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Civil War Roster, 11th MA Infantry, Union

This is partial list of the soldiers in this unit. Click column heading to sort by that column.
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Img First Last RankAgeOccupationResidenceCompany OFT
WilliamAbanathaPvt19farmerCanadaCompany D
e., must 1861-06-13; deserted 1862-08-15, at Alexandria, Va
George E.AbbottPvt24laborerMA, LowellCompany B
e., must 1861-06-13; deserted 1861-08-26, at Bladensburg, Md
WarrenAbomCorp24cordwainerCompany E
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf.; died of disease. 1865-05-25, at Reading, MA See Co. E 16th MA Inf
DavidAchornWagoner30teamsterMA, South BostonCompany C
e., must 1861-06-13 mo. 1864-06-24, as Pvtte
JohnAdamPvt23shoemakerMA, HaverhillCompany H
e., must 1861-06-13; deserted 1861-08-06, at Alexandria, Va
EdwardAdamsPvt28printerMA, Great BarringtonCompany F
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf.; mo. 1865-07-14. See Co. F 16th MA Inf
GeorgeAdamsPvt22laborerCompany A
e., must 1864-02-27; dg. 1864-05-07, by reason of transfer to US Navy. See US Navy
JedediahAdamsPvt32farmerWiltonCompany C
e., must 1864-03-15 mo. 1865-07-14
John F.AdamsPvt23printerPA, PhiladelphiaCompany F
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf.; mo. 1865-07-14. See Co. F 16th MA Inf
John H.AdamsPvt21machinistMA, WorcesterCompany C
transf. 1864-05-20, from Co. A 1st MA Inf.; wounded 1865-04-02, near Petersburg, Va.; dg. 1865-06-04. See Co. A 1st MA Inf
JosephAddisonPvt26shoemakerMA, LynnCompany G
e., must 1862-01-06; deserted 1862-12-12; gained 1863-10-23; wounded 1864-05-05, Wilderness, Va.; mo. 1865-07-12, as of Co. D
Walter S.AdlingtonPvt19boot cutterCompany F
e., must 1861-06-13; died of disease, 1861-12-07, at Budd's Ferry, Md
DanielAhernPvt33laborerMA, BostonCompany K
e., must 1862-01-04; wounded 1862-05-05, at Williamsburg, Va.; died of wounds, 1862-05-14, at Fort Monroe, Va
HenryAlbertPvt21cabinet makerGermanyCompany E
draft, and must 1863-08-14; wounded before Petersburg, Va., in fall of 1864; mo. 1865-07-14
Barnard W.AlbyPvt18seamanMA, MarbleheadCompany F
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf.; mo. 1865-07-14. See Co. F 16th MA Inf
Albert P.AllenPvt34traderMA, BostonCompany I
e., must 1861-06-13; deserted 1863-05-22, from hospl
Gilbert D.AllenPvt32shoemakerMA, LynnCompany G
e., must 1861-06-13; mo. 1864-06-24
John F.AllenPvt24cordwainerMA, ReadingCompany E
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf., as Prisoner of War; gained 1865-04-15; dg. 1865-06-05, from Camp Parole, Md. See Co. E 16th MA Inf
Walter B.AllenPvt33masonCompany B
e., must 1864-08-31; mo. 1865-06-04. See Co. G 44th MA Inf. (9 mos.)
WilliamAllenPvt26cookMA, BostonCompany E
e., must 1861-06-13; deserted 1861-06-19
William C.AllenCapt32collectorMA, East BostonCompany G
cm and must 1861-06-13; prisoner 1861-07-21, at Bull Run, Va.; wounded 1863-05-03, at Chancellorsville, Va. dismissed 1864-05-24
William C.AllenPvt36soldierMA, BostonCompany E
e., must 1865-01-20; promoted Ist Sgt, 1865-06-05; cm 1st Lt, 1865-07-11; not must.; mo. 1865-07-14, as Ist Sgt of Co. B
BenjaminAllen, Jr.Pvt33fishermanMA, SalemCompany F
e., must 1861-12-26; wounded 1863-07-02; re-enlist. 1864-03-12, as Corpl.; died 1864-08-29, at Washington, D. C, of wounds received 1864-08-24, at Petersburg, Va., a Sgt of Co. K
Lucius B.AlleyPvt19shoemakerMA, BostonCompany D
e., must 1861-06-13; wounded 1863-07-02, at Gettysburg, PA; re-enlist. 1863-12-29, as Corpl.; died of disease, 1865-01-02, at Washington, DC
Charles B.AlstonPvt21painterNYCompany A
draft, and must 1863-08-12; transf. 1863-12-07, to VRC; dg. for disability, 1864-04-14, from 127th Co. 2d Battln. VRC
George F.AmesPvt18teamsterMA, LynnCompany G
e., must 1862-01-06; dg. for disability, 1862-09-27. See VRC
George H.AmesPvt18teamsterMA, LynnCompany G
e., must 1862-01-06; died of disease, 1862-07-23, at Harrison's Landing, Va
BeelAndersonPvt24marinerMA, BostonCompany H
e., must 1863-12-30; absent sick 1865-06-30. No later record
CharlesAndersonPvt25sailorSwedenCompany F
draft, and must 1863-08-12; mo. 1865-06-12, as of Co. K
Henry H.AndersonPvt22cabinet makerMA, BeverlyCompany I
e., must 1861-06-13 prisoner 1862-06-30, to 1862-08-06, at Richmond, Va.; mo. 1864-06-24
JohnAndersonPvt20laborerNYCompany E
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf., as a deserter; apprehended and deserted again, 1865-02-28, from hospl. See Co. C 16th MA Inf
NilesAndersonPvt30marinerMA, BostonCompany H
e., must 1864-01-08; died of disease, 1865-08-15, at Worcester, MA
Arthur F.Anderson, Jr.Pvt21cabinet makerMA, DorchesterCompany K
e., must 1861-06-13; mo. 1864-06-24
AlbertAndrewsPvt24shoemakerMA, EssexCompany E
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf.; mo. 1865-07-14. See Co. A 16th MA Inf
Charles A.AndrewsSgt20clerkMA, BostonCompany G
e., must 1861-06-13; dg. 1862-09-06. Also served in Co. H 3d RI Cav
Daniel H.AndrewsPvt30shoemakerMA, IpswichCompany C
draft, and must 1863-08-11; dg. for disability, 1864-10-28
George F.AndrewsPvt23masonMA, BostonCompany F
e., must 1861-06-13; deserted June, 1862
JosephAnkemiusPvt32laborerAustriaCompany C
draft, and must 1863-08-12; k. in action, 1865-03-31, at Hatcher's Run, Va
JohnArchibaldPvt28latherMA, BostonCompany F
e., must 1861-06-13; deserted 1862-01-26, at Budd's Ferry, Md
ThomasArchibaldPvt19farmerMA, Fall RiverCompany H
draft, and must 1863-08-15; mo. 1865-07-14
JamesArmstrongPvt19farmerNYCompany D
e., must 1864-03-23; dg. 1865-06-17, at Washington, DC
JohnArmstrongPvt27machinistMA, BostonCompany A
e., must 1862-08-13 wounded 1863-07-02, at Gettysburg, PA; re-enlist. 1863-12-29; mo. 1865-07-14, as Corpl
WilliamArmstrongPvt21laborerMA, WoburnCompany E
transf. 1864-07-11, from 16th MA Inf.; dg. for disability, 1865-07-12. See Co. E 16th MA Inf
Thomas K.AshleyCorp40printerMA, BostonCompany E
e., must 1861-06-13; wounded 1862-05-05, at Williamsburg, Va., as Sgt; and 1863-05-03, at Chancellorsville, Va.; mo. 1864-06-24
BenjaminAustinPvt24shoemakerMA, NewburyportCompany C
e., must 1861-11-14; dg. for disability, 1863-03-24
DanielAutySgt30wire workerMA, CharlestownCompany A
e., must 1861-06-13; re-enlist. 1863-12-29; promoted 1st Sgt, 1865-01-06; mo. 1865-07-14


c - captured cm - commissioned e - enlisted d - died dg - discharged
dt - detailed k - killed m - missing mi - mustered in mo - mustered out
p - promoted pr - prisoner r - resigned tr - transferred w - wounded
MHA - Mass. Heavy Artillery VRC - Veteran Reserve Corps