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Source: A history of the Massachusetts General Hospital

Full titleA history of the Massachusetts general hospital : Bowditch, N. I. (Nathaniel Ingersoll), 1805-1861 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Descriptionxi, 442 p.,[ 1 ] : 24 cm
Website nameInternet Archive
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LocationBoston, Massachusetts General Hospital


Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch

17 JAN 1805born in Salem, Essex Co, MA
1827-1836MA, Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital, Secretary
16 APR 1861died in Brookline, Norfolk Co, MA, about age 56.


Luther Vose Bell

Luther Vose Bell

2 DEC 1806born in Londonderry, Rockingham Co, NH
1823ME, Brunswick, Bowdoin College
1826NH, Hanover, Dartmouth College
1827-1837NH, Londonderry, physician
1836-1852MA, Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital, physician
1837-1855MA, Belmont, McLean Insane Asylum, Supt
1843-1847MA, Somerville, Board of Education, Chairperson
12 FEB 1862died, about age 55.
psychiatrist, physician