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Source: A History of the Willis Family

Full titleA history of the Willis family of New Englnd and New Jersey and their ancestors, comprising the families of Farrand, Ball, Kitchell, Cook, Ward, Fairchild, Plume, Bruen, Smith, Treat, Pierson, Crane, Cooper, Sanford, Sheafe and others; to which is added a history of the family of John Howard, esq., of Richmond, Virginia, and the Harris and Macleod families of Georgeia : Willis, Charles Ethelbert, 1857- : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
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Primary SurnamesWillis


Charles Ethelbert Willis

30 AUG 1858born in Pequannock, Morris Co, NJ
6 JUN 1931died in Richmond City, VA, about age 73.
mining engineer