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Source: Art on a Shoestring: A How-to Guilde for the Frugal Artist in All of Us, by Thelma S. Rado

Full titleArt on a Shoestring
Description'What, you may well ask, is art on a shoestring? In most countries, a shoestring is relatively cheap. So art on a shoestring is a special kind of fine art that is available to anyone and everyone at little or no cost... It is a quest as exciting as a treasure hunt with enticing rewards and a sense of great satisfaction, and as your awareness of what is beautiful in art increases, that awareness will spill over to enhance your appreciation of the beauty of everything else in your life.'Most of us love the idea of being able to decorate our homes; however, some of us don't think we have enough time or money to accomplish such a task. Don't fret; Thelma S. Rado'sArt on a Shoestringoffers a how-to guide for decorating your home on a budget. From framing art to picking out the perfect color scheme for walls, Thelma offers advice and helpful tips for people who, despite limited financial resources, are strongly motivated to enriching their lives and their homes with beauty. Pick upArt on a Shoestringtoday and discover the frugal artist in you.
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Thelma Elaine Smith

born 6 DEC 1914 in India, died 15 MAR 2000 in Transylvania Co, NC, about age 85.
teacher, artist, interior designer