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Civil War Roster, 1st MO Cavalry, CSA

This is partial list of the soldiers in this unit. Click column heading to sort by that column.
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Img First Last RankCompany OFT
John N.ArcherCaptCompany I
James Adams Lewis W.ChandlerCaptCompany D
WilliamConklinCaptCompany A
L.J.CrockerCaptCompany K
R.J.EarlyCaptCompany A
LoganEnyartCaptCompany G
James M.GarrettCaptCompany E
William P.GilbertCaptCompany B
George P.GordonCaptCompany C
Silas M.GordonCaptCompany I
Charles C.HaggertyCaptCompany E
John S.HollandCaptCompany E
J.E.JohnsonCaptCompany D
Lucien P.JohnsonCaptCompany C
JamesJohnstonCaptCompany A
Alexander P.LambCaptCompany A
DavisLanterCaptCompany C
George W.LawCaptCompany B
Henry ClayMcGeeCaptCompany E
Joseph HenryNealCaptCompany A
John StokelyOllandCaptCompany E
JohnPattonCaptCompany H
JohnThrailkillCaptCompany F
Hiram N.UptonCaptCompany C
HarrisWilkersonCaptCompany K


c - captured cm - commissioned e - enlisted d - died dg - discharged
dt - detailed k - killed m - missing mi - mustered in mo - mustered out
p - promoted pr - prisoner r - resigned tr - transferred w - wounded
MHA - Mass. Heavy Artillery VRC - Veteran Reserve Corps