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Source: Early History of the First Church, New London

Full titleThe early history of the First church of Christ, New London, Conn. : Blake, S. Leroy (Silas Leroy), 1834-1902 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Website nameInternet Archive
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Silas Leroy Blake

born 5 DEC 1834 in Cornwall, Addison Co, VT, died 1902 in New London Co, CT, about age 67.
Congregational Minister, Presbyterian Minister


Gurdon Saltonstall

Gurdon Saltonstall

born 27 MAR 1666 in Haverhill, Essex Co, MA, died 20 SEP 1724 in New London, New London Co, CT, about age 58.
Governor, Congregational Minister