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Source: Bowdoin Catalogue 1794-1916

Full titleGeneral catalogue of Bowdoin college, 1794-1916 : Bowdoin college. [from old catalog] : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Description2 p. 23 cm
Website nameInternet Archive
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Historical records10,465
LocationBrunswick, Bowdoin College


Gideon S. Palmer

Gideon S. Palmer

14 JUN 1814born in Gardiner, Kennebec Co, ME
1838ME, Brunswick, Bowdoin College
1838-1840ME, Gardiner Lyceum, principal
1842-1861ME, Gardiner, physician
1868-1869ME, State Representative
1869DC, Howard University, Professor
1875-1881DC, Freedmans Hospital, physician
8 DEC 1891died in Washington, DC, about age 77.
physician, principal