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U.S. Army (Total: 7,385)

Information on this website related to the US Army and the CSA Army, showing the number of people related to each item.


  • Benedict Arnold
  • Colonel Charles Francis Adams
  • Gen Ulysses Simpson Grant
  • Gen Ulysses Simpson Grant
  • Gen. James Ewell Brown Stuart
  • Gen. Robert Edward Lee
  • Gen. Robert Edward Lee
  • General George Brinton McClellan
  • Henry Light Horse Harry Lee
  • Maj. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee
  • Montgomery Cunningham Meigs
  • Nathanael Greene
  • Peyton Conway March
  • President George Washington
  • President George Washington
  • Samuel Cooper
  • Samuel Sprigg Carroll
  • Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson
  • Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson
  • William Tecumseh Sherman

Service by Rank

French & Indian War, Captain4
French & Indian War, Chaplain1
French & Indian War, Colonel2
French & Indian War, Ensign1
French & Indian War, First Lieutenant1
French & Indian War, Lieutenant3
French & Indian War, Private2
Revolutionary War, Adjutant4
Revolutionary War, Aide-de-Camp1
Revolutionary War, Brevet Brigadier General1
Revolutionary War, Brevet Major General1
Revolutionary War, Brigadier General25
Revolutionary War, Captain144
Revolutionary War, Chaplain5
Revolutionary War, Colonel100
Revolutionary War, Corporal32
Revolutionary War, Ensign20
Revolutionary War, Fifer4
Revolutionary War, First Lieutenant8
Revolutionary War, General16
Revolutionary War, Lieutenant69
Revolutionary War, Lieutenant Colonel37
Revolutionary War, Major38
Revolutionary War, Major General15
Revolutionary War, Muster Roll1
Revolutionary War, Patriotic Service1
Revolutionary War, Private296
Revolutionary War, Quartermaster3
Revolutionary War, Second Lieutenant8
Revolutionary War, Sergeant47
Revolutionary War, Sergeant Major2
Revolutionary War, Specialist1
Revolutionary War, Surgeon15
War of 1812, Adjutant1
War of 1812, Aide-de-Camp2
War of 1812, Brevet Brigadier General2
War of 1812, Brevet Major1
War of 1812, Brigadier General17
War of 1812, Captain21
War of 1812, Chaplain2
War of 1812, Colonel18
War of 1812, Ensign3
War of 1812, First Lieutenant2
War of 1812, General6
War of 1812, Lieutenant5
War of 1812, Lieutenant Colonel2
War of 1812, Major21
War of 1812, Major General6
War of 1812, Patriotic Service1
War of 1812, Private33
War of 1812, Sergeant3
War of 1812, Sergeant Major1
War of 1812, Surfman1
War of 1812, Surgeon4
Mexican American War, Adjutant1
Mexican American War, Brevet Brigadier General2
Mexican American War, Brevet Major3
Mexican American War, Brevet Major General3
Mexican American War, Brigadier General3
Mexican American War, Captain8
Mexican American War, Chaplain1
Mexican American War, Colonel15
Mexican American War, Commodore1
Mexican American War, Corporal1
Mexican American War, First Lieutenant3
Mexican American War, Lieutenant4
Mexican American War, Lieutenant Colonel3
Mexican American War, Major5
Mexican American War, Major General3
Mexican American War, Private7
Mexican American War, Second Lieutenant4
Mexican American War, Sergeant1
Mexican American War, Yeoman1
US Civil War, Adjutant3
US Civil War, Aide-de-Camp1
US Civil War, Blacksmith1
US Civil War, Brevet Brigadier General44
US Civil War, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel4
US Civil War, Brevet Major6
US Civil War, Brevet Major General24
US Civil War, Brigadier General93
US Civil War, Bugler1
US Civil War, Captain303
US Civil War, Chaplain15
US Civil War, Colonel139
US Civil War, Corporal133
US Civil War, Drum Major1
US Civil War, First Lieutenant132
US Civil War, General15
US Civil War, Lieutenant54
US Civil War, Lieutenant Colonel78
US Civil War, Lieutenant General13
US Civil War, Major74
US Civil War, Major General62
US Civil War, Patriotic Service1
US Civil War, Paymaster1
US Civil War, Petty Officer2
US Civil War, Private1377
US Civil War, Quartermaster7
US Civil War, Rear Admiral2
US Civil War, Second Lieutenant114
US Civil War, Sergeant201
US Civil War, Sergeant Major8
US Civil War, Surgeon50
US Civil War, Third Lieutenant5
US Civil War, Wagoner2
Spanish American War, Brevet Brigadier General1
Spanish American War, Brigadier General2
Spanish American War, Captain9
Spanish American War, Chaplain1
Spanish American War, Colonel6
Spanish American War, Corporal2
Spanish American War, Lieutenant2
Spanish American War, Lieutenant Colonel5
Spanish American War, Major4
Spanish American War, Major General1
Spanish American War, Private10
Spanish American War, Rear Admiral1
Spanish American War, Second Lieutenant2
Spanish American War, Sergeant2
Philippine American War, Captain4
Philippine American War, Colonel3
Philippine American War, First Lieutenant1
Philippine American War, General1
Philippine American War, Lieutenant Colonel3
Philippine American War, Major2
Philippine American War, Major General1
Philippine American War, Private2
Philippine American War, Second Lieutenant1
Philippine American War, Sergeant1
World War I, Brigadier General9
World War I, Captain31
World War I, Colonel11
World War I, Corporal30
World War I, First Lieutenant9
World War I, General3
World War I, Lieutenant14
World War I, Lieutenant Colonel10
World War I, Major17
World War I, Major General8
World War I, Private160
World War I, Quartermaster1
World War I, Second Lieutenant11
World War I, Sergeant38
World War I, Sergeant Major2
World War I, Wagoner7
World War II, Brigadier General4
World War II, Captain36
World War II, Chief Warrant Officer2
World War II, Colonel16
World War II, Commander3
World War II, Corporal65
World War II, Engineer1
World War II, Fireman1
World War II, First Lieutenant13
World War II, General6
World War II, Lieutenant10
World War II, Lieutenant Colonel11
World War II, Lieutenant General2
World War II, Major17
World War II, Major General6
World War II, Patriotic Service2
World War II, Private377
World War II, Second Lieutenant8
World War II, Sergeant168
World War II, Sergeant Major2
World War II, Specialist3
World War II, Technician80
World War II, Wagoner1
Korean War, Brigadier General1
Korean War, Captain3
Korean War, Colonel5
Korean War, Corporal29
Korean War, First Lieutenant2
Korean War, Lieutenant Colonel3
Korean War, Major4
Korean War, Private32
Korean War, Sergeant24
Korean War, Sergeant Major2
Korean War, Specialist10
Vietnam War, Brigadier General2
Vietnam War, Captain3
Vietnam War, Chief Warrant Officer3
Vietnam War, Colonel1
Vietnam War, Corporal1
Vietnam War, Lieutenant Colonel3
Vietnam War, Private11
Vietnam War, Sergeant15
Vietnam War, Sergeant Major2
Vietnam War, Specialist13

Battles, Seminole Wars

Battle of Ouithlacoochie3
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