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Source: Ships of the United States Navy and their sponsors, 1919

Full titleShips of the United States Navy and their sponsors : Sponsors of the United States navy : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Description[v. 1] 1797-1913, compiled by E. W. Benham and A. M. Hall.--[v. 2] 1913-1923, compiled by A. M. Hall and E. W. Benham, edited by A. M. Hall.--v. 3. 1924-1950,...
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Edith Wallace Benham

1874born in Washington, DC
1889USS San Francisco (C5), ship sponsor
1913USS Benham (DD49), ship sponsor
1915USS Pennsylvania (BB38), ship launch
1962died, about age 88.
ship sponsor, ship launch


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

01/30/1882born in Hyde Park, Dutchess Co, NY
1903MA, Cambridge, Harvard University
1911-1913NY, State Senator
1913-1920USA, Asst Secretary of Navy
1914USS Nevada (BB36), ship launch
1914USS Oklahoma (BB37), ship launch
1929-1932NY, Governor
1933-1945USA, President
04/12/1945died in Warm Springs, Meriwether Co, GA, about age 63.
lawyer, philatelist, ship launch
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