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Full titleA Genealogical and Personal History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania
DescriptionOriginally prepared as Volume III of Davis's "History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania," second edition, this mammoth compilation is the standard genealogical history of Bucks County and is an appropriate supplement to the ample historical narrative from the pen of Gen. William Davis. Over 2,000 families are represented here with full genealogies, with something in excess of 30,000 persons identified in the various family histories and upwards of 100 full-page portraits of some of the principal figures. The genealogies are extraordinarily elaborate. Besides names, dates of birth, marriage and death, and names of children--and a continuation of same through as many as eight or ten generations--the family studies consist of carefully prepared biographical histories. Church life, town life, military life, domestic life, and other highlights of biographical significance are thoroughly covered. If the subjects were immigrants, the name of the ship and the place of origin are rendered; if soldiers, then a description of their campaigns and engagements; or if politicians and churchmen, an account of their rise to prominence. It is of interest to note that all the genealogical and biographical sketches were submitted for verification to living representatives of the families treated herein.
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