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Source: A family record of John Michael Pfautz, a native of Switzerland, Europe

Full titleA Family Record of John Michael Pfautz, a Native of Switzerland, Europe, who Emigrated from the Palatinate to America, about the Year 1707, and His Posterity Down to the Year 1880
DescriptionJohn Michael Pfautz emigrated from Switzerland to the Palatinate of Germany, and then to Philadelphia about 1707, where he settled at Germantown, Pennsylvania. Descendants (some spelled the surname Pfoutz, Foutz, etc.) and relatives lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, California and elsewhere.
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John Eby Pfautz

born 25 SEP 1804 in Conestoga, Lancaster Co, PA, died 23 NOV 1884 in Ephrata, Lancaster Co, PA, about age 80.