinto (1850)29
USS Sands (DD243)4
USS Sangamon (1862)7
USS Santee7
USS Santiago de Cuba (1861)4
USS Sapelo (AO11)7
USS Saranac (1814)3
USS Saranac (1848)61
USS Saratoga (1842)76
USS Saratoga (CV3)12
USS Saturn (AG4)2
USS Saugus (1863)14
USS Savannah (1842)27
USS Savannah (AS8)8
USS Savannah (CL42)2
USS Schenck (DD159)6
USS Sciota (1861)5
USS Scoresby2
USS Scorpion (PY3)15
USS Scourge (1846)5
USS Seagull (AM30)3
USS Seattle (ACR11)15
USS Sebago3
USS Selfridge (DD320)5
USS Selma3
USS Seminole15
USS Seneca8
USS Severn (1867)13
USS Shamokin (1865)3
USS Shamrock (1863)5
USS Shark (1821)23
USS Shark (SS8)2
USS Sharkey (DD281)5
USS Shaw (DD68)6
USS Shawmut (1863)12
USS Shawnee2
USS Shenandoah (1862)45
USS Shenandoah (ZR1)2
USS Shirk (DD318)2
USS Sicard (DD346)6
USS Sigourney (DD81)3
USS Simpson (DD221)6
USS Sinclair (DD275)7
USS Sirius (AK15)9
USS Sloat (DD316)4
USS Smith (DD17)7
USS Smith Thompson (DD212)8
USS Solace (AH2)24
USS Somers (1842)5
USS Somers (DD301)5
USS Somerset (1862)2
USS Sonoma (1862)6
USS Sonoma (AT12)2
USS South Carolina (1860)3
USS South Carolina (BB26)31
USS South Dakota (ACR9)33
USS South Dakota (BB57)2
USS Southampton3
USS Southard (DD207)6
USS Southern Star2
USS Southery (IX26)6
USS Spark (1813)7
USS Spark (1831)2
USS Speedwell5
USS Spitfire (1814)3
USS St Lawrence42
USS St Louis (1828)61
USS St Louis (C20)18
USS St Marys (1844)49
USS St Paul3
USS Standish (1864)3
USS State Of Georgia2
USS Sterett (DD27)11
USS Stevens (DD86)3
USS Stewart (DD13)14
USS Stewart (DD224)5
USS Stockton (DD73)3
USS Stockton (TB32)4
USS Stoddert (DD302)5
USS Stribling (DD96)6
USS Stringham (DD83)2
USS Sturtevant (DD240)5
USS Sumner (DD333)2
USS Sumpter (1853)2
USS Sumter2
USS Supply (1846)31
USS Supply (1872)6
USS Supply (1873)6
USS Susquehanna (1850)46
USS Suwanee (1864)3
USS Suwanee (1897)2
USS Swasey (DD273)2
USS Swatara (1865)17
USS Swatara (1873)52
USS Sylph (PY5)6
USS Tacoma (CL20)18
USS Tacony6
USS Tahoma6
USS Talbot (DD114)4
USS Tallahassee (BM9)3
USS Tallapoosa33
USS Tarbell (DD142)3
USS Tattnall (DD125)3
USS Taylor (DD94)6
USS Tennessee4
USS Tennessee (1865)69
USS Tennessee (ACR10)37
USS Tennessee (BB43)15
USS Terror (1863)19
USS Terror (BM4)9
USS Terry (DD25)9
USS Texas (1892)26
USS Texas (BB35)34
USS Thatcher (DD162)2
USS Thetis21
USS Thomas (DD182)2
USS Thomas Freeborn2
USS Thompson (DD305)5
USS Thornton (TB33)3
USS Ticonderoga (1862)41
USS Tillman (DD135)2
USS Tingey (DD272)2
USS Tingey (TB34)2
USS Tioga (1862)7
USS Tonopah2
USS Topeka (PG35)15
USS Toucey (DD282)6
USS Tracy (DD214)2
USS Trenton67
USS Trenton (CL11)13
USS Trippe (DD33)3
USS Trumbull3
USS Truxtun (1842)3
USS Truxtun (DD14)14
USS Truxtun (DD229)3
USS Tucker (DD57)3
USS Tulsa (PG22)5
USS Turner (DD259)2
USS Tuscaloosa (CA37)3
USS Tuscarora50
USS Twiggs (DD127)6
USS Unadilla8
USS Uncas (AT51)2
USS Union3
USS United States (1797)59
USS Upshur (DD144)4
USS Utah (BB31)37
USS Vandalia (1828)48
USS Vandalia (1876)46
USS Vanderbilt (1861)5
USS Varuna (1861)2
USS Vega (AK17)4
USS Venezuela2
USS Vermont (1848)64
USS Vermont (BB20)41
USS Vestal (AR4)15
USS Vesuvius (1846)3
USS Vesuvius (1888)12
USS Vicksburg (PG11)9
USS Villalobos (PG42)16
USS Vincennes (1826)48
USS Vincennes (CA44)2
USS Virginia (BB13)42
USS Vixen (1846)2
USS Vixen (1861)3
USS Vixen (PY4)3
USS Wabash111
USS Wachusett (1861)56
USS Wadsworth (DD60)5
USS Wainwright (DD62)3
USS Walke (DD34)8
USS Walker (DD163)3
USS Wampanoag5
USS Wanderer2
USS Warren (1827)32
USS Warrington (DD30)8
USS Washington (1814)35
USS Washington (1837)4
USS Washington (ACR11)36
USS Washington (BB56)2
USS Wasmuth (DD338)3
USS Wasp2
USS Wasp (1865)15
USS Wasp (1893)2
USS Water Witch (1847)3
USS Water Witch (1851)13
USS Wateree (1863)9
USS Waters (DD115)3
USS Weehawken4
USS West Virginia (ACR5)39
USS West Virginia (BB48)16
USS Westernport3
USS Wheeling (PG14)18
USS Whipple (DD15)13
USS Whipple (DD217)7
USS Whitney (AD4)12
USS Wichita (CA45)3
USS Wickes (DD75)5
USS William B. Preston (DD344)4
USS William Jones (DD308)5
USS Williams (DD108)2
USS Williamson (DD244)3
USS Wilmington (PG8)27
USS Winnebago2
USS Winona (1861)9
USS Winooski (1863)3
USS Winslow (DD53)3
USS Winslow (TB5)3
USS Wisconsin (BB9)33
USS Wissahickon3
USS Wood (DD317)3
USS Woodbury (DD309)3
USS Woolsey (DD77)2
USS Worcester (1866)38
USS Worden (DD16)7
USS Worden (DD288)5
USS Wright (AV1)19
USS Wyandotte (1853)5
USS Wyandotte (1864)11
USS Wyoming (1856)37
USS Wyoming (BB32)41
USS Wyoming (BM10)2
USS Yankee (1892)9
USS Yankton20
USS Yantic (IX32)53
USS Yarborough (DD314)4
USS Yarnall (DD143)5
USS Yorktown (1839)9
USS Yorktown (CV5)3
USS Yorktown (PG1)44
USS Yosemite (1892)6
USS Young (DD312)2
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