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Source: Records of Living Officers of the US Navy, 1880

Full titleA Naval Encyclopædia
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Historical records2,443
OrganizationUS Navy Department


Marcus Bainbridge Buford

Marcus Bainbridge Buford

10 JUL 1844born in Woodford Co, KY
1865MD, Annapolis, Naval Academy
1866-1868USS Shenandoah (1862), Ensign
1868-1869USS Michigan (1843), Master
1869-1870DC, Naval Observatory, Lieutenant
1870-1871USS Guerriere (1865), Lieutenant
1874-1875USS Michigan (1843), Lieutenant
1876USS Huron (1875), Lieutenant
1877USS Monongahela, Lieutenant
1878-1880DC, Navy Yard, Lieutenant
1898USS Abarenda (AC13), Lt Commander
8 DEC 1914died in Paris, Ile-de-France, France, about age 70.