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Revolutionary War Soldiers for NC and SC

Data provided by the website Carolana.

StateFirstLastRankRegimentFromTo NotesBattles 
NC John Angling PrivateCaswell County Regiment1780 17811780-1781, a Private under Capt. Dudley Gatewood. 1781, a Private under Capt. John Oldham. Born in 1757 in Louisa County, VA.Cowan's Ford. Permalink
SC Thomas Lowry Ann SC 5th Regiment1779 1780439 Days under Capt. Benjamin Tutt. Permalink
SC John Anquish CorporalSC 4th Regiment1779 Was a matross. Promoted to Corporal on 11/25/1779. Permalink
SC John Anquish GunnerSC 4th Regiment1776 177953 months as a matross. Promoted to Corporal 11/25/1779. Permalink
SC John Ansted SC 2nd Regiment1775 1777Served under Capt. Bernard Elliott. Deserted 2/24/1777. aka John Anstey. Permalink
NC Abraham Anthony LieutenantTryon County Regiment1776 1776, a Lieutenant under Capt. Conrad Rudolph.Cherokee Expedition 1776. Permalink
SC Charles Anthony SC 3rd Regiment1776 17801779, served under Capt. Oliver Towles. Permalink
SC Hezekiah Anthony Brig. PollyNavy Until the Fall of Charleston Permalink
NC James Anthony Private9th NC Regiment1777 17805/4/1777, a Private under Capt. Hezekiah Rice for three years.
9/8/1778, a known Private in the Lt. Colonel's Company (Lt. Col. Robert Mebane) (1st NC Regiment) led by Capt. Joshua Bowman - sick on that date at Valley Forge.
3/12/1779, re-enlisted for the duration of the war in the same unit.
POW at the Fall of Charleston, eventually escaped.
From Caswell County, NC.
aka James Antoney.
Stony Point (NY), Siege of Charleston (SC). Permalink
NC John Anthony PrivateChowan County Regiment1779 5/3/1779, a known Private. Permalink
SC John Anthony Charles Town District Regiment1776 178020 months in the True Blue Company. Wounded at Beaufort Feb. 1779. Also served in the Charles Town Batallion of Artillery under Capt. Edward Rutledge. POW at the Fall of Charleston. Exchanged after 14 months.Port Royal Island #1, Siege of Charleston 1780. Permalink
SC John Anthony SC 2nd Regiment of State Dragoons1781 1781Served under Capt. Francis Moore, Col. Charles Myddleton during 1781. Killed May 1781. Permalink
SC Peter Anthony GunnerSC 4th Regiment1780 1780Served under Capt. John Francis DeTreville. Permalink
NC Philip Jr. Anthony Private2nd Rowan County Regiment1776 17811776, a Private under Capt. Conrad Rudolph, then under Capt. James Roddy. 1777, in Burke County. 1777, a Private under Capt. John Russell. 1780, a Private under Capt. William Johnson, then under Capt. Thomas Kennedy. 1781, a Private under Capt. Daniel Smith. Born in January of 1754 in Philadelphia County, PA.Kings Mountain (SC). Permalink
SC George Antly 1st Spartan Regiment1781 1781Served under Capt. William Smith, Col. John Thomas, Jr. during 1781. Permalink
SC Joseph Antonio SC 4th Regiment1778 Served under Capt. Richard Brooke Roberts. Permalink
NC John Antony Corporal3rd NC Regiment1779 6/22/1779, a Corporal under Capt. Kedar Ballard. Permalink
NC Francis Antrican Private1st NC Regiment1781 17824/25/1781, a Private under Capt. Thomas Donoho. After the battle of Eutaw Springs, transferred to Capt. Edward Yarborough (3rd NC Regiment). Discharged 5/22/1782. From Orange County, NC.
1782, a Private under Capt. Abrham Allen, then under a Capt. Gwinn. aka Francis Enderkin, Francis Andriken. S4261.
Siege of Ninety-Six 1781 (SC), Eutaw Springs (SC). Permalink
SC George Antse Camden District Regiment1782 1782Served under Col. Thomas Taylor during 1782. Unit unknown. Permalink
SC Joseph Apley SC 4th Regiment1777 Permalink
NC William Apperson Private1st NC Regiment1777 17816/13/1777, a Private under Capt. John Brown. 9/8/1778, a known Private under Capt. Joshua Bowman. Discharged from the NC Continental Line on 3/16/1779. From Surry County. 1779, a Private under Capt. Salathiel Martin. 1780-1781, a Private under Capt. Joseph Phillips. aka William Epperson. W3915.Brandywine Creek (PA), Germantown (PA), Monmouth (NJ). Permalink
NC Daniel Apple PrivateGuilford County Regiment1780 1780, a Private under Capt. Henry Whitesell, Capt. Arthur Forbis, and Capt. Jacob Clapp. Born in 1761 in PA. Permalink
SC John Applegate Charles Town District Regiment1778 Served under Capt. James Bentham. Permalink
SC Jacob Apply SC 5th Regiment1776 1780Transferred to SC 1st Regiment Feb. 1780. Permalink
SC John Apshead SC 2nd Regiment Dates unknown. Permalink
SC John Apsheare SC 2nd Regiment1775 May be the same man as directly above. Permalink
NC John Arbuckle Private9th NC Regiment1777 1777A Private under Capt. Thomas McCrory.
Deserted on 12/2/1777.
aka John Arnbuckle.
SC John Arbuckle SC 1st Regiment1777 1777 Permalink
SC John Archart SC 3rd Regiment1778 1779, served under Capt. Uriah Goodwin. Permalink
NC Richard Archdeacon Private4th NC Regiment1782 8/1/1782, a Private under Capt. Joseph T. Rhodes for 18 months. Permalink
NC Dempsey Archer Private7th NC Regiment1777 1778Nov. 1777, a Private under Capt. Lemuel Ely.
Died 2/14/1778.
SC Francis Archer SC 1st Regiment1775 1780First served under Capt. Thomas Pinckney. 1777, in SC 5th Regiment. 1780, served under Capt. William Jackson in SC 1st Regiment. Permalink
SC Robert Archer 2nd Spartan Regiment From Chester District. Served under Capt. John Steel (also in Turkey Creek Regiment). Dates unknown. Permalink
NC Thomas Archer CaptainGuilford County Regiment1780 17811780-1781, a Captain under Col. John Peasley.Cowpens (SC). Permalink
SC Samuel Archibald SC 1st Regiment of State Dragoons1781 1781Served under Capt. John Reed, Col. Wade Hampton during 1781. Permalink
SC Bartholomew Arcise SC 5th Regiment1777 1777Deserted 5/5/1777. Permalink
NC Thomas Ard CaptainCumberland County Regiment1780 17811780, a Captain under Col. Philip Alston. 1781, a Captain under Col. James Emmett. Permalink
SC Isaac Ardis Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment Served under Col. Andrew Pickens after the Fall of Charleston. Dates and unit unknown. Permalink
SC Peter Area FiferSC 2nd Regiment1777 A Fifer. Under Capt. Charles Motte. Permalink
NC John Arendall PrivateDobbs County Regiment1776 1776, a Private under Capt. Jesse Cobb. Served later, unit and dates unknown. aka John Arrendall, John Arrendell.Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
NC "Unknown" Arent CaptainNash County Regiment1780 1780, a Captain at the Siege of Charleston under Col. John Sheppard (Wayne County Regiment), not captured.Siege of Charleston (SC). Permalink
SC Anthony Argo Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment Served in Picken's Brigade before and after the Fall of Charleston. Dates and unit unknown. Permalink
NC Levin Argoe Private5th NC Regiment1776 1777A Private under Capt. Reading Blount for 12 months.
From Dobbs County. NC.
Born 1754 in Johnston (what would become Dobbs) County, NC.
Moved to SC during the war, joined SC Militia.
aka Levin Argor.
SC Levin Argoe Lower Ninety-Six District Regiment First in NC unit. Settled in Ninety-Six District. Served under Capt. Solomon Pope, Maj. Bowie, Col. LeRoy Hammond. Dates unknown.Stono Ferry. Permalink
NC Robert Argoe Dobbs County Regiment1780 11/4/1780, drafted, unit unknown. Permalink
NC James Arline LieutenantNash County Regiment1778 1778, a Lieutenant under Capt. William Harris. Permalink
SC Carrol Arm Hill's Regiment of Light Dragoons Served under Capt. William McKenzie, BG Thomas Sumter. Dates unknown. Permalink
SC Andrew Armer New Acquisition District Regiment Served under Capt. Peter Clinton, Col. Thomas Neel. Dates unknown.Cherokee Expedition 1776, Charleston Neck 1779. Permalink
SC William Armer New Acquisition District Regiment 1776Served under Capt. Peter Clinton, Col. Thomas Neel. Dates unknown. Killed 9/27/1776. Permalink
NC Joshua Armes Private1st NC Regiment of Militia1780 6/2/1780, a Private under Capt. William Earl. From the Edenton District. Permalink