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Royalty & Nobility (Total: 5,406)

Historical Events

Magna Carta31

Cause of Death



  • Albert Edward John Spencer
  • Alfonso VII Pierre-Raimund, Castile
  • Alfonso XI The Just King of Castile
  • Casimir Iv of Poland
  • Duc Henri de Rohan
  • Edward Montagu
  • Florent III Count of Holland
  • Francesco I Di Borbone
  • Francis Godolphin
  • Frederick Vi, Margrave Of Baden-Durlach
  • Henry III Emperor of Germany
  • Henry VII King of England
  • Izyaslav I of Kiev
  • James I of England
  • James II of England
  • John Granville
  • John of Eltham Plantagenet
  • Louis I the Pious of Aquitaine
  • Rudolf II Holy Roman Emperor
  • Thomas de Mowbray
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