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Statistics for the family history information of Vicki V

Statistics Totals:
Last Online: 7-2-2020

Records: 2,042
Grave Pictures: 104
Person Pictures: 178
Birthdates: 99.8%
Birthplaces: 99%
Deathdates: 88.6%
Deathplaces: 88.7%
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Records: 1
Grave Pictures: 0
Person Pictures: 0
Birthdates: 100%
Birthplaces: 100%
Deathdates: 100%
Deathplaces: 100%
I started researching family genealogy about 15 yrs ago.I have the following trees on ancestry.com: -Ziegler/Musick and John Duncan Family Tree; Venable/Shelton Tree on my husbands side; co-share  Duncan/Jester tree . I also have a family tree on Wikitree.com..  Would love to share family info  or can help with genealogy research. I have done DNA testing my gedmatch kit# is M843230.

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