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Source: Western Railroads and Eastern Capital, 1872-94

Full titleSpatial History Project
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Frederick H. Billings

Frederick H. Billings

27 SEP 1823born in Royalton, Windsor Co, VT
1844VT, Burlington, University of Vermont
1867-1873VT, Burlington, University of Vermont, Trustee
1872-1873VT, Woodstock, Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, director
1873VT, Woodstock, Missouri Pacific Railway, Director
1889NY, Rutland Railroad, director
1889VT, Woodstock, Connecticut River Railroad, director
1889VT, Woodstock, Woodstock Railway, president
1890VT, Woodstock, Woodstock Gas Light Co of Vermont, President
30 SEP 1890died in Woodstock, Windsor Co, VT, about age 67.