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Source: Register of the Navy, 1816-1836

Full titleRegister of the Navy, 1812
Description  1812]                           NAMES, &c. OF OFFICERS OF THE NAVY AND MARINE CORPS.                          255 12th Congress.]                                                   No. 90.                                                     [1st Session.   NAMES, RANK, PAY, AND RATIONS, OF THE OFFICERS OF THE NAVY AND MARINE CORPS.  communicated to the house of representatives, February 4, 1812. Navy Department,  February 3d, 1812. Sir:                                                                                                                                                                                In obedience to the resolution of the House of Representatives of the 23d ultimo, I have the honor of transmitting to you, herewith, to be laid before the House, paper A, which is
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Jesse Duncan Elliott

Jesse Duncan Elliott

14 JUL 1782born in Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD
1813USS Niagara (1813), Captain
1815USS Ontario (1813), Commander
1826USS Cyane (1815), Captain
10 DEC 1845died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, about age 63.