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Military Ship Service: Confederate States (155)

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PictureShip NameCrewYearsDescriptionWikiOther
CSS Chattahoochee9
CSS Georgia9
CSS Patrick Henry9Named for: Governer Patrick Henry
CSS Virginia1CSS Virginia91861-1862the first steam-powered ironclad warship built by the CSN
CSS Richmond8
CSS Louisiana7
CSS Virginia II7
CSS United States6
CSS Savannah5
CSS Sumter1CSS Sumter51859-1867a bark-rigged screw steam cruiser and blockade runner
CSS Baltic4
CSS Florida4
CSS Nashville4
CSS Alabama1CSS Alabama31862-1864a screw sloop-of-war built for the Confederate States Navy at Birkenhead, England
CSS North Carolina3
CSS Rappahannock3
CSS Sampson3
CSS Shenandoah1CSS Shenandoah31863-1865formerly Sea King, was an iron-framed, teak-planked, full-rigged ship
CSS Albemarle2
CSS Arkansas2
CSS Chicora2
CSS Coquette2
CSS Ellis2
CSS Fredericksburg2
CSS Gaines2
CSS Jamestown21853-1862originally a side-wheel, passenger steamer, seized at Richmond, VA in 1861 for the Virginia Navy during the early days of the Civil War
CSS Macon2
CSS Neuse2
CSS Palmetto State2
CSS Raleigh2
CSS Roanoke2
CSS St Nicholas2
CSS Stonewall2
CSS Tallahassee1CSS Tallahassee21864-1866a twin-screw steamer and cruiser in the CSN, purchased in 1864, and used for commerce raiding off the Atlantic coast
CSS Tennessee2
CSS Tuscaloosa2
CSS Alert1
CSS Arctic1
CSS Atlanta1
CSS Beaufort1
CSS Bombshell1
CSS Charleston1
CSS Chickamauga1
CSS Hampton1
CSS Hornet1
CSS Isondiga1
CSS Jackson1
CSS Lady Davis1
CSS McRae1
CSS Oconee1
CSS Resolute1
CSS Teaser1
CSS Torpedo1
CSS Yadkin1