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Transportation (Total: 6,639)

Information on this website related to the transportation industry, showing the number of people related to each item.


  • Alexander Robert Lawton
  • Brig. Gen. Edward Porter Alexander
  • Gen. Daniel Tyler
  • George Craighead Cabell
  • Gov Oden Bowie
  • James Roosevelt
  • Michael Cresap Sprigg
  • William Wilson Corcoran

Railroads and Canals

Aberdeen and Rock Fish Railroad2
Addison and Pennsylvania Railway1
Adirondack Railway4
Akron and Barberton Belt Railroad3
Alabama and Florida Railroad3
Alabama Great Southern Railroad6
Alabama Midland Railway2
Alafia Manatee and Gulf Coast Railway1
Albany and Susquehanna Railroad8
Albany and Vermont Railroad1
Albany Railway1
Albert Lea and Southern Railroad1
Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad4
Allegan and Marshall Railroad1
Allegan and Southeastern Railroad1
Allegheny and South Side Railway1
Allegheny Valley Railroad5
Allentown Railroad1
Alpena and Northern Railroad1
Amboy, Lansing and Traverse Bay Railroad1
American Central Railway1
American Railway Association2
American Railways Co1
Androscoggin and Kennebec Railroad2
Androscoggin Railroad1
Ann Arbor Railroad7
Annapolis and Baltimore Short Line Railroad1
Annapolis and Elk Ridge Railroad2
Annapolis, Washington and Baltimore Railroad1
Aransas Harbor Terminal Railway1
Atchison and Nebraska Railroad2
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway22
Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line Railroad3
Atlanta and Florida Railway1
Atlanta and West Point Railroad3
Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railway2
Atlantic and Great Western Railroad11
Atlantic and Gulf Railroad1
Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad4
Atlantic and Pacific Railroad19
Atlantic and St Lawrence Railroad4
Atlantic and Western Railroad1
Atlantic City Railroad2
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad11
Atlantic Shore Line Railway1
Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Railroad1
Atlantic, Valdosta and Western Railway1
Auburn and Allentown Railroad1
Augusta and Savannah Railroad2
Babylon Street Railway1
Bachman Valley Railroad1
Bald Eagle Valley Railroad1
Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad1
Baltimore and Delaware Bay Railroad1
Baltimore and Hanover Railroad1
Baltimore and Harrishurg Railroad1
Baltimore and Ohio and Chicago Railroad3
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad49
Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railroad2
Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad4
Baltimore and Port Deposit Railroad Co1
Baltimore and Potomac Railroad4
Baltimore and Sparrows Point Railroad2
Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad1
Baltimore City Passenger Railway1
Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway1
Bangor and Aroostook Railroad1
Bangor and Portland Railway3
Battle Creek and Bay City Railroad1
Battle Creek and Sturgis Railroad11
Bay City and Alpena Railroad2
Bay City and Battle Creek Railroad12
Bay City and East Saginaw Railroad1
Bay City Belt Line Railroad1
Bay de Noquet and Marquette Railroad2
Bay Ridge and Annapolis Railroad2
Beech Creek Railroad5
Bellefonte and Snow Shoe Railroad1
Bellefonte, Nittany and Lemont Railroad1
Belleville and Illinoistown Railroad2
Bellows Falls Canal Co2
Bells Gap Railroad1
Beloit and Madison Railroad1
Belpre and Cincinnati Railroad1
Belt Railway1
Belvidere and Delaware Railroad7
Bennington and Rutland Railway4
Bergen and Dundee Railroad1
Bergen County Railroad1
Berlin Branch Railroad1
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad1
Birmingham Railway, Light and Power Co1
Birmingham Southern Railroad1
Bismarck, Washburn and Great Falls Railway1
Blackstone Canal National Bank1
Blairstown Railway2
Blue Hill Street Railway5
Blue Island Railroad2
Blue Ridge Railroad4
Boston and Albany Railroad14
Boston and Chelsea Railroad1
Boston and Lowell Railroad9
Boston and Maine Railroad9
Boston and New York Air Line Railroad3
Boston and Providence Railroad9
Boston and Worcester Railroad1
Boston and Worcester Street Railway1
Boston Elevated Railway4
Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad1
Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Western Railway4
Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad1
Boston, Winthrop and Shore Railroad1
Bristol Railroad1
Bristol Street Railway1
Broadway and Newburgh Street Railroad1
Broadway and Seventh Avenue Railroad1
Brockton and Plymouth Street Railway5
Brockville, Westport and Sault Ste Marie Railway1
Brockwayville and Punxsutawney Railroad1
Brooklyn and Montauk Railroad1
Brooklyn City Railroad1
Brooklyn Heights Railroad6
Brooklyn, Bath and West End Railroad2
Brooklyn, Queens County and Suburban Railroad2
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen1
Brunswick and Western Railroad1
Buchanan and St Joseph River Railroad6
Buffalo and Erie Railroad1
Buffalo and State Line Railroad1
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad2
Buffalo Creek Railroad1
Buffalo, Bradford and Pittsburgh Railroad1
Buffalo, Corning and New York Railroad1
Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia Railroad1
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway9
Burlington and Lamoille Railroad1
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad11
Burlington County Railroad1
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railroad2
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway3
Bushwick Railroad Co1
Cairo and Vincennes Railroad3
Calais and Baring Railroad1
California and Nevada Railroad1
California and Texas Railway Construction Co1
California Central Railroad1
Calumet Railroad1
Calumet Western Railroad2
Cambria Terminal Railroad1
Camden and Amboy Railroad5
Camden and Atlantic Railroad4
Canada Atlantic Railway2
Canada Central Railway1
Canada Southern Railway11
Canadian Pacific Railway4
Canton, Aberdeen and Nashville Railroad2
Canton-Akron Railway1
Canton-New Philadelphia Railway1
Capac and Northern Railroad1
Cape Cod Canal2
Cape Cod Railroad2
Cape Fear and Northern Railway1
Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway4
Cape Girardeau MO Railway2
Caro and Lake Huron Railroad2
Carolina Central Railroad3
Cartagena-Magdalena Railway2
Carthage and Adirondack Railway3
Cashie and Chowan Railroad and Lumber Co1
Cass Avenue Railroad5
Cass River Railroad2
Catasauqua and Fogelsville Railroad3
Catawissa Railroad2
Catskill Mountain Railway1
Cayuga and Susquehanna Railroad4
Cedar Rapids and Missouri River Railroad7
Central Arizona Railway1
Central Branch Union Pacific Railway2
Central Iowa Railway2
Central Massachusetts Railroad1
Central Military Tract Railroad3
Central New England Railway3
Central of Georgia Railway8
Central Ohio Railroad4
Central Pacific Railroad8
Central Railroad of New Jersey19
Central Railroad of San Francisco1
Central Southern Railroad1
Central Union Depot and Railway Company of Cincinnati1
Central Vermont Railway16
Chambersburg, Greencastle and Hagerstown Railroad1
Charleston and Savannah Railroad4
Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad1
Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad3
Chartiers Railway4
Chatham Railroad1
Chattahoochee Valley Railroad1
Chelsea Beach Railroad2
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Co1
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal6
Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad20
Chesapeake and Western Railroad1
Chesapeake, Ohio and Southwestern Railroad1
Chester Valley Railroad2
Chestnut Hill Railroad2
Chestnut Ridge Railway1
Chicago and Alton Railroad12
Chicago and Atlantic Railway1
Chicago and Calumet Terminal Railway1
Chicago and Canada Southern Railroad13
Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad7
Chicago and Erie Railroad3
Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway8
Chicago and Great Eastern Railroad1
Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway1
Chicago and Iowa Railroad2
Chicago and Michigan Lake Shore Railroad7
Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad1
Chicago and North Michigan Railroad3
Chicago and Northern Pacific Railroad1
Chicago and Northwestern Railway44
Chicago and Ohio River Railroad2
Chicago and Paducah Railroad2
Chicago and Rock Island Railroad6
Chicago and Southwestern Railroad1
Chicago and West Michigan Railway9
Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad3
Chicago Great Western Railroad3
Chicago Junction Railway10
Chicago Junction Railways and Union Stock Yards Co3
Chicago Northern Railway1
Chicago Southern Railway1
Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad1
Chicago Union Transfer Railway1
Chicago, Burlington and Northern Railroad11
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad30
Chicago, Danville and Vincennes Railroad4
Chicago, Detroit and Canada Grand Trunk Railway9
Chicago, Dubuque and Minnesota Railroad1
Chicago, Indiana and Southern Railroad1
Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Railway3
Chicago, Iowa and Dakota Railway1
Chicago, Iowa and Nebraska Railroad4
Chicago, Kalamazoo and Saginaw Railway5
Chicago, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway1
Chicago, Madison and Northern Railroad1
Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway21
Chicago, Pekin and Southeastern Railway1
Chicago, Peoria and St Louis Railway1
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway18
Chicago, Saginaw and Canada Railroad2
Chicago, St Anthony and Fond Du Lac Railroad1
Chicago, St Louis and New Orleans Railroad4
Chicago, St Louis and Pittsburgh Railroad3
Chicago, St Louis and Western Railroad1
Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway9
Chihuahua and Pacific Railway1
Chippewa River and Menomonie Railway1
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad3
Cincinnati and Hillsboro Railroad1
Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad5
Cincinnati and Zanesville Railroad1
Cincinnati Northern Railroad9
Cincinnati Southern Railway2
Cincinnati, Georgetown and Portsmouth Railroad1
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railway10
Cincinnati, Indianapolis St Louis and Chicago Railway1
Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Railway3
Cincinnati, Lebanon and Northern Railway4
Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway6
Cincinnati, Newport and Covington Railway1
Cincinnati, Portsmouth and Virginia Railroad1
Cincinnati, Richmond and Fort Wayne Railroad3
Cincinnati, Saginaw and Mackinaw Railroad6
Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad1
Cincinnati, Selma and Mobile Railroad1
Cincinnati, Wabash and Michigan Railway7
Cincinnati, Washington and Baltimore Railroad1
Cincinnati, Wheeling and New York Railroad1
City Railroad of San Francisco1
Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad1
Clearfield Southern Railroad1
Cleveland and Columbus Railroad1
Cleveland and Erie Railroad1
Cleveland and Mahoning Railroad2
Cleveland and Marietta Railroad1
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad3
Cleveland and Toledo Railroad8
Cleveland, Akron and Cincinnati Railway2
Cleveland, Akron and Columbus Railway3
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway24
Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad6
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Railway3
Cleveland, Lorain and Wheeling Railroad3
Cleveland, Mt Vernon and Delaware Railroad1
Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula Railroad3
Cleveland, Tuscarawas Valley and Wheeling Railway1
Clinton Line Railroad1
Clyde and Sodus Bay Railroad1
Coal and Coke Railway2
Coal Belt Electric Railway2
Cocheco Railroad1
Coldwater and Central Michigan Railroad1
Colorado and Southern Railway6
Colorado Central Railroad1
Colorado Midland Railway2
Columbia and Greenville Railroad2
Columbia, Newberry and Laurens Railroad2
Columbus and Cincinnati Midland Railroad1
Columbus and Toledo Railroad1
Columbus Railroad Co3
Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central Railroad2
Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo Railroad5
Columbus, Sandusky and Hocking Railroad2
Concord and Claremont Railroad4
Concord and Montreal Railroad1
Concord and Portsmouth Railroad2
Concord Railroad3
Conesus Lake Railroad1
Coney Island and Brooklyn Railway1
Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad5
Connecticut Railway and Lighting Co3
Connecticut River Railroad6
Connecticut Western Railroad1
Connecting Terminal Railroad3
Contoocook River Railroad2
Copper Range Railroad1
Corlies and Thunder Bay Railroad3
Cornwall and Lebanon Railroad3
Coudersport and Port Allegany Railroad1
Covington and Lexington Railroad1
Cripple Creek Central Railway1
Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad2
Cumberland Valley Railroad10
Dallas Consolidated Railway1
Danbury and Norwalk Railroad4
Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad2
Danvers Railroad1
Danville and New River Railroad1
Danville and Shamokin Railroad1
Danville and Western Railway1
Danville, Mocksville and Southwestern Railroad1
Dauphin and Susquehanna Railroad1
Dayton and Michigan Railroad3
Dayton and Southeastern Railroad1
Delaware and Hudson Canal Co12
Delaware and Hudson Railway4
Delaware Railroad5
Delaware River Railroad2
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad18
Delaware, Susquehanna and Schuylkill Railroad1
Delphos and Kokomo Railroad1
Delray Connecting Railroad2
Denver and Rio Grande Railroad8
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railway5
Denver and South Park Railroad1
Denver and Southwestern Railway1
Denver Pacific Railway1
Denver, Memphis and Atlantic Railroad1
Denver, South Park and Pacific Railway1
Des Moines and Fort Dodge Railroad3
Des Moines Belt Line Railway1
Des Moines Navigation and Railroad Co1
Des Moines Northern and Western Railway2
Des Moines Union Railway2
Des Moines Valley Railroad1
Detroit and Bay City Railroad30
Detroit and Charlevoix Railroad5
Detroit and Chicago Railroad13
Detroit and Huron Railroad4
Detroit and Lake St Clair Railroad2
Detroit and Mackinac Railway2
Detroit and Maumee Railroad1
Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad7
Detroit and Northwestern Railroad1
Detroit and Port Huron Shore Line Railroad3
Detroit and South Lyon Railroad2
Detroit and State Line Railroad1
Detroit and State Line Wabash Railroad2
Detroit and Toledo Railroad1
Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad7
Detroit Belt Line Railroad8
Detroit Belt Railroad3
Detroit Belt Railway and Depot3
Detroit Electric Railway1
Detroit Manufacturers Railway3
Detroit Southern Railroad3
Detroit Street Railway4
Detroit Suburban Railway3
Detroit Terminal Railroad10
Detroit Transit Railroad1
Detroit Union Railroad Depot and Station Co4
Detroit United Railway3
Detroit, Adrian, Logansport and St Louis Railroad1
Detroit, Almont and Northern Railroad1
Detroit, Bay City and Alpena Railroad5
Detroit, Butler and St Louis Railroad3
Detroit, Delray and Dearborn Railroad6
Detroit, Flint and Saginaw Railroad1
Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee Railway11
Detroit, Grand Rapids and Western Railroad8
Detroit, Hillsdale and Indiana Railroad1
Detroit, Hillsdale and Southwestern Railroad8
Detroit, Jackson and Chicago Railroad2
Detroit, Lansing and Lake Michigan Railroad8
Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad16
Detroit, Mackinaw and Marquette Railroad8
Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad21
Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Short Line Railroad3
Detroit, Mt Clemens and Marine City Railroad3
Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad1
Detroit, Toledo and Jackson Railroad2
Detroit, Toledo and Milwaukee Railroad10
Dubuque and Sioux City Railroad3
Dubuque Southwestern Railroad1
Duluth and Iron Range Railroad6
Duluth and Northern Minnesota Railroad2
Duluth, Missabe and Northern Railway3
Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway14
Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh Railroad5
East Broad Top Railroad2
East Carolina Railway1
East Detroit and Grosse Pointe Railroad1
East Pennsylvania Railroad3
East Saginaw and St Clair Railroad3
East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad1
East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway4
Eastern Kentucky Railway3
Eastern Maine Railroad1
Eastern Railroad4
Eastern Railroad of Massachusetts1
Eastern Railway of Minnesota1
Eastern Shore Railroad4
Eaton and Richmond Railroad1
Edgefield and Kentucky Railroad2
Eel River Railroad1
El Paso and Southwestern Railroad2
Electric Railway Switch Co3
Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway2
Elizabethtown, Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad3
Elmira Water, Light and Railroad1
Elmira, Cortland and Northern Railroad2
Enterprise Railroad of New Jersey1
Erie and Black Rock Railroad1
Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad4
Erie and Michigan Railway and Navigation1
Erie and Northeast Railroad1
Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad7
Erie and Wyoming Valley Railroad3
Erie Canal Commission12
Erie Canal Traction Co1
Erie International Railway1
Erie Railroad25
Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad3
European and North American Railroad1
Evansville and Crawfordsville Railroad2
Evansville and Richmond Railroad1
Evansville and Terre Haute Railroad2
Everett and Monte Cristo Railroad1
Fairhaven Railroad1
Fairmont, Morgantown and Pittsburgh Railroad1
Fall River, Warren and Providence Railroad2
Farmville and Powhatan Railroad1
Ferro Monte Railroad2
Fitchburg Railroad8
Flemington Railroad5
Flint and Fentonville Railroad1
Flint and Great Lakes Railroad2
Flint and Holly Railroad3
Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad6
Flint River Railroad3
Florence County Railway1
Florida Railroad2
Florida Southern Railway1
Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railroad1
Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad1
Fort Wayne and Jackson Railroad9
Fort Wayne Street Railroad1
Fort Wayne, Cincinnati and Louisville Railroad1
Fort Wayne, Jackson and Saginaw Railroad3
Fort Worth and Denver City Railroad2
Franklin and Tilton Railroad1
Frederick and Pennsylvania line Railroad1
Freehold and Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad2
Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railway5
Fulton Chain Railway2
Galena and Chicago Union Railroad2
Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway4
Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad3
Galveston, Houston and Northern Railway1
Geary Street, Park and Ocean Railroad1
General Railway Signal Co1
Geneva, Ithaca and Sayre Railroad3
Georges Creek and Cumberland Railroad1
Georgetown and Western Railroad1
Georgia Pacific Railway5
Georgia Railroad1
Georgia Railroad and Banking Co1
Georgia Southern and Florida Railway1
Georgia Western Railroad1
Gettysburg and Harrisburg Railway3
Gettysburg Railroad1
Gilman, Clinton and Springfield Railroad2
Glade Creek and Raleigh Railroad1
Glendale and East River Railroad1
Gogebic and Montreal River Railway1
Grafton and Upton Railroad1
Grand French Railroad1
Grand Haven Railroad2
Grand Rapids and Indiana Railway7
Grand Rapids and Lake Shore Railroad1
Grand Rapids Terminal Railway4
Grand Rapids, Belding and Saginaw Railway4
Grand Rapids, Greenville and Bay City Railway1
Grand Rapids, Indiana and Mackinaw Railway1
Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit Railroad3
Grand River Electric Railroad1
Grand River Railroad4
Grand River Street Railway1
Grand River Valley Railroad3
Grand Trunk Railway9
Grand Trunk Railway of Canada5
Grand Trunk Western Railway9
Great Central Kentucky Railroad1
Great Northern Railway5
Great Western Railway of Canada3
Green Bay and Western Railroad1
Green Pond, Walterboro and Branchville Railroad1
Greene Railroad1
Greenlick Narrow Gauge Railway1
Greenville and Columbia Railroad2
Greenville, Stanton and St Louis Railroad1
Groves and Sand Ridge Railroad1
Gulf and Ship Island Railroad2
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway6
Hamtramck and Grosse Pointe Railroad2
Hancock and Calumet Railroad3
Hannibal and St Joseph Railroad13
Hanover and Gettysburg Railroad1
Hanover Branch Railroad2
Hanover Junction, Hanover and Gettysburg Railroad1
Harlem River and Portchester Railroad1
Harrisburg and Potomac Railroad1
Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mount Joy and Lancaster Railroad2
Hartford and Connecticut Valley Railroad4
Hartford and Connecticut Western Railroad3
Hartford and New Haven Railroad3
Hartford and Springfield Street Railway1
Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad3
Havana Electric Railway1
Havre Branch Railroad4
Hecla Belt Line Railroad1
Hecla Train Railroad1
Henderson and Nashville Railroad1
Hibernia Mine Railroad1
Hocking Valley Railway3
Honduras Interoceanic Railway1
Houghton and Ontonagon Railroad2
Houghton County Street Railway11
Houghton County Traction Railroad10
Houghton Lake and Eastern Railroad1
Houghton, Chassell and Southwestern Railroad1
Housatonic Railroad5
Houston and Texas Central Railroad4
Houston County Street Railway1
Houston East and West Texas Railway1
Howell and Lansing Railroad1
Hudson and Boston Railroad1
Hudson and Manhattan Railroad5
Hudson River Railroad7
Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad3
Huntington and Broad Top Railroad2
Huron and Western Railroad1
Illinois and Indiana Railroad2
Illinois and Michigan Canal1
Illinois Central Railroad29
Indiana and Illinois Central Railroad1
Indiana and Lake Michigan Railroad1
Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Railroad1
Indianapolis and Louisville Traction Railway1
Indianapolis and St Louis Railway3
Indianapolis and Vincennes Railroad2
Indianapolis Union Railway1
Indianapolis, Decatur and Springfield Railroad2
Indianapolis, Decatur and Western Railway1
Intercolonial Railway1
Intercontinental Railway Commission2
International and Great Northern Railroad11
International Railroad1
Interoceanic Railway of Mexico1
Ionia, Stanton and Northern Railroad2
Iowa Central Railway4
Iowa Falls and Sioux City Railroad1
Iron Mountain and Wisconsin State Line Railroad1
Iron Mountain Railway2
Iron Range Railway3
Iron River Railroad3
Ironton Railroad1
Ishpeming, L'Anse and Ontonagon Railroad2
Ithaca and Alma Railroad1
Jackson and Ohio Railroad1
Jackson City Railroad2
Jackson Main Street Railroad1
Jackson Street Railway3
Jackson, Fort Wayne and Cincinnati Railroad1
Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw Railroad14
Jacksonville and Southwestern Railroad2
Jacksonville, St Augustine and Halifax River Railway1
Jacksonville, Tampa and Key West Railway1
James River and Kanawha Canal Co1
Jefferson Avenue Railway1
Jefferson Railroad2
Jeffersonville Railroad1
Jerome Park Railroad1
Junction Railroad of Pennsylvania3
Kaaterskill Railroad2
Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad15
Kalamazoo and White Pigeon Railroad14
Kalamazoo, Allegan and Grand Rapids Railroad5
Kanawha and Michigan Railway2
Kanona and Prattsburgh Railway1
Kansas City Southern Railway5
Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railway1
Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad2
Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad3
Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern Kansas Railroad1
Kansas City, Memphis and Birmingham Railroad2
Kansas City, Springfield and Memphis Railroad1
Kansas City, St Joseph and Council Bluffs Railroad4
Kansas Pacific Railway9
Kennebec and Portland Railroad3
Kentucky and Indiana Bridge and Railroad Co2
Kentucky Central Railroad5
Keweenaw Central Railroad3
L'Anse and Ontonagon Railroad1
La Follette Coal, Iron and Railway1
Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Railroad3
Lackawanna and Western Railroad1
Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railroad1
Lafayette and Bloomington Railroad1
Lafayette and Indianapolis Railroad1
Lake Erie and Eastern Railroad2
Lake Erie and Louisville Railroad1
Lake Erie and Western Railroad11
Lake Erie, Franklin and Clarion Railroad2
Lake Erie, Wabash and St Louis Railroad3
Lake Harbor Railroad2
Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Railroad1
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway42
Lake Shore Railway2
Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railway2
Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad2
Lake Superior and Southeast Railroad2
Lake Superior Iron Mountain Railroad1
Lake Superior Railroad1
Lancaster County Railway and Light Co3
Lancaster Railroad2
Lansing and Jackson Railway1
Lapeer and Northern Railroad3
Leavenworth, Kansas and Western Railway2
Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston Railroad1
Lebanon Springs Railroad3
Lehigh and Hudson River Railway7
Lehigh and Mahanoy Railroad5
Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad4
Lehigh Valley Railroad21
Lexington and Eastern Railway1
Ligonier Valley Railroad4
Little Miami Railroad2
Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad2
Little Schuylkill Navigation Railroad Co5
Long Bell Railway1
Long Island Railroad15
Louisville and Nashville Railroad18
Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad1
Louisville, Evansville and St Louis Railroad4
Louisville, New Albany and Chicago Railroad1
Lowell and Hastings Railroad2
Ludlow and Southern Railway1
Mackinaw and Marquette Railroad3
Macon and Brunswick Railroad1
Macon and Western Railroad1
Mahanoy and Broad Mountain Railroad3
Mahoning and Shenango Railway and Light Co2
Main Street Railroad3
Maine Central Railroad9
Manchester and Lawrence Railroad3
Manchester and North Weare Railroad2
Manchester Street Railway1
Manhattan Elevated Railway1
Manhattan Railway12
Manistee Railroad3
Manistee, Filer City and East Lake Railroad1
Manistique and Lake Superior Railroad1
Manistique and Northern Railroad2
Manistique Railway3
Manistique, Marquette and Northern Railroad1
Mansfield, Coldwater and Lake Michigan Railroad1
Manufacturers Railway1
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad4
Marine Railway3
Market Street Cable Railway1
Market Street Elevated Passenger Railway2
Marquette and Iron Range Railroad2
Marquette and Ontonagon Railroad2
Marquette and Southeastern Railway2
Marquette and State Line Railroad1
Marquette and Western Railway8
Marquette, Champion and Chicago Railroad1
Marquette, Houghton and Ontonagon Railroad14
Maryland and Delaware Railroad2
Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad2
Maryland Central Railroad2
Maryland, Delaware and Virginia Railway1
Mason-Hoge Railroad Construction Co2
Massachusetts Central Railroad1
Massena Terminal Railroad1
Mauch Chunk and Switch Back Railroad2
McKeesport Connecting Railroad1
Meadville and Linesville Railway1
Memphis and Charleston Railroad1
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad1
Memphis and Ohio Railroad1
Menominee and St Paul Railroad2
Menominee River Railroad3
Meriden, Waterbury and Connecticut River Railroad1
Merrimac and Connecticut Rivers Railroad3
Metropolitan Electric Railway1
Metropolitan Railroad5
Metropolitan Street Railway3
Mexican Central Railway11
Mexican International Railroad1
Mexican National Railroad6
Mexican Northern Railway1
Mexico and Pacific Railroad1
Michigan Air Line Railroad20
Michigan and Ohio Railroad3
Michigan Central Railroad53
Michigan Lake Shore Railroad1
Michigan Midland and Canada Railroad15
Michigan Shore and Eastern Railroad1
Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad13
Michigan Southern Railroad4
Michigan Traction Railroad1
Middletown and Cincinnati Railroad2
Middletown and Crawford Railroad1
Midland Terminal Railway2
Midland Valley Railroad1
Milford and Woonsocket Railroad1
Milwaukee and Beloit Railroad2
Milwaukee and Chicago Railroad1
Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad1
Milwaukee and Northern Railroad2
Milwaukee and St Paul Railway2
Milwaukee and Watertown Railroad1
Milwaukee Electric Railway1
Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Co2
Milwaukee, Benton Harbor and Columbus Railway1
Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway11
Mine Hill and Schuylkill Haven Railroad1
Mineral Range Railroad9
Minneapolis and St Louis Railroad8
Minneapolis Street Railway1
Minneapolis, Sault Ste Marie and Atlantic Railway6
Minneapolis, St Paul and Sault St Marie Railway10
Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad1
Minnesota and Pacific Railroad1
Minnesota Central Railway1
Minnesota Valley Railroad2
Missisquoi Railroad1
Mississippi and Missouri Railroad3
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad3
Mississippi Central Railroad1
Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad1
Missouri Pacific Railway32
Missouri Valley and Blair Railway and Bridge Co1
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway15
Mobile and Montgomery Railroad2
Mobile and Ohio Railroad16
Mohawk and Hudson Railroad2
Monongahela Connecting Railroad3
Monongahela Street Railway1
Monroe and Toledo Railroad1
Monroe Connecting Railroad2
Montana, Wyoming and Southern Railroad1
Montgomery and Eufaula Railroad1
Montgomery and West Point Railroad1
Montgomery Southern Railroad1
Montrose Railway1
Morenci Southern Railway1
Morris and Essex Railroad8
Morris Canal and Banking Co1
Morris County Railroad2
Moshassuck Valley Railroad2
Mounds and Olive Branch Railroad1
Mt Hope Mineral Railroad2
Mt Pleasant and Bradford Railroad1
Mt Pleasant and Broad Ford Railroad2
Mt Pleasant and Western Railroad1
Mt Verrnon and East Chester Railway2
Mt Washington Cog Railway9
Munising Railroad3
Munising, Marquette and Southeastern Railroad1
Muskegon and Ferrysburg Railroad1
Muskegon Railway1
Muskegon Street Railway1
Muskegon Traction and Lighting Railroad2
Muskegon Traction Railroad1
Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad1
Narragansett Pier Railroad1
Nashua and Acton Railroad1
Nashua and Lowell Railroad5
Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad1
Nashville and Decatur Railroad1
Nashville and Henderson Railroad1
Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railway1
Nassau Electric Railroad1
National Association of Railway Surgeons3
National City and Otay Railway1
National Railway of Mexico1
Naugatuck Railroad3
Negaunee and Palmer Railroad3
Nevada and Oregon Railroad1
Nevada Central Railroad2
Nevada County Narrow-Gauge Railroad1
Nevada Northern Railway2
New Albany and Salem Railroad3
New Bedford and Taunton Railroad3
New Boston Railroad1
New Castle and Beaver Valley Railroad1
New England Railroad1
New England Railroad Conference Commission1
New Haven and Derby Railroad1
New Haven and New London Railroad1
New Haven and Northampton Railroad3
New Jersey and Hudson River Railway and Ferry Co5
New Jersey and New York Railroad3
New Jersey Junction Railroad3
New Jersey Midland Railroad1
New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Co3
New Jersey Southern Railroad2
New London Northern Railroad3
New London, Willamantic and Palmer Railroad1
New Orleans and Mobile Railroad2
New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad2
New Orleans and Northwestern Railway1
New Orleans and Texas Railroad1
New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad3
New Orleans, Mobile and Texas Railroad1
New York and Boston Cape Cod Canal Co1
New York and Canada Railroad3
New York and Erie Railroad9
New York and Greenwood Lake Railroad6
New York and Harlem Railroad9
New York and Long Beach Railroad1
New York and Long Branch Railroad2
New York and Massachusetts Railway3
New York and New England Railroad8
New York and New Haven Railroad3
New York and North Pennsylvania Railroad1
New York and Northern Railway5
New York and Oswego Midland Railroad3
New York and Ottawa Railroad2
New York and Putnam Railroad1
New York and Queens Co Railway3
New York and Rockaway Beach Railroad3
New York and Sea Beach Railway1
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad23
New York Central Railroad29
New York City and Northern Railroad1
New York City Third Avenue Railroad1
New York Consolidated Railroad3
New York Elevated Railroad1
New York Municipal Railway4
New York Railways Co3
New York State Railways5
New York, Chicago and St Louis Railroad15
New York, Lackawanna and Western Railroad1
New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad12
New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad24
New York, Ontario and Western Railway5
New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad9
New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad4
New York, Providence and Boston Railroad3
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad4
New York, Texas and Mexican Railway2
New York, West Shore and Buffalo Railway4
New York, Westchester and Boston Railway1
Newark and Bloomfield Railroad1
Newark and Hudson Railroad2
Newark, Somerset and Straitsville Railroad2
Newburgh and South Shore Railway1
Newburgh, Dutchess, and Connecticut Railroad2
Newburyport Railroad1
Newport and Richford Railroad1
Newport and Wickford Railroad and Steamboat Co1
Newtonville and Watertown Street Railway1
Niagara Bridge and Canandaigua Railroad1
Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad1
Norfolk and Southern Railroad6
Norfolk and Western Railway9
Norfolk City Railroad1
Norfolk County Railroad1
North Baltimore Passenger Railway2
North Carolina Railroad10
North Missouri Railroad2
North Pennsylvania Railroad6
Northern Alabama Railway4
Northern Central Michigan Railroad12
Northern Central Railroad15
Northern Indiana Railroad1
Northern Iron Railroad1
Northern Michigan Central Railroad2
Northern Michigan Railroad7
Northern New Hampshire Railroad1
Northern New York Railroad2
Northern Pacific Railroad39
Northern Pacific Railway2
Northern Railroad2
Northern Railroad of New Jersey1
Northern Railway of Costa Rica2
Northwestern Elevated Railroad1
Northwestern Grand Trunk Railway2
Northwestern Pacific Railroad2
Norwich and Worcester Railroad14
Oahu Railway and Land Co1
Oakwood Street Railway1
Ocean Beach Railway1
Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain Railroad7
Ogle and Carroll County Railroad1
Ohio and Baltimore Short Line Railway1
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad11
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Eastern Division3
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Western Division1
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad2
Ohio Central Railroad1
Ohio Connecting Railroad3
Ohio River and Western Railway3
Ohio Valley Railway1
Old Colony and Fall River Railroad1
Old Colony Railroad9
Omaha Bridge and Terminal Railway2
Oneida Railway1
Ontonagon and Brule River Railroad1
Ontonagon and State Line Railroad2
Orange and Alexandria Railroad3
Orange and Passaic Valley Railway1
Orange Belt Railway1
Orchard Beach Railroad2
Order of Railway Conductors1
Oregon and California Railroad2
Oregon Railway and Navigation Co4
Oregon Short Line Railroad6
Osage Valley and Southern Kansas Railroad1
Oswego and Syracuse Railroad2
Oswego and Troy Railroad1
Ottumwa Railway and Light Co1
Owasco River Railroad1
Owensboro City Railroad1
Oxford and Henderson Railroad1
Oxford and Port Austin Railroad1
Pacific and Idaho Northern Railway1
Pacific Railroad2
Pacific Railroad of Missouri2
Paducah and Elizabethtown Railroad1
Paducah and Memphis Railroad2
Paducah, Tennessee and Alabama Railroad1
Painesville and Youngstown Railroad1
Panama Railway7
Passumpsic Railroad3
Paterson and Hudson River Railroad1
Paterson and Ramapo Railroad1
Paterson Railway1
Peach Bottom Railroad1
Pecos Valley Railway1
Pemigewasset Valley Railroad1
Peninsula Railroad3
Peninsular Railway1
Pennsalt Railroad2
Pennsylvania and New York Canal and Railroad4
Pennsylvania and Northwestern Railroad1
Pennsylvania East Railroad10
Pennsylvania Railroad62
Pennsylvania Terminal Railway3
Pennsylvania Tunnel and Terminal Railroad2
Pennsylvania West Railroad6
Peoria and Bureau Valley Railroad3
Peoria, Decatur and Evansville Railroad2
Peoria, Decatur and Mattoon Railroad2
Peoria, Pekin and Jacksonville Railroad1
Pere Marquette Railroad21
Petersburg and Weldon Railroad1
Petersburg Railroad1
Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad2
Philadelphia and Erie Railroad10
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad21
Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad2
Philadelphia Belt Line Railroad3
Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad8
Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown Railroad2
Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad15
Philippine Railway2
Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad6
Pittsburgh and Eastern Railroad1
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad7
Pittsburgh and Shawmut Railroad1
Pittsburgh and Western Railroad1
Pittsburgh Railways Co1
Pittsburgh Terminal Railroad and Coal Co1
Pittsburgh Union Passenger Railroad1
Pittsburgh, Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad3
Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railway3
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St Louis Railway11
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway4
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad14
Pittsburgh, Mckeesport and Youghiogheny Railroad1
Pittsburgh, Ohio Valley and Cincinnati Railroad3
Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Erie Railroad2
Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky Railroad2
Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula Railroad3
Ponce Railway and Light Co4
Pontiac and Oxford Railroad1
Pontiac and Southern Railroad1
Pontiac, Oxford and Northern Railroad6
Pontiac, Oxford and Port Austin Railroad1
Port Huron and Lake Michigan Railroad1
Port Huron, St Clair and Marine City Railroad2
Port Royal and Western Carolina Railway1
Portage Railroad3
Portland and Kennebec Railroad1
Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad4
Portland and Rochester Railroad4
Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroad3
Portsmouth and Concord Railroad1
Portsmouth and Roanoke Railroad1
Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad3
Potrero and Bay View Railroad1
Poughkeepsie and Eastern Railway2
Princeton and Western Railway1
Providence and Boston Railroad1
Providence and Danielson Railway1
Providence and Springfield Railroad2
Providence and Worcester Railroad6
Providence, Warren and Bristol Railroad4
Public Service Railway1
Puget Sound Electric Railway13
Puget Sound International Railway and Power Co7
Quebec Southern Railway2
Queen Annes Railroad1
Quincy, Omaha and Kansas City Railway1
Racine and Mississippi Railroad1
Railroad Commission2
Railway Age1
Railway and Light Securities Co8
Railway Steel Spring Co4
Raleigh and Gaston Railroad3
Randsburg Railroad1
Rantoul Railroad2
Raquette Lake Railway1
Reading and Columbia Railroad5
Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad2
Reynoldsville and Falls Creek Railroad3
Richmond and Allegheny Railroad3
Richmond and Danville Railroad15
Richmond and Manchester Railway1
Richmond and Petersburg Railroad1
Richmond and York River Railroad2
Richmond Light and Railroad2
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad5
Rio Grande Junction Railway Co1
Rio Grande Western Railway2
Riverdale and Lake Michigan Railroad1
Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad2
Rochester and State Line Railroad3
Rochester and Suburban Railway1
Rochester Electric Railroad1
Rochester Railway and Light Co2
Rock Island Railroad1
Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg Railroad4
Rondout and Oswego Railroad1
Rumford Falls and Buckfield Railroad1
Rutland and Burlington Railroad1
Rutland and Whitehall Railroad1
Rutland Railroad14
Sacramento and Placerville Railroad1
Sacramento Valley Railroad1
Saginaw and Clare County Railroad3
Saginaw and Frankenmuth Railroad1
Saginaw and Grand Rapids Railroad13
Saginaw and Lansing Railroad2
Saginaw and Mt Pleasant Railroad2
Saginaw and Western Railroad5
Saginaw Bay and Northwestern Railroad5
Saginaw Street Railroad1
Saginaw Valley and St Louis Railroad10
Saginaw, Tuscola and Huron Railroad8
San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad2
San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad2
San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railway1
Sandusky and Mansfield Railroad1
Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark Railroad2
Santa Fe and Grand Canyon Railroad1
Santa Fe Pacific Railroad1
Santa Fe Railway1
Saratoga and Schenectady Railroad2
Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad2
Sault Ste Marie and Marquette Railroad3
Savannah and Memphis Railroad5
Savannah Street and Rural Resort Railway1
Savannah, Albany and Gulf Railroad1
Savannah, Florida and Western Railway2
Schenectady and Duanesburgh Railroad1
Schenectady Railroad1
Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad5
Schuylkill River East Side Railroad1
Scranton Passenger Railway1
Sea View Railroad1
Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad3
Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway2
Second Avenue Railroad1
Sharpsville Railroad2
Shenandoah Valley Railroad1
Shenango and Allegheny Railroad1
Shepaug Railroad1
Shepaug, Litchfield and Northern Railroad2
Shore Line Railway5
Silver Springs, Ocala and Gulf Railroad1
Sinnemahoning Valley Railroad1
Sioux City and Pacific Railroad5
Skaneateles Railroad1
Slate Run Railroad1
Smithtown and Port Jefferson Railroad3
Sodus Bay and Southern Railroad1
Somerset and Cambria Railroad1
Somerset and Kennebec Railroad2
Soo Line Railroad2
South and North Alabama Railroad1
South Atlantic and Ohio Railroad1
South Branch Railroad2
South Carolina Canal and Railroad Co1
South Carolina Railroad1
South Chicago Railroad1
South Florida Railroad1
South Haven and Eastern Railroad1
South Pennsylvania Railroad1
Southern California Railway1
Southern Central Railroad1
Southern Pacific Railroad31
Southern Railroad15
Southern Railway4
Southwestern Railroad1
Spartanburg Railway, Gas and Electric Co2
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway1
Spuyten Duyvil and Port Morris Railroad1
St Aubin Avenue Railroad1
St Clair and Western Railroad7
St Clair Terminal Railroad1
St Johnsbury and Lake Champlain Railroad5
St Joseph, South Bend and Southern Railroad1
St Lawrence and Adirondack Railway1
St Louis and Cincinnati Railroad1
St Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad1
St Louis and San Francisco Railroad9
St Louis and Southeastern Railroad3
St Louis Southwestern Railway4
St Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad5
St Louis, Belleville and Southern Railway1
St Louis, Des Moines and Northern Railroad1
St Louis, Hannibal and Keokuk Railroad1
St Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway8
St Louis, Kansas City and Colorado Railroad1
St Louis, Kansas City and Northern Railway3
St Louis, Vandalia and Terre Haute Railroad3
St Marys and Minneapolis Railroad3
St Paul and Chicago Railroad1
St Paul and Duluth Railroad5
St Paul and Northern Pacific Railroad1
St Paul and Pacific Railroad4
St Paul and Sioux City Railroad2
St Paul Eastern Grand Trunk Railway2
St Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway3
St Paul, Stillwater and Taylor Falls Railway2
Stamford and New Canaan Railroad1
Standard Railway and Timber Co1
Staten Island Railway5
Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad3
Stem Railroad1
Steubenville and Indiana Railroad1
Stockbridge and Pittsfield Railroad1
Street Railway and Illuminating Properties1
Street Railway of East Saginaw1
Sturgis, Goshen and St Louis Railroad10
Suburban and City Railway and Improvement Co1
Suffolk and Carolina Railway1
Sullivan County Railroad1
Sunbury and Erie Railroad2
Susquehanna Railway, Light and Power Co3
Sussex Railroad1
Syracuse and Binghamton Railroad3
Syracuse and Utica Railroad1
Syracuse Rapid Transit Railway1
Syracuse, Binghamton and New York Railroad2
Syracuse, Geneva and Corning Railroad1
Tacoma Railway and Power Co8
Taunton Branch Railroad1
Tawas and Bay County Railroad1
Tennessee and Alabama Railroad2
Tennessee Central Railroad1
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co1
Terre Haute and Alton Railroad5
Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad2
Terre Haute and Peoria Railroad1
Terre Haute and Richmond Railroad1
Texas and New Orleans Railroad6
Texas and Pacific Railway20
Texas and St Louis Railway1
Texas Central Railroad1
Texas Electric Railway1
Texas Mexican Railway1
Texas Western Railroad1
Tioga Railroad3
Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad3
Toledo and Cadillac Railroad2
Toledo and Illinois Railroad1
Toledo and Milwaukee Railroad2
Toledo and Monroe Railroad1
Toledo and Ohio Central Railway4
Toledo and Saginaw Bay Railroad2
Toledo and Wabash Railroad1
Toledo and Western Railroad1
Toledo Belt Railroad1
Toledo Terminal Railway1
Toledo, Adrian and Jackson Railroad1
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Cadillac Railroad1
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Grand Trunk Railroad5
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Lake Michigan Railroad1
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Mackinaw Railroad1
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North Michigan Railway5
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northeastern Railroad2
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northern Railroad1
Toledo, Canada Southern and Detroit Railroad21
Toledo, Columbus and Ohio River Railroad3
Toledo, Delphos and Burlington Railroad1
Toledo, Marshall and Northern Railroad1
Toledo, Peoria and Warsaw Railroad2
Toledo, Saginaw and Mackinaw Railroad3
Toledo, Saginaw and Muskegon Railroad11
Toledo, St Louis and Kansas City Railroad2
Toledo, St Louis and Western Railroad3
Toledo, Wabash and Western Railroad7
Toledo, Walhonding Valley and Ohio Railroad1
Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway2
Trans-St Marys Traction Railroad3
Traverse City Railroad1
Traverse City, Leelanau and Manistique Railroad2
Troy and Bennington Railroad1
Troy and Boston Railroad1
Troy and Greenbush Railroad1
Troy and Greenfield Railroad1
Troy Union Railroad1
Tucson, Globe and Northern Railroad1
Twin City General Electric Railway1
Tylerdale Connecting Valley Railroad1
Ulster and Delaware Railroad3
Union Elevated Railroad of Chicago1
Union Freight Railroad1
Union Pacific Railroad54
Union Passenger Railway1
Union Railroad3
United Railroads and Canal Co of New Jersey1
United Railroads of San Francisco1
United Railways Investment Co2
US House Committee on Railways and Canals2
US Transcontinental Railroad1
Utah Central Railroad1
Utica and Binghamton Railroad1
Utica and Mohawk Railroad1
Utica and Mohawk Valley Railroad1
Utica and Schenectady Railroad2
Utica, Chenango and Susquehanna Valley Railroad1
Utica, Ithaca and Elmira Railroad1
Valley Railroad3
Vandalia Railroad9
Vermont and Canada Railroad1
Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad1
Vermont Valley Railroad7
Vieux Desert and Lake Superior Railroad1
Virginia and Southwestern Railway2
Virginia and Tennessee Railroad1
Virginia and Truckee Railroad1
Virginia Central Railroad1
Virginia Midland Railway3
Virginia Railway and Power Co1
Virginian Railway1
Wabash Railroad24
Wabash Western Railroad5
Wabash, St Louis and Pacific Railway20
Wallkill Valley Railroad1
Warren Railroad1
Washington and Georgetown Railroad2
Washington and Ohio Railroad1
Washington and Old Dominion Railroad1
Washington County Railroad1
Washington County Railway1
Wayne and Fifth Street Railroad1
Waynesburg and Washington Railroad3
Waynesburgh and Washington Railroad2
Wellington and Powellsville Railroad1
West Chester Railroad1
West End Street Railway4
West Feliciana Railroad1
West Jersey and Seashore Railroad6
West Jersey Railroad2
West Michigan Interurban Railroad1
West Penn Railway2
West Philadelphia Passenger Railway1
West Shore Railroad15
West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway4
West Wisconsin Railway1
Western and Atlantic Railroad1
Western Maryland Railroad7
Western North Carolina Railroad2
Western Pacific Railroad1
Western Pennsylvania Railroad2
Western Railroad Association2
Western Railroad of Massachusetts2
Western Railway of Alabama2
Westinghouse Inter Works Railway1
Whatcom County Railway and Light Co10
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad5
Wheeling Terminal Railway5
Wheeling, Pittsburgh and Baltimore Railroad2
White River Railroad6
Whitefield and Jefferson Railroad1
Whitney Avenue Railway2
Wilmington and Manchester Railroad1
Wilmington and Northern Railroad4
Wilmington and Raleigh Railroad1
Wilmington and Reading Railroad3
Wilmington and Susquehanna Railroad1
Wilmington and Weldon Railroad6
Wilmington, Charlotte and Rutherford Railroad1
Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad1
Winchester and Potomac Railroad1
Winchester and Strasburgh Railroad2
Winifrede Railroad1
Winnebago Railroad1
Winona and Southwestern Railway1
Winona and St Peter Railway5
Wisconsin Central Railway8
Wisconsin Valley Railroad1
Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pacific Railway2
Wisconsin, Sault Ste Marie and Mackinac Railroad2
Wolfeborough Railroad1
Wood River Branch Railroad2
Woodstock Railway1
Woonsocket Street Railway1
Worcester and Nashua Railroad2
Worcester and Shrewsbury Railroad1
Worcester Consolidated Railroad1
Worcester Consolidated Street Railway2
Worcester Railways and Investment Co3
Wyandotte and Detroit River Railroad1
Wyandotte Southern Railroad1
Wyoming and Lehigh Railroad1
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad4
York and Cumberland Railroad1
York Harbor and Beach Railroad3
Youngstown and Ravenna Railroad2

Rail Employees

railroad agent24
railroad auditor3
railroad baggage checker1
railroad blacksmith1
railroad board1
railroad boarding boss for hired hands1
railroad boilermaker1
railroad bookkeeper1
railroad brakeman12
railroad bridge tender1
railroad bridge worker3
railroad builder7
railroad callman1
railroad car inspector2
railroad car manufacturer1
railroad car repairer1
railroad car repairmen2
railroad carman2
railroad carpenter2
railroad chief engineer2
railroad clerk27
Railroad Commission2
railroad commissioner1
railroad conductor27
railroad contractor3
railroad director2
railroad dispatcher2
railroad dock hand1
railroad draftsman1
railroad engineer18
railroad executive33
railroad fireman11
railroad foreman8
railroad freight agent1
railroad freight solicitor1
railroad guard1
railroad inspector1
railroad laborer30
railroad laboror1
railroad lineman1
railroad magnate2
railroad mail clerk1
railroad manager1
railroad mechanic2
railroad office stenographer1
railroad owner2
railroad pipefitter1
railroad policeman1
railroad postal clerk4
railroad repairman1
railroad round house machinist1
railroad section foreman1
railroad section hand5
railroad section master3
railroad servant2
railroad shop blacksmith1
railroad signalman2
railroad station clerk1
railroad steel gang1
railroad steel layer1
railroad superintendent1
railroad switchman6
railroad tally clerk1
railroad telegrapher1
railroad ticket agent2
railroad tie company1
railroad time keeper1
railroad track walker1
railroad trackman5
railroad trainman1
railroad treasurer1
railroad watchman5
railroad wire chief1
railroad worker36
railroad yard master2
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