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Source: Syracuse Alumni Records 1872-1910

Full titleAlumni Record and General Catalogue of Syracuse University 1872-1910 Vol. III
DescriptionBy Alumni Association of Syracuse University, Published on 01/01/11
Website nameSURFACE at Syracuse University
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Historical records5,061
LocationSyracuse, Syracuse University


Wilbur Fletcher Steele

Wilbur Fletcher Steele

17 MAY 1851born in Leominster, Worcester Co, MA
1872NY, Syracuse, Syracuse University
1874MA, Boston University Theological Seminary
1874-1875MA, Raynham, Methodist Church, Minister
1876MA, Rockland, Hatherly Methodist Church, Minister
1877MA, South Yarmouth, Methodist Church, Minister
1879RI, East Greenwich, Methodist Church, Minister
1880-1881MA, Vineyard Haven, Methodist Church, Minister
1881-1889NC, Greensboro, Bennett Seminary, principal
1900CO, Denver, University of Denver, Professor
1935died in Denver, Denver Co, CO, about age 84.