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Source: Clergy of Litchfield County

Full titleThe clergy of Litchfield County : Goodenough, Arthur : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
DescriptionAuthorities consulted: p. 203-205
Publishing Co.Litchfield Co University Club
Website nameInternet Archive
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Leaves on our tree43
Historical records628
LocationLitchfield Co, CT


Arthur Goodenough

13 MAY 1838born in Jefferson, Schoharie Co, NY
1865-1869CT, Ellsworth Congregational Church, Minister
1866CT, Winchester, Congregational Church, Minister
1869-1870CT, Roxbury, Congregational Church, Minister
9 FEB 1921died in Winchester, Litchfield Co, CT, about age 83.


Frederick Marsh

Frederick Marsh

18 SEP 1780born in New Hartford, Litchfield Co, CT
1805CT, New Haven, Yale University
1809-1846CT, Winchester, Congregational Church, Minister
FEB 1873died in Winsted, Litchfield Co, CT, about age 92.