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Source: Manual of the Railroads of the US, 1889

Full titleManual of the railroads of the United States : Henry Varnum Poor : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
DescriptionShowing their mileage, stocks, bonds, cost, earnings, expenses, and organizations; with a sketch of their rise, progress, influence, &c., together with an...
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Nathan Parker Shortridge

Nathan Parker Shortridge

28 NOV 1829born in Portsmouth, Rockingham Co, NH
1889PA, Philadelphia, Allegheny Valley Railroad, director
1889PA, Wynnewood, Chartiers Railway, director
1889PA, Philadelphia, Junction Railroad of Pennsylvania, director
1902PA, Philadelphia, Philadelphia National Bank, president
1906PA, Philadelphia, Board of Trade, Executive Council
1906PA, Philadelphia, Mortgage Trust Co of Pennsylvania, Director
1906PA, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and Insurance Co, Director
1906PA, Philadelphia, Girard Point Storage Co, Director
1906PA, Philadelphia, Mutual Fire, Marine and Inland Insurance Co, Director
1914PA, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Co, Director
3 JAN 1915died in Wynnewood, Montgomery Co, PA, about age 85.