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Source: History of Hillsborough Co NH

Full titleHistory of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire : Hurd, D. Hamilton (Duane Hamilton) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Descriptionix, 748 p. : 27 cm
Publishing Co.J. W. Lewis and Co
Website nameInternet Archive
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Historical records55
LocationHillsborough Co, NH


Duane Hamilton Hurd

24 MAR 1850born in Yates Co, NY
2 OCT 1924died in Branchport, Yates Co, NY, about age 75.


Charles Edward Balch

Charles Edward Balch

17 MAR 1834born in Francestown, Hillsborough Co, NH
18 OCT 1884died, about age 51.
bookkeeper, bank cashier