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US Civil War Regiments & Counties of Origin

This list cross-references US Civil War regiments with their companies, and the originating county where many of the company's the soldiers were recruited, often where they lived. More regiments are added daily, until all are listed.
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SideUnit #TypeStateUnitSubCo. Originating State & CountyDescrStaffLinks
8 NC Infantry: Henry M. Shaw,John R. Murchison,Rufus A. Barrier,Jonas Cook,Leonard A. Henderson,Harvey C. McAllister,William H. Bagley,Jacob R. Barnhardt,Michael Cook,H.T.J. Ludwig,John D. Beaver,Michael C. Rineheart,Cager D. Barringer,Cicero Barker,James W. Hinton,Daniel A. Sawyer,James M. Whitson,Thomas J. Jarvis,Benjamin F. Simmons,Henry McRae,Charles H. Barron,Thomas W. Davis,A.J. Rogers,A.H. Gregory,J.C. Cooper, Jr,James M. Williams,Luther R. Bruce,Charles J. Jones,John E. Dugger,Edward C. Yellowly,Amos Johnson Hines,C.D. Rountree,Gaston D. Cobb,Junius N. Ramsay,P.A. Kennerly,W.H. Howerton,J.J. Bell,Joseph T. Spencer,David A. Sawyer,J.T. Spencer,Stephen D. Bagley,James W. Ballance,Enoch F. Baxter,Lewis N. Simmons,A.H. Grandy,William L.S. Towneshend,R.B. Gilliam,J.C. Cooper,Neill J. Monroe,Kenneth M. Murchison,William M. Walker,Alfred Alston,A.J. Hines,Allen Johnson,Elbert A. Moye,Jacob N. File,M.L. Barnhardt,George E. Kitchie,Julius D. Wright,Linn B. Holt,S.M. Butler,Wilson F. Caffey,W.M. Wilhelm,Philip I. Miller,John Baker,Walter N. Peebles,D.W. Weaver,T. Shannon, Jr.,James R. McKeithan,David P. Langley,Thaddeus W. Butt,A.H. Mansfield,Littleton J. Thompson,James M. Patterson,William J. Price,George Williamson,Henry McRae,J.B. Cherry,Stephen D. Bagley,Joseph N. Hinton,William B. Gordon,J.R. Murchison,Bruce R. Luther,Moses AV. Eagle,William W. Morgan,Joseph J. Nobles,W.H. Young,Luther J. Thornton,Edward J. Eagan,L.R. Brewer,James W. Hinton,W.S. Williamson,George W. Bright,Duncan A. Patterson,Edward O 8 Regiment NC Infantry
Years: 1861-1865Soldiers: 2,101Roster: 1324  Sources:
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry A NC Pasquotank Co Capt William H. Bagley, Capt James W. Hinton, Capt Daniel A. Sawyer
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry B NC Currituck Co Capt Thomas J. Jarvis, 1st Lt Benjamin F. Simmons, 1st Lt James W. BallanceOur Family Tree Links 1
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry C NC New Hanover Co Capt Henry McRae, Capt Charles H. Barron, 1st Lt Thomas W. DavisOur Family Tree Links 1
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry D NC Granville Co Capt A.J. Rogers, Capt A.H. Gregory, 1st Lt J.C. Cooper, Jr
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry E NC Cumberland Co Capt James M. Williams, Capt Luther R. Bruce, Capt L.R. BrewerOur Family Tree Links 1
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry F NC Warren Co Capt Leonard A. Henderson, Capt Charles J. Jones, Capt John E. Dugger
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry G NC Pitt Co Capt Amos Johnson Hines, 1st Lt C.D. Rountree, 1st Lt A.J. HinesOur Family Tree Links 1
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry H NC Cabarrus Co Capt Jonas Cook, 1st Lt Harvey C. McAllister, 1st Lt Jacob N. FileOur Family Tree Links 1
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry I NC Alamance Co Capt Gaston D. Cobb, Capt Junius N. Ramsay, 1st Lt Julius D. Wright
CSA 8 Regiment NC Infantry K NC Rowan Co Capt P.A. Kennerly, 1st Lt W.H. Howerton, 1st Lt J.J. Bell
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