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Education (Total: 4,452)

Information on this website related to education, showing the number of people related to each item.

Alumni (3 or more)

Amherst College31
Andover Theological Seminary11
Army War College3
Auburn Theological Seminary3
Augusta College3
Bangor Theological Seminary4
Barnard College4
Baron Academy3
Baylor University4
Berea College3
Bloomsburg State Teachers College4
Boston University4
Bowdoin College24
Brigham Young University15
Brown University53
Bryn Mawr College6
Bucknell University4
Caius College5
California State University3
Cambridge University14
Centre College11
Charlotte Hall Military Academy6
Christs College10
Cincinnati School Of Law11
Claverack College5
Colgate University5
College Of William And Mary63
Columbia College84
Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons4
Columbia Law School21
Columbia University3
Cornell University20
Corpus Christi9
Dartmouth College59
Davidson College3
Dickinson College21
Duke University6
Emory University7
Franklin College3
General Theological Seminary14
George Washington University18
George Washington University Law School9
Georgetown University16
Georgetown University Law School5
Georgia Southwestern College3
Graceland College3
Groton Academy3
Hamilton College16
Hampden Sydney College43
Harrow School3
Harvard Law School71
Harvard Medical School3
Harvard University440
Hiram College3
Hobart College4
Iowa State University5
Johns Hopkins University14
Kenyon College9
Litchfield Law School24
MA Institute of Technology12
Magdalen College4
Marietta College7
Medical College Of VA10
Miami University5
Middlebury College14
Mt Holyoke College5
Naval Academy48
Naval War College3
NC State University8
New York Law School3
New York University8
New York University School Of Law3
Northumberland High School28
Northwestern University4
Ohio State University4
Ohio University3
Ohio Wesleyan University3
Oxford University14
Pembroke College3
Penn State3
Phillips Academy15
Phillips Exeter Academy13
Princeton Theological Seminary12
Princeton University206
Queens College5
Radcliffe College5
Randolph Macon College10
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute5
Roanoke College3
Royal Military College3
Rutgers University10
Smith College4
St Johns College17
St Marys University3
Stanford University15
State Normal School4
Stevens Institute4
Transylvania University16
Trinity College21
Tulane University8
Union College22
Union Theological Seminary5
University Of Alabama12
University of Arizona4
University Of Arkansas4
University Of California12
University Of Chicago17
University Of Delaware9
University Of Edinburgh5
University of Georgia5
University Of Heidelberg3
University Of Illinois4
University Of Iowa3
University Of Kentucky6
University Of Louisville3
University Of Maryland11
University Of Maryland Law School3
University Of Michigan16
University Of Minnesota9
University Of Missouri4
University Of NC84
University Of NC Law School7
University Of Nebraska4
University of Oklahoma6
University Of Pennsylvania73
University Of Pennsylvania Law School3
University Of Richmond4
University Of SC18
University Of Southern California9
University Of Tennessee6
University Of Texas8
University of the South5
University Of Utah33
University of Vermont12
University of Virginia88
University Of Virginia Law School15
University of Virginia Medical School5
University of Wisconsin13
Utah State University4
Vanderbilt University14
Vassar College12
Virginia Military Institute37
Virginia Theological Seminary27
Wake Forest College16
Washington and Jefferson College14
Washington And Lee University21
Washington And Lee University Law School4
Washington College9
Wellesley College5
Wesleyan University16
West Point Academy144
Williams College47
Wofford College3
Yale Law School5
Yale University442

Professors, Presidents, & Deans

Academy of Model Aeronautics Association1
American Academy of Diplomacy1
American Academy of Political and Social Science1
Amherst College6
Antioch College1
Auburn Theological Seminary2
Auburn University2
Baltimore City College1
Bates College1
Baylor University2
Bethany College1
Binghamton University1
Birmingham Southern College1
Boston University1
Bowdoin College3
Brigham Young University1
Brown University9
Bryn Mawr College2
Bucknell University3
Cambridge University5
Candler School of Theology1
Case Western Reserve University1
Cazenovia Seminary1
Cincinnati School of Law2
Colgate University1
Colgate University Football Team1
College of Charleston10
College of William And Mary12
Columbia College13
Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons1
Cornell University8
Dartmouth College16
Davidson College1
Dickinson College9
Duke University4
East Carolina University1
Eastern Kentucky University1
Emory University3
Florida State Agricultural College1
Florida State University1
Franklin Female College1
Furman University3
Gallaudet University1
General Theological Seminary1
George Washington University4
Georgetown University2
Georgetown University Law School1
Georgia Southwest College1
Giggleswick School1
Gulfport Military Academy1
Hamilton College4
Hampden Sydney College18
Hampton University1
Harvard University27
Haverford College1
Hiram College2
Howard University3
Illinois College1
Institute of Current World Affairs1
Johns Hopkins University3
Jubilee College1
Kansas St University2
Kenyon College4
Kimball Union Academy1
Knox College1
Lafayette College1
LaGrange College1
Lane Theological Seminary1
LDS Church Sunday School1
Lebanon Valley College1
Lindenwood College1
Louisiana State University1
Marietta College2
McCallie Preparatory School for boys1
Mercer University3
Miami Dade Community College1
Miami University3
Middlebury College4
National College of Music1
Naval Academy23
Naval War College6
NC State University2
New York Academy of Medicine1
New York Central College1
New York University3
Northwestern University3
Norwich University2
Oberlin College1
Ohio University6
Oklahoma School for Deaf1
Oxford University24
Pennsylvania College of Technology2
Pennsylvania State University1
Princeton Theological Seminary9
Princeton University25
Queens College Great Books1
Radcliffe College1
Randolph Macon College7
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute1
Rhodes College1
Rice University1
Ricks College1
Rochester Theological Seminary1
Rollins College1
Rutgers University5
Rutherford College1
Sam Houston State University1
Sanford University1
Seton Hall University1
Sheffield University2
Smith College1
Southern Illinois University1
Springfield College1
St Johns College2
Stanford Elementary School1
Stanford University1
Stevens Institute1
Syracuse University1
Transylvania University1
Trinity College3
Tufts University1
Tulane University1
Union College3
Union Theological Seminary5
University of Alabama4
University of Buffalo1
University of California2
University of Cincinnati2
University of Denver1
University of Florida2
University of Georgia10
University of Glasgow5
University of Indiana1
University of Iowa1
University of Kentucky1
University of Leeds2
University of Louisville1
University of Maryland7
University of Mass1
University of Miami1
University of Michigan8
University of Mississippi5
University of Missouri5
University of Nashville1
University of NC30
University of NC Law School1
University of New Mexico1
University of Oregon1
University of Pennsylvania4
University of SC7
University of SC Law School1
University of St Andrews1
University of Texas2
University of the South3
University of Tokyo1
University of Utah1
University of Vermont8
University of Virginia27
University of Wisconsin5
University of Wyoming1
US Military Academy1
Vanderbilt University3
Virginia Military Institute4
Virginia Theological Seminary7
Wabash College1
Wake Forest College6
Wake Forest University4
Washington and Jefferson College1
Washington And Lee University10
Washington College2
Washington University4
Wellesley College1
Wells College1
Wesleyan University1
West Point Academy13
Western Michigan University1
Western Theological Seminary1
Williams College7
Worcester Polytechnic Institute1
Yale University31
Yale University School of Medicine1
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