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Revolutionary War Soldiers for NC and SC

Data provided by the website Carolana.

StateFirstLastRankRegimentFromTo NotesBattles 
NC Ezekiel Alexander Private2nd NC Regiment1782 3/1/1782, a Private under Capt. Clement Hall for 12 months. Permalink
NC Ezra Alexander CaptainMecklenburg County Regiment1780 Was a Private.
1780, a Captain under Col. William Lee Davidson and Col. George Alexander.
Ramseur's Mill, Colson's Mill. Permalink
NC Ezra Alexander Private2nd Salisbury District Minutemen1776 2/27/1776, a known Private under Capt. John McRee. From Mecklenburg County.Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
NC George Alexander ColonelMecklenburg County Regiment1778 1780Colonel/Commandant of the Mecklenburg County Regiment.Little Lynches Creek (SC), Camden (SC). Permalink
SC George Alexander SC 1st Regiment of State Dragoons1781 Served under Capt. William Alexander, Col. Wade Hampton. One of Sumter's bodyguards. Later, served 90 Days under Capt. John Norwood (Little River District Regiment). Permalink
NC George H. Alexander MajorMecklenburg County Regiment1776 17784/22/1776, a Major under Col. Adam Alexander.
1778, a full Colonel.
Several sources assert he was George A. Alexander. Most records simply show George Alexander.
NC Hezekiah Alexander Lieutenant4th NC Regiment1777 1778Was Paymaster.
A Lieutenant on 1/20/1777.
Retired 6/1/1778.
NC Hezekiah Alexander Paymaster4th NC Regiment1776 17764/17/1776.
Paymaster Appointment Rescinded 4/18/1776.
11/26/1776, a Commissary for the 2nd Battalion of Volunteers (Militia). 1/20/1777, a 1st Lieutenant back in the 4th NC Regiment.
NC Isaac Alexander Private1st NC Regiment of Militia1780 6/8/1780, a Private under Capt. William Earl. From the Edenton District. Permalink
NC Isaac Alexander PrivateMecklenburg County Regiment1775 17761775, a Private under Capt. Thomas Shelby. 1776, a Private under Capt. Charles Polk. 1781, in SC unit.Great Cane Brake (SC), Snow Campaign (SC), Cherokee Expedition 1776. Permalink
NC Isaac Alexander PrivateTyrrell County Regiment1781 1781, a Private under a Capt. Jones. Permalink
SC Isaac Alexander SergeantPolk's Regiment of Light Dragoons1781 1781A Sergeant under Capt. Thomas Shelby, Lt. Col. William Polk for 10 months. Earlier, a Private in NC Militia. From Mecklenburg County, NC.St. James Goose Creek Church, Shubrick's Plantation. Permalink
NC Jacob Alexander LieutenantBurke County Regiment1780 1780, a Lieutenant under Capt. James Roddy. Permalink
NC James Alexander CaptainBurke County Regiment A Captain under Col. Charles McDowell.Cowpens (SC). Permalink
NC James Alexander CaptainMecklenburg County Regiment1775 17761775-1776, a Captain under Col. Thomas Polk. On 12/21/1775, this unit was in the 2nd Salisbury District Minutemen.Great Cane Brake (SC), Snow Campaign (SC), Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
NC James Alexander PrivateLincoln County Regiment1779 17801779-1780, a Private under Capt. Malcolm Henry. 1780, a Private under Capt. John Barber, then Capt. Joseph McDowell (Burke County Regiment), then under Capt. John Carruth, then under Capt. Isaac White. Born on 12/23/1756 in Rowan County, NC.Kings Mountain (SC). Permalink
NC James Alexander PrivateMecklenburg County Regiment1776 1776, a Private under Capt. Charles Polk. Permalink
NC James Alexander PrivateRandolph County Regiment1780 9/8/1780, a known Private under Capt. John Johnston. Permalink
NC James Alexander SergeantTryon County Regiment1776 2/27/1776, a known Sergeant under Capt. David Dowell, Col. William Graham.Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
SC James Alexander Spartan Regiment1775 1781From Spartanburg District. Served under Capt. Andrew Barry. 1780, served under Capt. John Barry (Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment). 1781, served under Capt. Samuel Nisbett (Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment).Blackstocks, Williams' Plantation, Cowpens, Siege of Ninety-Six 1781. Permalink
SC James Alexander SC 3rd Regiment1776 Permalink
SC James Alexander 1780 1781Served in Militia on Horse 1780-1781. Unit(s) unknown. Permalink
SC James Alexander CaptainUpper Granville County Regiment1780 1781Captain in Militia 1780-1781.Siege of Augusta. Permalink
SC James Jr. Alexander WagonerRoebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment A wagoner under Capt. William Baskin, Col. Benjamin Roebuck. Dates unknown. Permalink
NC James R. Alexander SurgeonMecklenburg County Regiment1780 1781A Surgeon under both Col. William Lee Davidson and Col. William Richardson Davie (NC State Cavalry-Western District). Permalink
SC Joel Alexander Polk's Regiment of Light Dragoons1781 1781Served under Capt. Samuel Martin, Lt. Col. William Polk during 1781. Permalink
NC John Alexander Private3rd NC Regiment1779 17796/22/1779 to 12/1/1779, a Private under Capt. Kedar Ballard. Also in the NC Militia, unit and dates not named. From Mecklenburg County, NC. W20586. Permalink
NC John Alexander PrivateRowan County Regiment1781 1781Fall of 1781, a Private under Capt. James Stinson (Washington County Regiment) attached to Col. Elijah Isaacs (Wilkes County Regiment), and in the Wilmington Expedition. Then in VA unit. Born in 1759 in NC. Permalink
SC John Alexander SC 5th Regiment1778 Permalink
SC John Alexander Fairfield Regiment 1780First served under Col. Richard Winn, unit unknown. Next, served under Capt. John Henderson (New Acquisition District Regiment). Next, under Col. Benjamin Roebuck (Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment). Promoted to Lieutenant and Captain.Four Holes Swamp. Permalink
SC John Alexander SC 3rd Regiment1777 1779Court martialed 6/3/1779 for desertion. Captured bearing arms for the British, sentenced to be hanged. Permalink
SC John Alexander Joined the Tiger Irish Company in Marion's Brigade. Dates unknown. Permalink
SC John Alexander Captain1st Spartan Regiment1780 1781Promoted from Lieutenant, Captain under Col. John Thomas, Jr. at Battle of Cowpens.Cowpens. Permalink
SC John Alexander Lieutenant1st Spartan Regiment1780 1780A Lieutenant and a Captain under Col. John Thomas, Jr. Permalink
SC John Alexander Quarter MasterCheraws District Regiment QM under Col. Abel Kolb. Was a Lt. then Capt. Under Col. John Thomas, Jr. Permalink
NC John McNitt Alexander Captain2nd Salisbury District Minutemen1776 17771776, a Captain under Col. Thomas Polk. 1776-1777, a Captain under Col. Adam Alexander in the Mecklenburg County Regiment of Militia. Secretary of the convention that adopted the Mecklenburg Resolves in May of 1775.Moore's Creek Bridge, Cherokee Expedition 1776. Permalink
NC Joseph Alexander Private2nd NC Regiment1777 1780Apr. 1777, a Private under Capt. William Fenner for three years.
9/9/1778, a Private in the Lt. Colonel's Company (Lt. Col. Selby Harney). Deserted on 1/1/1780.
NC Joseph Alexander PrivateGuilford County Regiment1779 17801779, a Private, unit unknown. Later in 1779, in Randolph County. 9/8/1780, a known Private under Capt. John Johnston.Briar Creek (GA). Permalink
SC Joseph Alexander Beaufort District Regiment1775 Served under Capt. Charles Browne in the Prince William's Parish Volunteer Company of Dragoons (The Swift & Bold). Permalink
SC Joseph Alexander Spartan Regiment1775 1781From Spartanburg District. Served under Col. John Thomas. Served six weeks under Capt. Andrew Barry. 1779, again under Capt. Andrew Barry (1st Spartan Regiment). 1781, promoted to Lieutenant.Kings Mountain, Musgrove's Mill, Blackstocks. Permalink
SC Joseph Alexander LieutenantRoebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment1781 1782From Spartan District, joined 1775 under Col. John Thomas. 1781, a Lieutenant under Col. Benjamin Roebuck. Permalink
SC Laneau Alexander SC 1st Regiment1777 1777 Permalink
NC Levy Alexander Private6th NC Regiment1777 1777A Private under Capt. Thomas Donoho.
Died in Aug. 1777.
NC Matthew Alexander PrivateLincoln County Regiment1781 1781, a Private in SC units under Lt. Col. William Polk. Permalink
NC Matthew Alexander PrivateSullivan County Regiment1780 17801780, a Private under Capt. Major Parson (a SC officer) and Col. Isaac Shelby. Born in Rowan County, NC, living in what is now Spartanburg County, SC when he joined under Capt. Parson - a SC Captain temporarily under Col. Shelby right after the Fall of Charleston, SC.Musgrove's Mill (SC). Permalink
SC Matthew Alexander Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment From Spartanburg District. Served under Capt. Major Parson. Dates unknown.Musgrove's Mill. Permalink
NC Moses Alexander Lt ColGranville County Regiment1776 17771776-1777, a Lt. Colonel under Col. Robert Harris. Permalink
NC Nathaniel Alexander EnsignRowan County Regiment1779 1779, an Ensign under Capt. Robert Bartley, then Capt. William Richardson Davie.Stono Ferry (SC). Permalink
SC Nathaniel Alexander SergeantSC 1st Regiment of State Dragoons A Sergeant under Capt. Peter Burns, Col. Wade Hampton. Dates unknown. Permalink
SC Nathaniel Alexander Surgeon's Mate1778 1782The General Hospital for the Southern Department Permalink