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American Revolution (Total: 3,063)

Information on this website related to the American Revolution, showing the number of people related to each item.


CT Navy Defence2
CT Navy Dolphin1
CT Navy Minerva1
CT Navy Oliver Cromwell7
CT Navy Spy1
CT Navy Whiting1
CT Privateer Chatham1
CT Privateer Comet1
CT Privateer Deane1
CT Privateer Delight1
CT Privateer Dolphin1
CT Privateer Fanny1
CT Privateer General Green1
CT Privateer General Heath1
CT Privateer General Putnam1
CT Privateer Governor Trumbull2
CT Privateer Hancock2
CT Privateer Hawk1
CT Privateer Industry1
CT Privateer Le Despenser1
CT Privateer Lucy1
CT Privateer Marquis de Lafayette2
CT Privateer Minerva1
CT Privateer Nancy1
CT Privateer Patty1
CT Privateer Phoenix1
CT Privateer Raven1
CT Privateer Sally1
CT Privateer Seaflower1
CT Privateer Vengeance1
CT Privateer Wooster1
CT Privateer Young Cromwell1
GA Navy Liberty1
MA Navy Active1
MA Navy Freedom1
MA Navy Hazard4
MA Navy Independence1
MA Navy Mars2
MA Navy Massachusetts3
MA Navy Protector4
MA Navy Republic2
MA Navy Rising Empire2
MA Navy Tyrannicide8
MA Navy Wilkes1
MA Navy Winthrop2
MA Privateer Active1
MA Privateer Amazon1
MA Privateer America2
MA Privateer Assurance1
MA Privateer Aurora1
MA Privateer Buccaneer1
MA Privateer Cato2
MA Privateer Defence II1
MA Privateer Dolphin1
MA Privateer Fair Play1
MA Privateer Fanny1
MA Privateer Favourite1
MA Privateer Fly1
MA Privateer Fox1
MA Privateer Free Mason1
MA Privateer General Mifflin1
MA Privateer General Pickering1
MA Privateer General Putnam1
MA Privateer Hannibal1
MA Privateer Hawk1
MA Privateer Hero1
MA Privateer Hibernia1
MA Privateer Hope1
MA Privateer Jason1
MA Privateer Jonathan1
MA Privateer Joseph1
MA Privateer Julius Caesar1
MA Privateer Little Dan1
MA Privateer Mars1
MA Privateer Mifflin1
MA Privateer Prospect1
MA Privateer Ranger1
MA Privateer Resource1
MA Privateer Rover1
MA Privateer Salem1
MA Privateer Scammel1
MA Privateer Scorpion1
MA Privateer Shark1
MA Privateer Sky Rocket1
MA Privateer Snatch Cat1
MA Privateer Starks II2
MA Privateer Tartar1
MA Privateer Tempest1
MA Privateer Tiger1
MA Privateer Union1
MA Privateer Venus1
MA Privateer Viper1
MA Privateer Wasp2
MA Privateer Wexford1
MA Privateer William1
MA Ship Franklin1
MD Navy Defence1
MD Privateer Black Joke1
MD Privateer Delight1
MD Privateer Montgomery1
MD Privateer Ponoma1
NY Navy General Putnam1
NY Privateer Beaver1
PA Navy Arnold1
PA Navy Dickinson1
PA Navy Fame1
PA Privateer Andrew Caldwell1
PA Privateer Black Joke1
PA Privateer Commerce1
PA Privateer Delaware1
PA Privateer Fair American1
PA Privateer General Scammell1
PA Privateer Hyder Ally1
PA Privateer Independence1
PA Privateer Mayflower1
PA Privateer St James1
RI Navy Katy1
RI Privateer America1
RI Privateer Argo1
RI Privateer General Sullivan1
RI Privateer Independence1
RI Privateer Marlborough1
RI Privateer Success1
SC Navy Defence1
SC Privateer Amity1
SC Privateer Bellona1
SC Privateer Vixen1
USS Alfred4
USS Alliance (1778)4
USS Andrew Doria (1775)3
USS Bonhomme Richard (1765)3
USS Boston (1777)2
USS Cabot (1775)4
USS Columbus (1774)4
USS Confederacy5
USS Deane (1778)1
USS Dolphin (1777)1
USS Enterprise1
USS Enterprise (1775)1
USS Fly (1776)1
USS Hancock (1776)1
USS Hawk1
USS Lexington (1776)1
USS Marisheet1
USS Montgomery (1776)1
USS Providence (1775)2
USS Providence (1776)1
USS Providence (Unknown)2
USS Queen of France2
USS Raleigh (1776)1
USS Randolph (1776)2
USS Ranger (1777)1
USS Resistance1
USS Sachem (1776)1
USS Trumbull3
USS Virginia (1776)1
USS Warren1
USS Wasp (1775)1
VA Navy Accomac1
VA Navy Caswell1
VA Navy Congress1
VA Navy Henry2
VA Navy Manley2
VA Navy Musquetto2
VA Navy Norfolk Revenge1
VA Navy Peace and Plenty1
VA Navy Protector1
VA Navy Revenge1
VA Navy Safeguard1
VA Navy Tartar1
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