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For about thirty years now, I have been interested in the history of my family, the McGlatherys. The family seems to be Scots - Irish or Irish in ethnic origin and have migrated from Belfast to America in the early to mid 1700's.

I have found McGlatherys recorded in about 27 states and the District of Columbia. I am a descendant of Samuel Earl and Nancy (Surratt) McGlathery. They were born in Lincoln Co., Tennessee and Morgan Co., Alabama, respectively, married in Morgan Co., Alabama, and were buried in Alcorn Co., Mississippi.

My information will contain several unconnected branches.  In the American South, the lack, so far, of solid pre-1850 Census genealogical evidence has resulted in a fractured, but likely related, family.  In the North, I have located more pre-1850 Census information on the McGlatherys.  While there were many Northern families, I believe that there were a few original immigrants but not many.  It is my hope that though my efforts we might together find more links to reconnect our branches.

In my research, I  concentrate on the McGlathery family nationwide. I will not trace each line up or down to the earliest ancestor of a maternal line, but I will focus on the McGlatherys and where possible give their spouses’ parents and the non-living children of a female McGlathery daughter.  

During the course of my research, I noted that other surnames, likely our family's distant cousins: Magladry, McGladdery, McGladery, McGladrey, Mcgladry, McGladrie, and Meglathery seemed most similar to my own. Interestingly, British Telecom's The phone Book, Section 241: Northern Ireland for May 1989 contained none of our surnames except McGladdery and McGladery.

The Internet provides the perfect medium for a work in progress. Unlike publishing a book, the Internet provides flexibility and low overhead costs. I can present my findings which may be viewed around the world. I can update and add to my findings easily as I discover more information.

For a time, I was publishing a newsletter, The McGlathery Lineages, and attempted a website of my own for a time.  I found that running my own website to be somewhat overwhelming.  I stopped my site when my free server stopped its service.

I stumbled on to Our Family Tree, "a  full-featured online genealogy collaboration website," run by possibly a distant relative of mine, Ray Gurganus.  I love the fact that it was free, the emphasis on sources, and use of maps, and a place where I can again share the years of my genealogical research.

Please free to look around. I welcome any comments, suggestions, and information and sources of that information.  


Samuel Lyon McGlathery II

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