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Source: Physicians, Dentists, Druggists Directory of New England

Full titlePhysicians', dentists' and druggists' directory of the New England states : comprising list of physicians and surgeons, dentists and druggists, arranged alphabetically by post-offices, with population of town. The physician's school practised is indicated by the appellations--(R) regular, (H) homopathic, and (E) eclectic, together with his college and year of graduation. Hospitals, asylums, and sanitariums, etc., etc : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
DescriptionFor sale by DeWolfe, Fiske & Co., Boston
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Edward Jacob Forster

Edward Jacob Forster

9 JUL 1846born in Charlestown, Suffolk Co, MA
1868MA, Boston, Harvard Medical School
1884-1896MA, Boston, City Hospital, physician
15 MAY 1896died in Manhattan, New York Co, NY, about age 50.