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Revolutionary War Soldiers for NC and SC

Data provided by the website Carolana.

StateFirstLastRankRegimentFromTo NotesBattles 
NC Martin Armstrong CaptainSurry County Regiment1775 1775Very early, a Captain of Militia.
By September of 1775, a full Colonel and Commandant.
NC Martin Armstrong ColonelSurry County Regiment1775 17839/9/1775, a Colonel in Militia.
Served until the end of the war.
Moore's Creek Bridge, Cherokee Expedition 1776, Little Lynches Creek (SC), Camden (SC), New Garden Meeting House, Guilford Court House. Permalink
SC Martin Armstrong LieutenantRoebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment A Private and a Lieutenant under Capt. William Wood and Col. Benjamin Roebuck before and after the Fall of Charleston. Later, a Lieutenant under Capt. John Armstrong (Berkeley County Regiment). Dates unknown. Permalink
SC Martin Armstrong PrivateRoebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment1780 1780First a Lieutenant. Also served 64 Days as a Private under Capt. William Wood, Col. Benjamin Roebuck during 1780. Permalink
NC Matthew Armstrong EnsignNC State Legion1781 1781, an Ensign under Capt. Robert White, and in the Wilmington Expedition. From Lincoln County.Raft Swamp. Permalink
NC Matthew Armstrong PrivateLincoln County Regiment1780 10/7/1780, a known Private under Maj. William Chronicle. Also in a SC unit. Born 1762.Kings Mountain (SC), Cowpens (SC). Permalink
SC Matthew Armstrong Hill's Regiment of Light Dragoons First in NC unit. At some time, served under Capt. William McKenzie, Col. William Hill. Permalink
SC Nathan Armstrong CaptainHill's Regiment of Light Dragoons1780 1781A Captain under Col. William Hill. Permalink
NC Robert Armstrong PrivateLincoln County Regiment1779 1779, a Private under Lt. Col. Archibald Lytle (a Continental officer), Captain not named. Born on 5/28/1760.Briar Creek (GA). Permalink
SC Robert Armstrong New Acquisition District Regiment In NC, GA, and SC units. Served under Capt. Richard Adler (?), Capt. William Hanna. Dates unknown. Permalink
SC Robert Armstrong LieutenantSC 1st Regiment1775 Also served in Marion's Brigade, dates, rank, and unit unknown. Permalink
SC Samuel Armstrong Independent Company of Rangers1775 1775From Fairfield District. Served under Capt. Robert Ellison during 1775. Permalink
NC Thomas Armstrong Adjutant1st NC Regiment1782 3/28/1782, an Adjutant. Permalink
NC Thomas Armstrong Captain5th NC Regiment1777 1783Was a Lieutenant.
A Captain on 10/25/1777.
Transferred to 2nd NC Regiment on 6/1/1778.
Captured at Ft. Lafayette, NY on May 31, 1779.
Men allowed to march out wearing their side arms, an honor accorded them in admiration of the stubborn resistance.
Exchanged Dec. 1779.
Again, taken prisoner at the Fall of Charleston, exchanged July 1781.
Aide-de-Camp to BG Jethro Sumner 3/28/1782 until the end of the war.
Retired on 1/1/1783.
Monmouth (NJ), Ft. Lafayette (NY), Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC). Permalink
NC Thomas Armstrong LieutenantCumberland County Regiment1775 17779/9/1775, a 2nd Lieutenant under Capt. Arthur Council. 4/17/1776, a 2nd Lieutenant under Capt. Arthur Council and Col. John Alexander Lillington (6th NC Regiment). Also a Lieutenant under Capt. John Pugh Williams (5th NC Regiment). 10/25/1777, promoted to Captain.Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
NC Thomas Armstrong LieutenantCumberland County Regiment1778 1778, a Lieutenant under Capt. Nathaniel King. Permalink
NC Thomas Armstrong Lieutenant6th NC Regiment1776 4/17/1776, a Lieutenant, Captain unknown. Permalink
NC Thomas Armstrong Lt ColCumberland County Regiment1781 17831/31/1781, a Lt. Colonel under Col. James Emmett. Served until the end of the war. Permalink
NC Thomas Armstrong PrivateGuilford County Regiment1777 1777, a Private under Capt. John Davis. Then served under Capt. George Pearce and Capt. Henry Whitesell. Guarded the baggage during the battle of Stono Ferry, SC. Moved to PA, joined there. Brn on 7/20/1755 in York County, PA. Permalink
NC Uriah Armstrong ColonelOnslow County Regiment1776 17771776-1777, a Colonel in the Onslow County Regiment of Militia. Permalink
NC William Armstrong Captain1st NC Regiment1777 1783Was an Ensign and a Lieutenant.
8/29/1777 or 10/1/1777 (two sources), a Captain.
Transferred to 3rd NC Regiment on 2/6/1782.
Retired 1/1/1783.
Monmouth (NJ), Eutaw Springs (SC). Permalink
NC William Armstrong CaptainTryon County Regiment1778 17811778-1780, a Captain under Col. William Graham. 1779 in Lincoln County. July 1780, a Captain attached to Col. George Alexander (Mecklenburg County Regiment).
August 1780, a Captain attached to Lt. Col. Henry "Hal" Dixon (a Continental officer) in the Camden, SC expedition. Then a Captain under Col. Joseph Dickson for two years. At the battle of Guilford Court House under Maj. John Carruth and Col. Francis Locke (Rowan County Regiment). At the battle of Eutaw Springs, SC under Maj. Francis McCorkle.
Colson's Mill, Little Lynches Creek (SC), Camden (SC), Kings Mountain (SC), Guilford Court House, Eutaw Springs (SC). Permalink
NC William Armstrong CaptainRowan County Regiment1779 17801779-1780, a Captain under Col. Francis Locke.
At the battle of Stono Ferry, SC under Col. Francois DeMalmedy (NC Light Dragoons). July 1780, killed at battle of Ramseur's Mill.
May have been from Orange or Guilford County.
Stono Ferry (SC), Ramseur's Mill. Permalink
NC William Armstrong Ensign1st NC Regiment1776 17761/4/1776, an Ensign.
4/10/1776, a 2nd Lieutenant.
NC William Armstrong Lieutenant1st NC Regiment1776 1777Was an Ensign.
Promoted to 1st Lieutenant on 1/1/1777 under Capt. Thomas Hogg.
Promoted to Captain on 8/29/1777.
NC William Armstrong Lt Col2nd Rowan County Regiment1776 17761776, a Lt. Colonel under Col. Christopher Beekman for a short duration. Permalink
SC William Armstrong Turkey Creek Regiment1780 1782From Fairfield District. After the Fall of Charleston, served two years under Capt. John McClure, Capt. John McCool (2nd Spartan Regiment), Capt. John Mills (Turkey Creek Regiment), Capt. Ned Martin (Turkey Creek Regiment).Rocky Mount, Hanging Rock, Kings Moutain, Fishing Creek, Cowpens, Eutaw Springs. Permalink
SC William Armstrong Little River District Regiment First served under Capt. Benjamin Kilgore. Then, in NC unit. Dates unknown.Cherokee Expedition 1776. Permalink
SC William Armstrong New Acquisition District Regiment 1776Served under Capt. Peter Clinton, Col. Thomas Neel. Killed 9/28/1776.Cherokee Expedition 1776. Permalink
SC William Armstrong Lt ColBerkeley County Regiment- -A Major and Lt. Colonel in Marion's Brigade after the Fall of Charleston, dates unknown.- Permalink
SC William Armstrong MajorSC 1st Regiment1775 1776After the Fall of Charleston, a Major under Col. Richard Richardson, Jr. (Berkeley County Regiment), dates unknown. One source asserts that he was a Lt. Colonel, as well.- Permalink
NC Samuel Arnal PrivateCaswell County Regiment1780 8/16/1780, a known Private, unit unknown. Wounded/POW at the battle of Camden, SC.Camden (SC). Permalink
SC Peter Arnce SC 5th Regiment1777 Permalink
NC Philomen Arnet Private1776 2/27/1776, a known Private, unit unknown.Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
SC William Arnet Colleton County Regiment1775 1776Served under Capt. Andrew Cummins. Permalink
SC Alexander Arnett Served in Militia. Dates and unit unknown. At the Fall of Charleston.Siege of Charleston 1780. Permalink
NC John Arnett PrivateAnson County Regiment1776 17771776, a Private under Capt. John Culpepper. 1777 in SC unit. Born on 6/20/1760.Cherokee Expedition 1776. Permalink
SC John Arnett Upper Craven County Regiment1779 First in NC unit. 1779, served under Capt. Thomas McManess, Col. George Hicks. Later, in Marion's Brigade, unit and dates unknown. From Williamsburg District. Permalink
NC William Arnett LieutenantRandolph County Regiment1779 1779, a Lieutenant under Capt. James Robertson. Permalink
NC Christian Arney PrivateTryon County Regiment1776 17801776, a Private under Capt. Robert Alexander. 1777, a Private under Capt. John Philip Derringer. 1778, a Private under Capt. Peter Carpenter, then under Capt. Robert Alexander. 1779, in Lincoln County. 1779, a Private under Capt. William McKenzie (Burke County Regiment). 1780, under Col. William Lee Davidson, Captain not named. From what is now Catawba County.Cherokee Expedition 1776, Kings Mountain (SC). Permalink
SC Jacob Arney Served in Militia. Nothing more known. Permalink
NC Aaron Arnold CaptainCraven County Regiment1781 1781, a Captain under Col. John Tilman. Permalink
NC Aaron Arnold Private2nd NC Regiment1782 17824/1/1782, a Private under Capt. Robert Fenner, then Capt. Clement Hall for 12 months.
Sick, sent home in Dec. 1782.
From Orange County.
NC Arthur Arnold Private5th NC Regiment 1778A Private under Capt. Reading Blount.
Dropped from the rolls in Feb. 1778.
NC Benjamin Arnold PrivateBurke County Regiment1781 1781From SC, first in SC unit. 1781, a Private under Capt. John McDowell. Then back in SC unit. Born on 1/28/1762 in Buckingham County, VA.Cowpens (SC). Permalink
SC Benjamin Arnold 1st Spartan Regiment From Laurens District. Served under Capt. John Ford, Capt. James McDowell (Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment), dates unknown. Then, joined VA unit.Cowpens. Permalink
SC Benjamin Arnold LieutenantCamden District Regiment1781 1782A 2nd Lieutenant under Col. Thomas Taylor 1781-1782. Permalink
SC James Arnold SC 2nd Regiment1775 1780A Drum Major. At some time, served under Capt. Thomas Dunbar. Permalink
NC John Arnold CaptainRandoph County Regiment1779 17811779-1781, a Captain under Col. John Collier. Permalink
NC John Arnold Private10th NC Regiment1777 17784/21/1777, a Private under Capt. Silas Stevenson.
Dropped from the rolls in Jan. 1778.