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Source: Vassar College Fourth General Catalogue, 1861-1910

Full titleThe fourth general catalogue of the officers and graduates of Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, 1861-1910 : Vassar College : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
DescriptionPreservation photocopy
Website nameInternet Archive
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Historical records5,665
LocationPoughkeepsie, Vassar College


William Williams Keen

William Williams Keen

19 JAN 1837born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA
1853PA, Philadelphia, Central High School
1859RI, Providence, Brown University
1862PA, Philadelphia, Jefferson Medical College
1866PA, Philadelphia, physician
1867PA, Crozer Theological Seminary, Trustee
1873RI, Providence, Brown University, Trustee
1882PA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy, teacher
1884-1889PA, Philadelphia, Womans Medical College, Professor
1889-1890PA, Philadelphia, County Medical Society, President
1890PA, Philadelphia, Jefferson Medical College, Professor
1900PA, Philadelphia, Philadelphia College of Physicians, President
1902PA, Philadelphia, Jefferson Medical College, President
1906NY, Poughkeepsie, Vassar College, Trustee
7 JUN 1932died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, about age 95.
teacher, physician