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Revolutionary War Soldiers for NC and SC

Data provided by the website Carolana.

StateFirstLastRankRegimentFromTo NotesBattles 
NC Mark Allen LieutenantMontgomery County Regiment1780 1780, a Lieutenant under Capt. Thomas Childs. Permalink
NC Michael Allen Private3rd NC Regiment1782 1783A Private under Capt. Alexander Brevard for 18 months.
Deserted 6/18/1783 (?).
SC Moses Allen Deputy Judge Advocate General1778 Southern Department Permalink
NC Paul Allen EnsignNC State Regiment1781 Was a Private. March 1781, an Ensign under Capt. Armwell Herron. From Pitt County. Permalink
NC Paul Allen PrivatePitt County Regiment1780 17811780, a Private under Capt. Armwell Herron. 1781, a Private under Capt. Jesse Proctor. 1781, also an Ensign. Born on 3/7/1750 in Beaufort (what later became Pitt) County, NC. Permalink
NC Richard Allen CaptainWilkes County Regiment1778 1781Was a Sergeant and an Ensign. Early 1778, a Captain under Col. Benjamin Cleveland. At some time, also served under Col. Andrew Hampton (Rutherford County Regiment). March 1781, a Major.Siege of Charleston (SC), Kings Mountain (SC), Shallow Ford. Permalink
NC Richard Allen EnsignSurry County Regiment1776 1778Was a Sergeant. 1776, an Ensign under Capt. Benjamin Cleveland. Early 1778, a Captain. Permalink
NC Richard Allen MajorNC Light Dragoons1781 1781Was a Captain. 1781, a Major under Col. Francois De Malmedy. Too late for the battle of Guilford Court House. From Surry County. Permalink
NC Richard Allen SergeantSurry County Regiment1775 17761775, a Sergeant under Capt. Jesse Walton. 1776, an Ensign. 1778, a Captain. From what became Wilkes County. Born on 11/26/1741 in Baltimore County, MD. Permalink
SC Robert Allen Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment Served under Capt. Wilson, BG Andrew Pickens. Dates unknown. 85 Days under Capt. Joseph Pickens in 1780. Permalink
NC Runnell Allen PrivateNC Light Dragoons1780 1780, a Private under Capt. Solomon Wood. From Wake County. Permalink
NC Samuel Allen CommissaryOrange County Regiment1782 Was a Private. Permalink
NC Samuel Allen PrivateOrange County Regiment1781 17821781, a Private under Capt. George Hodge. 1782, a Commissary.Guilford Court House. Permalink
NC Shadrack Allen CaptainNC State Regiment1779 17811779, a Captain under Col. John Herritage. 1780-1781, a Captain under Col. John Tilman (Craven County Regiment). aka Shade Allen. Permalink
NC Shadrack Allen EnsignCraven County Regiment1781 1781, an Ensign under Capt. John Allen. Permalink
NC Thomas Allen Captain1st NC Regiment1775 17769/1/1775, a Captain under Col. James Moore.
Resigned 8/15/1776.
Moore's Creek Bridge, Breech Inlet Naval Battle (SC). Permalink
NC Thomas Allen Corporal3rd NC Regiment1778 7/20/1778, a Corporal under Capt. John Baker for nine months. Permalink
NC Thomas Allen Lieutenant3rd NC Regiment1778 17801st Lieutenant on 3/17/1778.
POW at the Fall of Charleston, died in prison on 8/25/1780.
Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC). Permalink
NC Thomas Allen Lieutenant5th NC Regiment1777 1780A 2nd Lieutenant under Capt. Benjamin Stedman.
From Johnston County, NC.
NC Thomas Allen Private1st NC Regiment of Militia1780 6/2/1780, a Private under Capt. William Earl. From the Edenton District. Permalink
NC Thomas Allen Private5th NC Regiment1777 A Private under Capt. Benjamin Stedman. Permalink
NC Thomas Allen PrivateWashington County Regiment1777 17811777, a Private under a Capt. Young. 1779, in Sullivan County. 1781, a Private under Capt. John McNabb. Born in 1752 in Great Britain. Permalink
NC Vincent Allen PrivateLincoln County Regiment1780 10/7/1780, a known Private, unit unknown. From what is now Catawba County.Kings Mountain (SC). Permalink
NC Walter Allen Ensign5th NC Regiment1777 17773/28/1777, an Ensign under Capt. Reading Blount.
10/4/1777, a Lieutenant.
NC Walter Allen Lieutenant5th NC Regiment1777 1778Was an Ensign.
10/4/1777, a Lieutenant.
Dropped from the rolls in Jan. 1778.
NC Walter Allen PrivateNew Bern District Minutemen1776 2/27/1776, a known Private under Capt. John Vance. Feb. 1781, a known Private under Capt. Hodges (Dobbs County Regiment).
aka Walter Allin.
Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
NC Walter Allen Sergeant1st NC Regiment A Sergeant under Capt. Anthony Sharpe, dates unknown. Permalink
NC William Allen CaptainBute County Regiment1778 17791778-1779, a Captain under Col. Thomas Eaton. 1779, in Franklin County.Briar Creek (GA). Permalink
NC William Allen EnsignBute County Regiment1778 17791778-1779, an Ensign under Capt. William Allen.Briar Creek (GA). Permalink
NC William Allen Private1779 6/5/1779, a Private, regiment and unit unknown.
Joined for nine months.
NC William Allen Private2nd NC Regiment1777 1778A Private under Capt. Charles Allen.
Died on 1/7/1778.
NC William Allen PrivateCaswell County Regiment1778 17791778, a Private in the "New Levies" for nine months under Capt. Robert Moore. Permalink
NC William Allen PrivateNC Light Horse Regiment1781 17811781, a Private under Capt. James Trousdale. From Orange County. POW at the battle of Hillsborough on 9/12/1781.Hillsborough. Permalink
SC William Allen Polk's Regiment of Light Dragoons1781 1781Served under Capt. Samuel Martin, Lt. Col. William Polk during 1781. Also, under Capt. Samuel Rosamond (Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment). Permalink
SC William Allen SC 5th Regiment1778 Permalink
SC William Allen GunnerSC 4th Regiment1779 Served under Capt. Harman Davis, Capt. John Wickly. Permalink
SC William Allen HorsemanSC 4th Regiment 35 Days as a Horseman under Capt. James Wilson. 35 Days as a Footman under Capt. John Norwood (Litte River District Regiment). 36 Days in Militia during 1782, unit unknown. Dates unknown.Siege of Charleston 1780. Permalink
NC William Hunt Allen SergeantGuilford County Regiment1781 A Sergeant under Capt. Richard Vernon to guard the General Assembly during Nov/Dec. 1781. Permalink
NC James Alley PrivateAnson County Regiment1776 17761776, a Private under Capt. John Culpeper, then under Capt. Cornelius Robinson. From Tryon County. Then in VA unit.Cherokee Expedition 1776. Permalink
NC Shadrack Alley PrivateNorthampton County Regiment1778 1781First in VA units. 1778-1779, a Private under Capt. Mumford. 1779, moved to Rutherford County. 1780, a Private under Capt. Adam Whitesides. 1781, a Private under Capt. James Harrison. Then moved to VA. Born in 1751 in VA.Briar Creek (GA), Guilford Court House. Permalink
SC Joseph Allfriend SC 5th Regiment1776 Permalink
SC Bastin Allice Continental Army1776 Served under Col. Moore, Capt. Davidson.Siege of Savannah, Camden. Permalink
NC Grant Allin PrivateNC Light Dragoons1781 17811781, a Private under Capt. William Thomas, then under Capt. Baron DeGloback. From Granville County.Ramsey's Mill. Permalink
SC James Allin 38 Days in Militia before and after the Fall of Charleston. Unit and dates unknown. Permalink
NC Joel Allin PrivateBladen County Regiment1776 2/27/1776, a known Private under Capt. James Council.Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
NC Jonathan Allin PrivateCraven County Regiment1776 2/27/1776, a known Private under Capt. Richard Nixon.Moore's Creek Bridge. Permalink
NC Samuel Allin PrivateOrange County Regiment1781 1781First in VA unit. 1781, a Private under Capt. Davis Gresham.Guilford Court House, Eutaw Springs (SC). Permalink
NC Thomas Allin CommissaryGranville County Regiment1779 Was a Private. 1780, a Commissary under Lt. Col. Thomas Farmer (Orange County Regiment). Then, a Brigade Forage Master under Brig. Gen. (Pro Tempore) William Leed Davidson in the Salisbury District Brigade of Militia. Then, a Private again. Permalink
NC Thomas Allin PrivateGranville County Regiment1776 17811776, a Private under Capt. Jesse Saunders. 1779-1780, a Commissary. 1781, a Private under Capt. William Thomas and Capt. Baron DeGloeback (NC Light Dragoons). Then in VA unit.Ramsey's Mill. Permalink
NC Achis Allison Private5th NC Regiment1777 A Private under Capt. Henry Darnell. POW at Ft. Lafayette, NY on 6/1/1779.Ft. Lafayette (NY). Permalink