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Civil War Roster, 2nd MA Infantry, Union

This is partial list of the soldiers in this unit. Click column heading to sort by that column.
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Img First Last RankAgeOccupationResidenceCompany OFT
Edward G.AbbottCapt20lawyerMA, BostonCompany A
cm 1861-05-24; mi 1861-05-25; killed 1862-08-09, at Cedar Mountain, Va. Brevet Major US Vols., to date 1865-03-13
Fletcher M.Abbott2nd LtMA, LowellCompany D
cm 1861-07-08; mi 1861-07-08; cm 1st Lt, 1862-06-13; cm Capt, 1862-11-01; declined; resigned and dg. 1863-12-23, as 1st Lt, of Co. K
James S.AbbottPvt21farmerME, ShapleighCompany B
e., must 1861-05-25; mo. 1864-05-23, as Corpl
SylvesterAbornPvt19shoemakerMA, ReadingCompany C
e. 1862-07-28; mi 1862-08-15; wounded 1863-07-03, at Gettysburg, PA; re-enlist. 1863-12-31; wounded 1864-05-15, at Resaca, Ga.; died 1864-05-25, at Chattanooga, Tenn., of wounds
Lord M.AckertPvt31machinistMA, MedwayCompany H
e. 1862-08-30; mi 1862-09-23; mo. 1864-05-23
George W.AckleyPvt31seamanME, East MachiasCompany A
e., must 1864-05-28; admitted to hcspl., Atlanta, Ga., 1864-09-18, and reptd. transf. 1864-10-24. No later record
e., must 1864-02-19; a deserter from Co. F 1st NJ Cav.; dishonorably dg. from latter organization, 1865-07-15, as Charles P. Adams
Edmund J.AdamsPvt38traderMA, BellinghamCompany E
e., must 1862-07-29; dg. 1863-02-19, for disability
LymanAdamsPvt30farmerMA, FranklinCompany E
e., must 1861-05-25; prisoner near Harper's Ferry, Aug., 1861; exchanged, date not shown; deserted on or about 1862-07-31
Milton S.AdamsCorp27bootmakerMA, MedwayCompany E
e., must 1861-05-25; mo. 1864-05-23
Joseph L.AkermanPvt41painterCompany K
e. 1862-08-09; mi 1862-08-15; dg. for disability, 1864-02-04
George H.AldenPvt22brakemanMA, TempletonCompany D
e., must 1861-05-25; wounded 1862-08-09, at Cedar Mountain, Va.; dg. Jany., 1863, to enlist in Regular Army. See enlist. US Army
Loammi C.AldrichPvt25teamsterMA, LowellCompany A
e., must 1861-05-25; mo. 1864-05-23. See Co. K 68th MA Inf. I
IsaacAlexanderPvt24shoemakerMA, WareCompany E
e., must 1861-05-25; prisoner near Harper's p-erry, Aug., 1801; exchanged, date not shown; wounded near Winchester. Va.. May 24 or 25. 1862; dg. for disability, 1862-10-09. See Co. A 57th MA Inf
JohnAlexanderPvt24laborerCanadaCompany B
e., must 1864-06-28; deserted 1864-11-05, from hospl., Nashville, Tenn
ChristianAliaPvt24farmerCompany B
e., must 1864-07-14; mo. 1865-07-14
CharlesAllenPvt22machinistMA, BostonCompany D
e., must 1861-05-25; apptd, Sgt, date not shown; wounded 1863-07-03, at Gettysburg, PA; mo. 1864-05-23
Henry T.AllenPvt22seamanNYCompany I
e., must 1864-06-23; apptd. Corpl., 1865-06-25; mo. 1865-07-14
JamesAllenPvt25tailorNYCompany G
e., must 1861-05-25; wounded 1862-08-22, while serving with Batty. F 4th US Arty.; dg. for'disability, 1862-12-19
Sidney W.AllenPvt18bootmakerMA, MedwayCompany E
e., must 1861-05-25; wounded at Cedar Mountain, Va., 1862-08-09; and at Antietam, Md., 1862-09-17; mo. 1864-05-23
Benjamin M.AlleyPvt33crierMA, LynnCompany G
e. 1861-05-11; mi 1861-05-24 prisoner near Winchester, Va., 1862-05-25; mo. 1864-05-23. See Co. D 8th MA Inf. (100 days); and Co. C 30th MA Inf
George W.AlleyPvt32machine sewerMA, SwampscottCompany C
e. 1862-07-29; mi 1862-08-15; wounded 1863-07-03, at Gettysburg, PA; dg. for wounds. 1864-05-05. on Surgeon's Certif. of Disability. See Co. D Sth MA Inf. (100 days); and Co. G 2d MHA
PeterAlsenPvt25sailorMA, BostonCompany D
e., must 1864-06-23; died 1864-09-08 in hospl., near Atlanta, Ga., as Peter Olsten
Samuel T.AltonPvt21cabinet makerMA, SalemCompany B
e., must 1861-05-25; prisoner May 24 or 25, 1862, near Winchester, Va.; wounded 1863-07-03, at Gettysburg, PA; died 1863-07-19, of wounds, at Gettysburg, Penna
e., must 1864-05-04; transf. to Navy, 1864-05-17. See US Navy
JamesAndersonPvt27sailorEnglandCompany C
e., must 1864-07-01; deserted 1864-08-13, near Atlanta, Ga
e., must 1864-04-25 transf. to US Navy, 1864-06-06. See US Navy
John E.AndersonPvt26bootmakerMA, West BoylstonCompany D
e., must 1861-05-25 prisoner at Winchester, Va., May 24 or 25, 1862; paroled 1862-06-26; re-enlist. Dec. 31 1863; mo. 1865-07-14, as Sgt
WilliamAndersonPvt22jewellerMA, WellfleetCompany A
transf. from 33d MA Inf., 1865-06-06; mo. 1865-07-14. See Co. G 33d MA Inf
Charles O.AndrewsSgt22farmerMA, IpswichCompany C
e., must 1861-05-25; wounded 1862-08-09, Cedar Mountain, Va.; dg. 1863-01-09, on Surgeon's Certif. of Disability
George L.AndrewsLt Col33military engineerMA, RoxburyCompany F&S
cm 1861-05-24; mi 1861-05-25; cm Colonel, 1862-06-13; dg. for promotion, 1862-11-09. See Officer US Vols
JohnAndrewsPvt27marinerMA, BostonCompany D
e. 1862-07-07; mi 1862-07-09 dg. 1862-12-19
Prince A.AndrewsPvt19MA, IpswichCompany F
e., must 1861-05-25; wounded 1863-05-03, at Chancellorsville, Va.; mo. 1864-05-23
e., must 1864-05-10; received at Louisville, Ky., and forwarded 1864-06-15, for Nashville, Tenn. No later record
WilliamAndrewsSgt23morocco dresserMA, South DanversCompany G
e., must 1861-05-25; killed 1862-08-09, at Cedar Mountain, Va
CharlesAngellPvt20shoemakerMA, DudleyCompany H
e., must 1861-05-25; apptd. Corpl., date not shown; wounded 1862-09-17, at Antietam, Md.; and 1863-05-03, at Chancellorsville, Va.; and 1863-07-03, at Gettysburg, PA; mo. 1864-05-23, as Sgt
JohnAngusPvt25laborerMA, South BostonCompany K
e., must 1862-07-14; transf. to VRC 1863-12-12; mo. 1865-07-10, as of Co. C 20th VRC as Ankers, John
Charles H.AnnisPvt22shoemakerMA, LynnCompany F
e. 1862-07-28; mi 1862-08-16; mo. 1864-06-14, order War Dept
Stillman S.AnnisPvt27shoemakerMA, LynnCompany F
e., must 1861-05-25; died of disease, 1862-11-21, at Frederick, Md
Wilbor F.AnthonyCorp22sawyerMA, TyringhamCompany D
e., must 1861-05-25 deserted 1861-06-17, as William F. Anthony
James M.P.AppletonPvt19machinistMA, LowellCompany B
e. 1861-10-14; mi 1861-10-23; wounded 1862-09-17, Antietam, Md.; transf. 1863-10-07, to VRC; mo. 1864-10-18, as of 18th Co. 2d Battln. VRC
John L.AppletonPvt38salesmanMA, SalemCompany C
e., must 1861-05-25; dg. for disability, 1861-08-09
HenryArnoldPvt23sailorMA, Boston
e., must 1864-05-26; deserted while en route to regt
RobertArterPvt22brickmakerNJCompany E
e., must 1864-07-01; deserted 1864-08-12, near Atlanta, Ga
William H.AtkinsPvt23sailorME, CastineCompany I
e., must 1861-05-25 deserted 1862-06-01, at Williamsport, Md
IraAtkinsonPvt19manufacturerCompany A
e., must 1861-05-25; deserted 1861-06-23. See Co. C 6th MA Inf. (100 days)
e., must 1864-04-23; transf. to Navy, 1864-05-17. See US Navy
Henry H.AyerQM Sgt42Company F&S
e., must 1861-05-25; no further record
JamesAyrsPvt21teamsterNY, Rochester
e., must 1864-07-28; deserted 1864-08-25


c - captured cm - commissioned e - enlisted d - died dg - discharged
dt - detailed k - killed m - missing mi - mustered in mo - mustered out
p - promoted pr - prisoner r - resigned tr - transferred w - wounded
MHA - Mass. Heavy Artillery VRC - Veteran Reserve Corps