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Military Ship Service: United Kingsdom (83)

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Unidentified US State Navies or Privateers United Kingsdom
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PictureShip NameCrewYearsDescriptionWikiOther
HMS Bonaventure5
HMS Antelope (1613)4
HMS Garland4
HMS Lion4
HMS Revenge4
HMS Antelope3
HMS Happy Entrance3
HMS Vanguard3
HMS Adventure2
HMS Defiance2
HMS Mary Rose (1623)2Named for: Mary Tudor Queen of France
HMS Merhonor2
HMS Monck (1660)2Named for: George Monck
HMS Rainbow (1586)2
HMS Repulse2
HMS Adventure (1646)1
HMS Advice (1586)1
HMS Advice (1650)1
HMS Assurance1
HMS Assurance (1646)1
HMS Berwick (1723)1
HMS Charles (1586)1
HMS Dolphin (1732)1
HMS Dreadnaught (1592)1
HMS Expedition (1637)1
HMS Fellowship (1643)1
HMS Garland (1620)1
HMS Garland (1724)1
HMS Leopard1
HMS Lion (1640)1
HMS Lions Whelp V (1623)1
HMS Ludlow Castle (1724)1
HMS Monmouth (1718)1
HMS Moon (1586)1
HMS Nonpareil1
HMS Pelican Prize (1690)1
HMS Portland (1652)1
HMS Portland (1723)1
HMS Portsmouth (1649)1
HMS Prince (1670)1
HMS Prince Frederick (1740)1Named for: Frederick Louis Hanover
HMS Quittance1
HMS Rainbow (1613)1
HMS Roebuck (1636)1
HMS Royal Oak (1690)1
HMS Rupert (1666)1Named for: Rupert Prince of Palatine
HMS Sheerness (1691)1
HMS Spy (1690)1
HMS Sussex (1693)1
HMS Triumph (1623)1
HMS Unicorn (1631)1
HMS Vanguard (1631)1
HMS Warspite1
HMS Weymouth (1736)1