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Source: Western Theological General Catalog 1827-1927

Full titleGeneral biographical catalogue, the Western theological seminary of the Presbyterian church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1827-1927 : Western Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
DescriptionThe General Biographical Catalogue contains information on Western Theological Seminary alumnae/i from 1827-1927 including place of birth, degrees acquired,...
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Historical records8,702
LocationPittsburgh, Western Theological Seminary


James Henry Snowden

James Henry Snowden

18 OCT 1852born in Hookstown, Beaver Co, PA
1875PA, Washington and Jefferson College
1878PA, Pittsburgh, Western Theological Seminary
1879-1883OH, Huron, Presbyterian Church, Minister
1883OH, Plymouth, Presbyterian Church, Minister
1883-1886PA, Sharon, Presbyterian Church, Minister
1886-1911PA, Washington, Second Presbyterian Church, Minister
1911-1926PA, Pittsburgh, Western Theological Seminary, Professor
19 DEC 1936died in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA, about age 84.