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Source: Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1915

Full titleRegister of the commissioned and warrant officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps and reserve officers on active duty. 1915-1916.
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Historical records1,814
OrganizationUS Navy Department


Arthur Curtis Stott

Arthur Curtis Stott

26 NOV 1883born in NY
1905MD, Annapolis, Naval Academy
1907USS Kearsarge (BB5), Ensign
1910USS Rainbow (AS7), Ensign
1915USS New Jersey (BB16), Lieutenant
1920-1921USS DuPont (DD152), Commander
1922USS Rodgers (DD254), Commander
1923DC, US Navy Department, Bureau of Ordnance
1926USS Kennedy (DD306), Commander
1935-1936USS Idaho (BB42), Captain
8 NOV 1968died in San Diego Co, CA, about age 85.