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Civil War Staff and Soldiers

This is not (yet) a complete list, but a list of the regiment staff and soldiers pictured in the composite images found in the book linked below, and a few other officers for each company. Follow the person's unit link to see the images, or see the full list of US Civil War Units.
New Most recent additions: Soldiers from CT, England, Ireland, KS, MA, ME, NB, NH, NJ, NS, NY, RI, VT
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John W.Anderson Pvt18 farmerMA, Charlestown 1st MA InfantryCompany C
e. 1862-02-12; mi 1862-02-28; dg. for disability, 1862-10-22, at Fort Worth, Va
John W.Anderson Pvt18 farmerMA, Charlestown 19th MA InfantryCompany H
e., must. Jan 12 '63; w. July 3 '63, Gettysburg PA; tr. to VRC, Nov 13 '63; re-enlist.July 21 '64; mo. Nov 18 '65, as of Co. C6th VRC
JohnsonAnderson Pvt NC, Alamance Co 6th NC InfantryCompany K
e. March 1 '61
JosephAnderson Pvt22 stewardNY 16th MA InfantryCompany A
draft, must Aug 17 '63; tr. to Navy, Apr 28 '64. See US Navy
L. JamesAnderson Pvt NC, Wayne Co 2nd NC InfantryCompany C, Topsail Rifles,Rip Van Winkles
e. June 17 '61; pr. ait Kelly's Ford in '63
L.D.Anderson Pvt NC, Mecklenburg Co 1st NC CavalryCompany C, Mecklenburg Rangers
e. March 19 '62
LorenzAnderson Pvt 2nd NJ CavalryCompany F
e. May 6 '64; mi. May 6 '64; Recruit; Deserted en route to Reg.
LossAnderson Pvt20 MA, Boston 8th MA InfantryCompany H
e. 1862-10-28; mi 1862-10-30; deserted 1862-11-08, at Camp Lander, Wenham, MA
LouisAnderson Pvt21 sailorMA, Boston 22nd MA InfantryCompany B
draft, must Aug 27 '63; dg. May 3 '64. See US Navy
NathanielAnderson Pvt NC, Rockingham Co 13th NC InfantryCompany H
e. May 10 '61; d. July '62
NilesAnderson Pvt30 marinerMA, Boston 11th MA InfantryCompany H
e., must 1864-01-08; died of disease, 1865-08-15, at Worcester, MA
P.V.Anderson Pvt NC, Edgecombe Co 13th NC InfantryCompany G
e. May 1st, 'til
Has Photo Paul F.Anderson Lt Col 4th TN CavalryCompany F&S
PhillipAnderson Capt 40th MO InfantryCompany D
Pierce B.Anderson Capt 1st TN InfantryCompany B, Tullahoma Guards
Q.A.Anderson Pvt NC, Caswell Co 6th NC InfantryCompany H
e. Feb. 25 '62; d. Apr '62
Q.T.Anderson 1st Lt NC, Caswell Co 6th NC InfantryCompany H
cm. May 16 '61; p. from 2nd Lt; r. Aug '61
R.H.Anderson Capt 8th TN CavalryCompany I
RichardAnderson Capt NC, Stanly Co 14th NC InfantryCompany H, Stanly Marksmen
cm. May 5 '61; r. Apr 27 '62
RichardAnderson Pvt NC, Mecklenburg Co 7th NC InfantryCompany D
e. May '63
RobertAnderson Capt 20th TN InfantryCompany G, Perry Guards
RobertAnderson Pvt 1st NJ CavalryCompany E
e. Nov. 16 '61; mi. Nov. 16 '61; dg. at 1st Div. U. S. Army Gen. Hosp., Alexandria VA, April 14 '62; Disability; tr. from 3d Reg., N. Y. Cav.
Robert J.Anderson Blacksmith 1st NJ CavalryCompany M
e. Oct. 18 '61; mi. Oct. 18 '61; dg. at Finley U. S. Army Gen. Hosp., Washington, D. C., Nov. 17 '62; Disability.
Robert J.Anderson Pvt 2nd NJ CavalryCompany F
e. Sept. 20 '64; mi. Sept. 20 '64; mo. June 29 '65; Recruit; tr. from Co. M; dg. at Vicksburg, Miss., May 8 '65.
Robert J.Anderson Pvt 2nd NJ CavalryCompany M
e. Sept. 20 '64; mi. Sept. 20 '64; Recruit; tr. to Co. F.
Rufus D.Anderson Capt 1st AR CavalryCompany B
SamuelAnderson Pvt 2nd NJ CavalryCompany A
e. Aug. 7 '63; mi. Aug. 11 '63; mo. Nov. 4 '65; dg. at New York city May 4 '65.
SamuelAnderson Pvt 1st NJ CavalryCompany G
e. Sept. 24 '64; mi. Sept. 24 '64; mo. May 31 '65; Recruit; dg. at Camp near Cloud's Mills VA, May 8 '65.
SamuelAnderson Pvt19 printerMA, Boston 8th MA InfantryCompany H
e. 1862-09-20; mi Oct. 30 1862; dg. 1863-06-05, at Newbern, NC, to re-enlist in 2d MHA. See Co. B ' 2d MHA
Stewart M.Anderson Pvt 2nd NJ InfantryCompany D
e. Jan 29 '64; mi. Jan 29 '64; mo. July 11 '65; Recruit; tr. from Co. E, 14th Reg
Sumter T.Anderson Pvt NC, Caswell Co 6th NC InfantryCompany H
e. Feb. 25 '62; p. Sgt Major and Lieut
TheodoreAnderson Pvt 2nd NJ CavalryCompany E
e. July 22 '63; mi. Sept. 16 '63; Died of dysentery at Andersonville, Ga., Aug. 28 '64; buried at Nat. Cemetery, Andersonville, Ga., Grave 7,138.
Theodore F.Anderson Corp 2nd NJ InfantryCompany B
e. May 27 '61; mi. May 27 '61; Deserted Oct 18 '62, at US Army Gen. Hosp., Phila., Pa
ThomasAnderson Corp45 soldierMA, Boston 20th MA InfantryCompany K
e., must. July 18 '61; dg. for disability, Nov 1 '62, Point Lookout MD
ThomasAnderson Pvt22 sailorNY 12th MA InfantryCompany A
draft, must Oct 19 '63; tr. to Navy, Apr 15 '64. See US Navy
ThomasAnderson Pvt20 sailorIL, Chicago 15th MA InfantryCompany A
draft, must July 22 '63; tr. to Navy, Apr 23 '64. See US Navy
ThomasAnderson Pvt 3rd NJ InfantryCompany C
e. Sept 3 '62; mi. Sept 3 '62; mo. June 22 '65; Recruit; dg. at Hall's Hill VA, G. O. 94, War Dept., A. G. O., Washington DC, May 17 '65
Thomas J.Anderson Pvt NC, Edgecombe Co 8th NC InfantryCompany C
e. Aug 12 '61; dg. in '62, for disability
W.T.Anderson Pvt NC, Chatham Co 5th NC InfantryCompany A, Ellis Riflemen
e. Dec 19th, 61; p. 1st Sgt; c. May 12th, 64, at Spottsylvania CH
WilliamAnderson Pvt22 jewellerMA, Wellfleet 2nd MA InfantryCompany A
transf. from 33d MA Inf., 1865-06-06; mo. 1865-07-14. See Co. G 33d MA Inf
WilliamAnderson Pvt 1st NJ CavalryCompany B
e. Oct. 8 '64; mi. Oct. 8 '64; Recruit; tr. to Co. F.
WilliamAnderson Pvt22 farmerMA, Lowell 18th MA InfantryCompany C
draft, must Aug 27 '63; prisoner Oct 11 '63; paroled Oct 28 '63; deserted from hospl, Annapolis MD, Nov 3 '63
WilliamAnderson Pvt NC, Wayne Co 4th NC InfantryCompany D
e. June 28th. 'ill
WilliamAnderson Pvt21 sailorMA, Greenfield 19th MA InfantryCompany D
draft, must May 13 '64; prisoner June 22 '64, near Petersburg VA; no further record
WilliamAnderson Pvt 1st NJ CavalryCompany F
e. Oct. 8 '64; mi. Oct. 8 '64; mo. July 24 '65; Recruit; tr. from Co. B.
WilliamAnderson Pvt30 sailorMA, Boston 9th MA InfantryCompany F
draft, and must 1863-08-21; deserted 1863-12-17
WilliamAnderson Pvt18 mechanicMA, Springfield 8th MA InfantryCompany H
e. 1862-09-10; mi 1862-10-30; mo. 1863-08-07. See Co. H 8th MA Inf. (100 days)
WilliamAnderson Pvt 2nd NJ CavalryCompany L
e. Aug. 21 '63; mi. Aug. 26 '63; Deserted Sept. 14 '63, at Trenton, NJ
WilliamAnderson Wagoner21 laborerMA, Lowell 6th MA InfantryCompany D
e. 1862-09-05; mi 1862-09-08; mo. 1863-06-03
William H.Anderson Corp 1st NJ CavalryCompany E
e. Aug. 20 '61; mi. Aug. 20 '61; mo. Sept. 16 '64; Corp. Jan. 1 '64.
William H.Anderson Pvt NC, Alexander Co 7th NC InfantryCompany K
e. Aug 19 '61
William J.Anderson Corp20 hack driverMA, Boston 8th MA InfantryCompany H
e. 1862-10-03; mi 1862-10-30; mo. 1863-08-07
William J.Anderson Pvt25 clerkMA, Boston 13th MA InfantryCompany D
e. July 22 '62; must. Aug 13 1S02; deserted Sep 10 '62, near Frederick MD
William R.Anderson Pvt 1st NJ InfantryCompany E
e. May 23 '61; mi. May 23 '61; mo. June 29 '65; Re-enlisted Dec 28 '63; served in Co. A, 1st Batt.
William W.Anderson 2nd Corp NC, Buncombe Co 11th NC InfantryCompany K
e. Apr 29 '61; p. Sgt; k. July 1 '63, at Gettysburg
William W.Anderson Pvt34 teamsterMA, Somerville 5th MA InfantryCompany B
e. 1862-09-10; mi 1862-09-19; wounded at Whitehall, NC, 1862-12-16; taken prisoner 1863-06-04; mo. 1863-07-02. See Batty. MA Lt. Arty. (3 yrs.)
William W.Anderson Pvt NC, New Hanover Co 3rd NC InfantryCompany K
e. May 1 '62; k. at Sharpsburg Sep '62
Win. DanielAnderson Pvt NC, Martin Co 1st NC InfantryCompany H
e. June 24 '61
Arthur F.Anderson, Jr. Pvt21 cabinet makerMA, Dorchester 11th MA InfantryCompany K
e., must 1861-06-13; mo. 1864-06-24
JohnAnderson, Jr. Pvt18 saddlerMA, West Roxbury 1st MA InfantryCompany A
e. 1862-08-16; mi 1862-09-01; mo. 1864-05-25
T.C.Anderson: Capt 2nd AR InfantryCompany A
Joseph A.Anderton Pvt 5th NC InfantryCompany G
e. Sep '62; k. July '63, at Gettysburg
SamuelAnderton Pvt30 17th MA InfantryCompany E
e. July 10 '61; must. July 22 '61; dg. for disability, Apr 25 '62
William J.Anderton Pvt NC, Northampton Co 1st NC CavalryCompany H
e. July '63; pr.
CasimierAndle Capt 12th MO InfantryCompany B
B.R.Andleton Pvt 12th NC InfantryCompany G
N.Andleton Pvt NC, Halifax Co 12th NC InfantryCompany G
e. Apr 2.5 '61
WilliamAndog Pvt 1st NJ CavalryCompany G
e. Jan. 19 '65; mi. Jan. 19 '65; mo. July 24 '65; Substitute.
SimeonAndre Pvt27 laborerMA, Boston 19th MA InfantryCompany C
e., must. Nov 11 '64; mo. June 30 '65
AugustAndres Pvt29 moulderMA, Boston 20th MA InfantryCompany B
e., must. Aug 13 '64; w. Nov 5 '64, near Petersburg VA; mo. July 16 '65
DalyAndrew Pvt 3rd NJ InfantryCompany K
e. May 10 '61; mi. June 4 '61; k. in skirmish near Munson's Hill VA, Aug 31 '61
James T.Andrew Pvt NC, Nash Co 12th NC InfantryCompany K
e. March 4 '62; w.
RufusAndrew Pvt 1st NC InfantryCompany H
AaronAndrews Corp45 MA, Lowell 6th MA InfantryCompany A, National Greys
e. 1861-04-15; mi 1861-04-22; dg. 1861-05-16, for disability
AlbertAndrews Pvt24 shoemakerMA, Essex 16th MA InfantryCompany A
draft, must July 10 '63; tr. to 11th MA Inf., July 13 '64. See Co E 11th MA Inf
AlbertAndrews Pvt24 shoemakerMA, Essex 11th MA InfantryCompany E
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf.; mo. 1865-07-14. See Co. A 16th MA Inf
Alex. B.Andrews 2nd Lt NC, Franklin Co 1st NC CavalryCompany E
cm. May 10th; '61; p. 1st. Lt and tr. to Com. B Sept 23 '61
AlexanderAndrews Pvt NC, Alamance Co 13th NC InfantryCompany E
e. Miy 3 '61; dt.
Has Photo Alexander B.Andrews Capt NC, Granville Co 1st NC CavalryCompany B
cm. July 12 '62; w. at Jack's Shop, Sept. 220, '63; tr. from Co E
AndrewAndrews Colored Under Cook22 17th MA InfantryCompany A
e., must. Dec 10 '64; mo. July 11 '65
Arthur J.Andrews Pvt18 machinist 15th MA InfantryCompany G
e., must. Aug 8 '62; k. in action, Sep 17 '62, at Antietam MD
AugustusAndrews Pvt25 marinerMA, Beverly 8th MA InfantryCompany E
e. 1862-08-20; mi 1862-09-19; mo. 1863-08-07. See 2d Unatt. Co. MA Inf. (90 days)
B.W.Andrews Pvt NC, Wake Co 6th NC InfantryCompany I
e. June 14 '61; pr. at Sharpsburg
CharlesAndrews Pvt NC, Cumberland Co 8th NC InfantryCompany E
e. Apr 15 '61; ; tr. from 36th Reg, July '63
Charles A.Andrews Sgt20 clerkMA, Boston 11th MA InfantryCompany G
e., must 1861-06-13; dg. 1862-09-06. Also served in Co. H 3d RI Cav
Charles E.Andrews Pvt20 farmerMA, Tyngsborough 6th MA InfantryCompany A
e. 1862-08-25; mi 1862-08-31; mo. 1863-06-03. See Co. I 1st MA Cav
Charles E.Andrews Pvt26 shoemakerMA, Taunton 7th MA InfantryCompany C
e., must 1861-06-15 deserted 1863-07-03; retaken 1864-04-21, at Boston, MA; mo. 1864-06-27
Charles E.Andrews Pvt26 shoemakerMA, Essex 19th MA InfantryCompany H
e. Dec 1 '61; must. Dec 10 '61; k. June 30 '62, Glendale VA
Charles O.Andrews Sgt22 farmerMA, Ipswich 2nd MA InfantryCompany C
e., must 1861-05-25; wounded 1862-08-09, Cedar Mountain, Va.; dg. 1863-01-09, on Surgeon's Certif. of Disability
Charles W.Andrews Pvt19 carpenterMA, Marlboro 13th MA InfantryCompany I
e. July 28 '62; must. July 29 '62; k. July 1 '63, at Gettysburg PA
ChaunceyAndrews Pvt 2nd NJ InfantryCompany I
e. Sept 30 '61; mi. Sept 30 '61; Recruit; dg. at US Army Gen. Hosp., Phila., Pa., May 31 '62; Disability
CyrusAndrews Corp27 shoemakerMA, Essex 24th MA InfantryCompany C
e. Oct 18 '61; must. Oct 23 '61 re-enlist. Jan 4 '64; w. May 13 '64, near Drury's Bluff VA; prom. Corp,June 1 '64; Sgt, Oct 8 '64; mo. Jan 20, 1866
Daniel D.Andrews Pvt22 clerkMA, Dighton 7th MA InfantryCompany C
e., must 1861-06-15; mo. 1864-06-27, as Corpl
Daniel H.Andrews Pvt30 shoemaker 24th MA Infantry
e., must. Dec 6 '64; dg. Dec. 28 '64
Daniel H.Andrews Pvt30 shoemakerMA, Ipswich 11th MA InfantryCompany C
draft, and must 1863-08-11; dg. for disability, 1864-10-28
Daniel H.Andrews Pvt29 shoemakerMA, Topsfield 24th MA InfantryCompany H
e. Nov 27 '61; must. Dec 3 '61; dg. for disability, Apr 20 '63, New Bern, NC
Daniel T.Andrews Pvt NC, Jones Co 2nd NC InfantryCompany G, Jones Rifle Guards
e. May 24 '61; c. at Kelly's Ford Nov 7 '63
Eben T.Andrews Pvt22 machinistMA, Charlestown 1st MA InfantryCompany G
e., must 1861-05-23; deserted 1861-11-07, at Bladensburg, Md
Ed. J.Andrews Pvt NC, Alamance Co 13th NC InfantryCompany E
e. May 3 '61; w. at Gettysburg
EdmundAndrews Pvt NC, Edgecombe Co 13th NC InfantryCompany G
e. May 1 '61; p. Corp and Sgt; w. at Williamsburg
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c - captured cm - commissioned e - enlisted d - died dg - discharged
dt - detailed k - killed m - missing mi - mustered in mo - mustered out
p - promoted pr - prisoner r - resigned tr - transferred w - wounded
MHA - Mass. Heavy Artillery VRC - Veteran Reserve Corps