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Statistics for the family history information of Virginia Sholin Smallwood

Statistics Totals:
Last Online: 9-28-2021

Records: 18,586
Person Pictures: 65
Birthdates: 100%
Birthplaces: 99.9%
Deathdates: 60.1%
Deathplaces: 58%
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Records: 314
Person Pictures: 0
Birthdates: 100%
Birthplaces: 100%
Deathdates: 58%
Deathplaces: 56.7%

Welcome to my genealogy pages! I have worked hard on to gather my information, and have done my best to document sources. More information is being added daily, so please check back from time to time.

Also, if you have something to contribute or even contrary information, please contact me. I want my records to be as accurate as possible.

I began my quest in 1988. I've taught genealogy classes and made genealogy presentations in front of various genealogy societies and other organizations in the southern Central Valley of California. I am a retired public school teacher.

I do genealogy for myself, my husband and assorted relatives. These ancestors are of British, Swedish, Danish, German (inlcuding Germans from Russia), Japanese, Filipino, French, Swiss and Polish origins. They include Quakers, Puritans, Lutherans, Methodist, Baptists, Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, Jews, Salvationists (Salvation Army), Buddhists, athiests, agnostics and others as well. 

These days, I even spend a lot of time researching just about anyone who interests me, including those who are not related to me or anyone in my family at all! (It's a sickness...)

I love both the nuts and bolts of genealogy and the romance of family stories. Family history has been a daily passion for me since 1988.

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