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Source: Second decennial catalogue of the Bellevue Hospital Medical College

Full titleSecond decennial catalogue of the trustees, faculty, officers and of the alumni of the Bellevue Hospital Medical College of the City of New York, 1861 to 1881: together with a history of the college, directory to alumni, and an appendix containing graduates of 1882, 1883, and 1884, the officers, constitution and by-laws of the Alumni Association of the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, &c., &c. : Bellevue Hospital Medical College, author : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
DescriptionThe history of the College from 1861 to 1871, written by L.M. Yale and published in 1873, is reproduced without essential change in this edition
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LocationManhattan, Bellevue Medical College


Frederick Augustus Castle

29 APR 1842born in Fabius, Onondaga Co, NY
1863-1865NY, Manhattan, Druggist, editor
1865USS General Bragg, Asst Surgeon
1866NY, Manhattan, Bellevue Medical College
1866-1867NY, Manhattan, Charity Hospital, physician
1867-1869NY, Manhattan, Randalls Island Nursery Hospital, physician
1867-1884NY, Manhattan, Bellevue Hospital, physician
1873-1876NY, Manhattan, Northeastern Dispensary, physician
1880NY, Manhattan, Presbyterian Hospital, physician
28 APR 1902died in NY, about age 60.


Leroy Milton Yale

2 FEB 1841born in Holmes Hole, Dukes Co, MA
1855-1858NH, Meriden, Kimball Union Academy
1864-1865NY, Brooklyn, City Hospital, physician
1866NY, Manhattan, Bellevue Medical College
1877-1882NY, Manhattan, Bellevue Hospital, physician
1880NY, Manhattan, Presbyterian Hospital, physician
12 SEP 1906died in Barnstable Co, MA, about age 66.


Joseph Taber Johnson

Joseph Taber Johnson

30 JUN 1845born in Lowell, Middlesex Co, MA
1865DC, Georgetown University
1865DC, Freedmans Hospital, physician
1867-1870DC, Howard University, Professor
1868NY, Manhattan, Bellevue Medical College
abt 1868DC, Howard University, Professor
1874-1912DC, Georgetown University, Professor
1881DC, Providence Hospital, physician
1887-1888DC, State Medical Society, President
1891-1892DC, Columbia Hospital, physician
1898DC, Emergency Hospital, physician
12 MAR 1921died in Arlington Co, VA, about age 76.