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Military Ship Service (2,760)

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PictureShip NameCrewYearsDescriptionWikiOther
CSS Alabama1CSS Alabama31862-1864a screw sloop-of-war built for the Confederate States Navy at Birkenhead, EnglandWikipedia1Findagrave1
CSS Albemarle1
CSS Atlanta1
CSS Beaufort1
CSS Chattahoochee3
CSS Chickamauga1
CSS Ellis1
CSS Florida2
CSS Fredericksburg2
CSS Georgia3
CSS Hampton1
CSS Jackson1
CSS Jamestown21853-1862originally a side-wheel, passenger steamer, seized at Richmond, VA in 1861 for the Virginia Navy during the early days of the Civil WarWikipedia1
CSS Louisiana1
CSS Nashville3
CSS North Carolina1
CSS Palmetto State1
CSS Patrick Henry3
CSS Raleigh1
CSS Rappahannock2
CSS Richmond3
CSS Shenandoah1CSS Shenandoah21863-1865formerly Sea King, was an iron-framed, teak-planked, full-rigged shipWikipedia1
CSS Stonewall1
CSS Sumter1CSS Sumter31859-1867a bark-rigged screw steam cruiser and blockade runnerWikipedia1
CSS Tallahassee1CSS Tallahassee11864-1866a twin-screw steamer and cruiser in the CSN, purchased in 1864, and used for commerce raiding off the Atlantic coastWikipedia1
CSS Tennessee1
CSS Torpedo1
CSS United States5
CSS Virginia1CSS Virginia61862-1862the first steam-powered ironclad warship built by the CSNWikipedia1Findagrave1
CSS Virginia II3
CSS Yadkin1
HMS Adventure2
HMS Adventure (1646)1
HMS Advice (1586)1
HMS Advice (1650)1
HMS Antelope3
HMS Antelope (1613)4
HMS Assurance1
HMS Assurance (1646)1
HMS Berwick (1723)1
HMS Bonaventure5
HMS Charles (1586)1
HMS Defiance2
HMS Dolphin (1732)1
HMS Dreadnaught (1592)1
HMS Expedition (1637)1
HMS Fellowship (1643)1
HMS Garland4
HMS Garland (1620)1
HMS Garland (1724)1
HMS Happy Entrance3
HMS Leopard1
HMS Lion4
HMS Lion (1640)1
HMS Lions Whelp V (1623)1
HMS Ludlow Castle (1724)1
HMS Mary Rose (1623)2
Named for: Mary Tudor Queen of France
HMS Merhonor2
HMS Monck (1660)2
Named for: George Monck
HMS Monmouth (1718)1
HMS Moon (1586)1
HMS Nonpareil1
HMS Pelican Prize (1690)1
HMS Portland (1652)1
HMS Portland (1723)1
HMS Portsmouth (1649)1
HMS Prince (1670)1
HMS Prince Frederick (1740)1
Named for: Frederick Louis Hanover
HMS Quittance1
HMS Rainbow (1586)2
HMS Rainbow (1613)1
HMS Repulse2
HMS Revenge4
HMS Roebuck (1636)1
HMS Royal Oak (1690)1
HMS Rupert (1666)1
Named for: Rupert Prince of Palatine
HMS Sheerness (1691)1
HMS Spy (1690)1
HMS Sussex (1693)1
HMS Triumph (1623)1
HMS Unicorn (1631)1
HMS Vanguard3
HMS Vanguard (1631)1
HMS Warspite1
HMS Weymouth (1736)1
Tramonata (1586)1
USC&GS Bache3
Named for: Alexander Dallas Bache
USC&GS Blake1USC&GS Blake61874-1905The George S. Blake, a U.S. Fish Commission steamer for deep ocean explorationWikipedia1
USC&GS Eagre1USC&GS Eagre31875-1910a survey ship of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, originally the yacht MohawkWikipedia1
USC&GS Endeavor3
USC&GS Gedney1USC&GS Gedney61875-1915The Thomas R. Gedney, a survey ship in service in the United States Coast SurveyWikipedia1
USC&GS Hassler61870-1895US Coast Survey schooner, the first iron-hulled steamship used in the serviceWikipedia1
USC&GS McArthur4
USC&GS Palinurus1
USC&GS Patterson4
USC&GS Ready2
USC&GS Silliman1
USS Adams7
USS Agawam1USS Agawam21862-1867a double-ended, side-wheel gunboat of the USN that served during the Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Alabama (BB8)11898-1921
USS Alarm4
USS Alaska1USS Alaska111867-1883a wooden-hulled screw sloop of war, built at the Boston Navy YardWikipedia1
USS Albany (1846)1
USS Albany (1869)21864-1870originally USS Contoocook, a screw sloop-of-war built for the USN during the Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Albany (CL23)11899-1929
USS Albatross (1882)2
USS Alert (1812)5
USS Alert (1861)131861-1865a 90 long tons (91 t) steamship named A. C. Powell purchased by the Union Navy during the first year of the American Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Alleghany4
USS Alliance (1875)12
USS Alligator (1820)1
USS America2
USS Amphitrite2
USS Anacostia3
USS Annapolis1
USS Arago2
USS Argus (1803)1
USS Arkansas1
USS Arkansas (BM7)31900-1919
USS Aroostook2
USS Ashuelot8
USS Asp2
USS Atlanta9
USS Atlanta (1884)4
USS Augusta4
USS Badger1
USS Bainbridge6
Named for: William Bainbridge
USS Baltimore (C3)111888-1922
USS Bancroft3
USS Barney1
Named for: Joshua Barney
USS Barry1
USS Bear1
USS Benham1
USS Benicia4
USS Bennington3
USS Bienville2
USS Black Hawk1
USS Bohio1
USS Bonhomme Richard-17651USS Bonhomme Richard-176511765-1779a merchant ship built in France for the French East India Company, a warship in the Continental Navy
Named for: Benjamin Franklin
USS Boston2
USS Boston (1825)3
USS Boston (1884)7
USS Boxer (1815)1
USS Boxer (1832)3
USS Brandywine (1825)1USS Brandywine (1825)201821-1864formerly named Susquehanna, was a wooden-hulled, three-masted frigate of the USNWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Bremerton1USS Bremerton11943-1960a Baltimore-class heavy cruiserWikipedia1
USS Brooklyn (1858)1USS Brooklyn (1858)171857-1889a sloop-of-war active in Caribbean operations until the start of the Civil War, in the Union blockadeWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Brooklyn (ACR3)81895-1921
USS Brown1
USS Buffalo (1892)1
USS Caledonia (1858)1
USS California2
USS California (ACR6)21904-1918
USS Callao1
USS Canandaigua7
USS Canonicus4
USS Castine3
USS Catskill6
USS Cayuga2
USS Celtic2
USS Charleston (C2)1USS Charleston (C2)21887-1899a USN protected cruiserWikipedia1
USS Charleston (C22)11904-1923
USS Charlestown1
USS Chattanooga (1864)4
USS Chattanooga (C16)3
USS Chenango1
USS Chesapeake (1799)2
USS Cheyenne1
USS Chicago (1885)8
USS Chickasaw1
USS Chippewa (1815)1
USS Chocura2
USS Cincinnati (1861)1
USS Cincinnati (C7)1USS Cincinnati (C7)51888-1921a protected cruiser and the lead ship of the Cincinnati-class cruiser for the USNWikipedia1
USS Cleveland1
USS Cleveland (C19)1USS Cleveland (C19)11889-1929a USN Denver-class protected cruiserWikipedia1
USS Colorado (1856)1USS Colorado (1856)311856-1876a three-masted steam screw frigate, launched by the Norfolk Navy YardWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Colorado (ACR7)31901-1930
USS Colorado (BB45)11921-1947
USS Columbia (1836)2
USS Columbia (C12)1USS Columbia (C12)41890-1922a protected cruiser in the USNWikipedia1
USS Columbus (1819)9
USS Concord (1828)7
USS Concord (PG3)61890-1929
USS Conemaugh2
USS Congress (1799)11
USS Congress (1841)1USS Congress (1841)141842-1865a sailing frigate, served with distinction in the Mediterranean, South Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Connecticut1
USS Connecticut (BB18)1USS Connecticut (BB18)71902-1923the lead ship of her class of six battleshipsWikipedia1
USS Constellation (1797)1USS Constellation (1797)411793-1853a 38-gun frigate, one of the six original frigates authorized for construction by the Naval Act of 1794Wikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Constellation (1854)1USS Constellation (1854)191853-1955a sloop-of-war, the last sail-only warship designed and built by the United States NavyWikipedia1
USS Constitution1USS Constitution411794-a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the USN, the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloatWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Contocook3
USS Corwin1
USS Crusader2
USS Culgoa1
USS Cumberland9
USS Cushing2
Named for: William Barker Cushing
USS Cyane (1815)6
USS Cyane (1837)1USS Cyane (1837)231837-1871a sloop-of-war in the United States Navy during the MexicanÔÇôAmerican War.Wikipedia1
USS Dacotah9
USS Dale (1839)1USS Dale (1839)131839-1906a sloop-of-war in the US Navy commissioned 1839. involved in the MexicanÔÇôAmerican War, the Civil War, operations along Africa to suppress slave tradeWikipedia1
USS Dale (DD4)11900-1920
USS De Soto1
USS Decatur3
Named for: Stephen Decatur
USS Decatur (DD5)21900-1919
USS Delaware (1820)161820-1861a 74-gun ship of the line, named for the state of Delaware, was laid down at Norfolk Navy Yard in August 1817Wikipedia1
USS Delaware (BB28)1USS Delaware (BB28)31907-1923a dreadnought battleship of the USN, the lead ship of her class, laid down at Newport News ShipbuildingWikipedia1
USS Delta (1864)1
USS Despatch10
USS Detroit (CL10)2
USS Dictator6
USS Dixie (1893)4
USS Dolphin (1821)6
USS Dolphin (1836)7
USS Dolphin (PG24)101884-1921
USS Don Juan De Austria1
USS Drayton1
USS Drift1
USS Eagle1
USS Elk1
USS Emma1
USS Enterprise (1799)6
USS Enterprise (1831)2
USS Enterprise (1874)9
USS Epervier1
USS Erie1USS Erie141813-1850a three-masted, wooden-hulled sloop-of-war of the United States Navy in the early 19th centuryWikipedia1
USS Essex (1874)1USS Essex (1874)71873-1930a wooden screw steamer, commissioned at the Boston Navy YardWikipedia1
USS Eugenie1
USS Experiment (1799)1
USS Experiment (1832)2
USS Fairfield121828-1845a sloop-of-war in the US Navy, launched 1828 by New York Navy YardWikipedia1
USS Falmouth13
USS Farragut (TB11)1USS Farragut (TB11)11898-1919a torpedo boat in the USN
Named for: David Glasgow Farragut
USS Fern (1871)2
USS Fishhawk2
USS Flambeau (1814)1
USS Florida (1850)31861-1867a sidewheel steamer in the USNWikipedia1
USS Florida (BM9)41901-1922
USS Fort Jackson2
USS Fortune2
USS Franklin (1815)10
Named for: Benjamin Franklin
USS Franklin (1864)1USS Franklin (1864)351854-1915a USN screw frigate, laid down at the Portsmouth Navy Yard in MaineWikipedia1
USS Fredonia2
USS Frolic7
USS Fulton (1816)2
Named for: Robert Fulton
USS Fulton (1837)1USS Fulton (1837)51837-1862a steamer that served the USN
Named for: Robert Fulton
USS Galatea1
USS Galena8
USS Gem Of The Sea1
USS General Burnside1
USS General Pike (1813)1
USS Georgia (BB15)21904-1923
USS Germantown141846-1864a sloop-of-war in the USN, later CSS Germantown of the CSNWikipedia1
USS Gettysburg3
USS Glasgow1
USS Grampus (1821)1USS Grampus (1821)61821-1843a schooner in the USN, built at the Washington Navy YardWikipedia1
USS Guard2
USS Guerriere (1814)1USS Guerriere (1814)161814-1841the first frigate built in the United States since 1801, built at the Philadelphia Navy YardWikipedia1
USS Guerriere (1865)11
USS Hannibal1
USS Harriet Lane1
Named for: Harriet Rebecca Lane
USS Hartford (1858)1USS Hartford (1858)411858-1926a sloop-of-war, steamer of the USN, the flagship of David FarragutWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Hecla1
USS Helena (PG9)2
USS Hendrick Hudson2
USS Hetzel2
USS Hist2
USS Hopkins1
Named for: Esek Hopkins
USS Hornet1
USS Hornet (1805)16
USS Housatonic3
USS Hudson3
USS Huron1
USS Idaho1
USS Idaho (BB24)21905-1914
USS Illinois2
USS Independence (1814)1USS Independence (1814)231814-1913a wooden-hulled, three-masted ship, originally a ship of the line and the first to be commissioned by the United States Navy.Wikipedia1
USS Indiana7
USS Intrepid2
USS Iowa (BB4)5
USS Iris1
USS Iris (1885)1
USS Iroquois (1859)1USS Iroquois (1859)161859-1910a sloop of war in the USN during the Civil War.Wikipedia1
USS Isla De Cuba1
USS J. Fred Talbott1USS J. Fred Talbott11918-1946a Wickes-class destroyer
Named for: Joshua Frederick Cockey Talbott
USS James Adger-185121851-1865a sidewheel steamer in the USN during the Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Jamestown1USS Jamestown191844-1913a sloop-of-war in the United States Navy during the MexicanÔÇôAmerican War and the American Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Java11
USS Jefferson1
USS John Adams211799-1865a frigate for the USN
Named for: President John Adams Jr.
USS John P. Jackson1
USS John P. Kennedy4
Named for: John Pendleton Kennedy
USS Juniata1USS Juniata211862-1891a sloop of war in the United States Navy during the American Civil War.Wikipedia1
USS Kanawha1
USS Kansas2
USS Kansas (BB21)51905-1923
USS Katahdin1
USS Kearsarge1USS Kearsarge221861-1894a Mohican-class sloop-of-warWikipedia1
USS Kearsarge (BB5)71898-1955
USS Kennebec1
USS Kentucky9
USS Keystone State1
USS Kineo2
USS Lackawanna1USS Lackawanna101862-1887a screw sloop-of-war in the Union Navy during the American Civil War, named after the Lackawanna River in PennsylvaniaWikipedia1
USS Lancaster1USS Lancaster211858-1933a screw sloop-of-war in the United States Navy during the American Civil War through the SpanishÔÇôAmerican WarWikipedia1
USS Lawrence (1813)1
Named for: James Lawrence
USS Legare2
USS Lehigh4
USS Leonidas2
USS Levant1
USS Lexington (1825)1USS Lexington (1825)61825-1860a sloop in the USN built at the New York Navy Yard in BrooklynWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Lexington (1861)3
USS Lexington (CV2)11925-1942an early aircraft carrier, the lead ship of the Lexington classWikipedia1
USS Louisiana (BB19)31904-1923
USS M. W. Chapin1
USS Macedonian161812-1871a 38-gun sailing frigate, originally HMS Macedonian of the Royal Navy, captured, rebuilt in 1836Wikipedia1
USS Machias1
USS Mahaska1
USS Mahopac2
USS Maine (1895)1USS Maine (1895)31888-1898an American naval ship that sank in Havana Harbor during the Cuban revolt against SpainWikipedia1
USS Maine (BB10)41901-1922
USS Manhattan2
USS Maratanza1
USS Marblehead (1861)5
USS Marblehead (C11)41892-1921
USS Marietta3
USS Marion1USS Marion181839-1897a sloop-of-war of the third rate in the Union Navy during the American Civil War launched at the Boston Navy Yard on 24 April 1839Wikipedia1
USS Maryland (ACR8)11903-1930
USS Maryland (BB46)11920-1959a Colorado-class battleship, the flagship of the fleet, cruised to Australia, New Zealand and BrazilWikipedia1
USS Massachusetts4
USS Massachusetts (BB2)51893-1919
USS Maumee2
USS Mayflower (1866)3
USS Mayflower (PY1)11896-1931
USS Memphis1
USS Merrimac5
USS Metacomet4
USS Meteor1
USS Miantonomah (1863)3
USS Miantonomah (BM5)61876-1922
USS Michigan1USS Michigan171842-1949USS Michigan was the United States Navy's first iron-hulled warship, and operated on the Great Lakes out throughout her careerWikipedia1
USS Milwaukee (CL5)1USS Milwaukee (CL5)11922-1949an Omaha-class light cruiser built for the USN during the 1920s, assigned to the Asiatic and Battle FleetsWikipedia1
USS Mindoro1
USS Minneapolis (C13)1USS Minneapolis (C13)71891-1921a USN Columbia-class protected cruiserWikipedia1
USS Minnesota (1855)1USS Minnesota (1855)351855-1901a wooden steam frigate in the USN, served in east Asia for two years and in the Civil WarWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Minnesota (BB22)41905-1923
USS Mississippi9
USS Mississippi (BB23)31905-1914
USS Missouri (1841)1
USS Missouri (BB11)41901-1922
USS Mohawk1
USS Mohican (1859)111859-1873a steam sloop-of-war in the United States Navy during the American Civil War, named for the Mohican tribeWikipedia1
USS Mohican (1883)6
USS Mohongo3
USS Monadnock (1864)1
USS Monadnock (BM3)21883-1923
USS Monitor21861-1862an iron-hulled steamship during the Civil War, the first ironclad warship commissioned by the Union NavyWikipedia1
USS Monocacy10
USS Monongahela11
USS Montana (ACR13)11905-1930
USS Montauk7
USS Monterey (BM6)8
USS Montgomery1
USS Monticello1
USS Morse1
USS Mount Vernon1
USS Muscoota2
USS Mystic1
USS Nahant1
USS Nantasket1
USS Nantucket3
USS Narragansett5
USS Nashville1
USS Natchez6
USS Nautilus (1838)1
USS Nebraska (BB14)51904-1923
USS Neptune2
USS Nereus1
USS Nevada1
USS New Hampshire9
USS New Hampshire (BB25)51906-1923
USS New Ironsides8
USS New Jersey (BB16)31904-1923
USS New London1
USS New Orleans3
USS New Orleans (CL22)1USS New Orleans (CL22)21896-1930a USN protected cruiser of the New Orleans classWikipedia1
USS New York5
USS New York (ACR2)21893-1938
USS New York (BB34)1USS New York (BB34)21912-1948a USN battleship, the lead ship of her classWikipedia1
USS Newark4
USS Newport (PG12)1
USS Niagara2
USS Niagara (1813)1
USS Nina1
USS Nipsic5
USS Nitro1
USS Nonsuch5
USS Norfolk2
USS North Carolina (1820)1USS North Carolina (1820)271816-1867a 74-gun ship of the line in the USNWikipedia1
USS North Dakota (BB29)41908-1931
USS Norwich1
USS Octorara2
USS Ohio (1820)1USS Ohio (1820)181820-1875a ship of the line of the US Navy. launched in 1820Wikipedia1
USS Ohio (BB12)11901-1922
USS Olympia1USS Olympia101892-1957a protected cruiser that saw service in the USNWikipedia1
USS Omaha1USS Omaha121867-1891laid down in 1867 by the Philadelphia Navy Yard as Astoria; launched 1869, renamed OmahaWikipedia1
USS Oneida (1861)41861-1870a screw sloop-of-war in the USN, served in blockade operations, and in the Asiatic SquadronWikipedia1
USS Ontario (1813)221813-1856a three-masted, wooden-hulled sloop of war in the USNWikipedia1
USS Onward6
USS Oregon4
USS Osage1
USS Osceola3
USS Ossipee (1861)1USS Ossipee (1861)171861-1891a wooden, screw sloop of war in the Union Navy during the Civil WarWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Ottawa2
USS Paducah2
USS Palos5
USS Pampanga1
USS Passaic7
USS Patapsco3
USS Paul Jones1
USS Pawnee (1859)1USS Pawnee (1859)61859-1882a sloop-of-war in the USN during the Civil WarWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Peacock9
USS Pembina1
USS Penguin1
USS Pennsylvania3
USS Penobscot3
USS Pensacola1USS Pensacola341859-1912a screw steamer that served in the United States Navy during the U.S. Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Peoria (1863)1
USS Pequot1
USS Perkins1
USS Perry (1843)31843-1865a brig commissioned by the USN, tasked for various missions, including those related to diplomatic tensions with Paraguay, the Mexican-American War, the slave trade, and the Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Petrel (1846)1
USS Petrel (PG2)61889-1920
USS Philadelphia (1799)1
USS Philadelphia (1861)1
USS Philadelphia (C4)1USS Philadelphia (C4)91859-1865the flagship of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron during the Civil War.Wikipedia1
USS Pinola1
USS Pinta4
USS Piscataqua (1866)5
USS Plymouth19
USS Pocahontas (1852)1USS Pocahontas (1852)41852-1865a screw steamer built at Medford, MA as City of Boston, and purchased by the Navy
Named for: Pocahontas Amonute Matoaka "Lady Rebecca" Powhatan
USS Pontiac2
USS Porpoise (1820)5
USS Porpoise (1836)4
USS Port Royal1
USS Porter (TB6)1USS Porter (TB6)11896-1912a torpedo boat, the first of her class, served during the SpanishÔÇôAmerican War
Named for: David Porter
USS Portsmouth (1843)1USS Portsmouth (1843)221843-1915a wooden sloop-of-war in the USN in service during the mid-to-late 19th centuryWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Potomac (1822)1USS Potomac (1822)171822-1877a frigate in the United States Navy laid down by the Washington Navy Yard in August 1819 and launched in March 1822Wikipedia1
USS Powhatan (1850)1USS Powhatan (1850)371850-1887a sidewheel steam frigate in the USN during the Civil War
Named for: Chief Emporer Wahonsonacock Powhatan
USS Prairie5
USS Preble (1839)8
USS Preble (DD12)11901-1920
USS President1
USS President (1800)1USS President (1800)41794-1818a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the USN, nominally rated at 44 gunsWikipedia1
USS Princeton2
USS Prometheus1
USS Proteus2
USS Puritan1
USS Purveyor1
USS Quaker City4
USS Quinnebaug9
USS R. R. Cuyler1
USS Raleigh1
USS Raleigh (C8)1USS Raleigh (C8)21892-1921a United States Navy protected cruiser of the Cincinnati class, commissioned in 1894 and in periodic service until 1919Wikipedia1
USS Ranger5
USS Raritan3
USS Release2
USS Relief9
USS Resaca3
USS Rhode Island2
USS Richmond (1860)1USS Richmond (1860)251860-1919a wooden steam sloop in the United States Navy during the American Civil War.Wikipedia1
USS Rio Bravo1
USS Roanoke (1855)1USS Roanoke (1855)111854-1882a wooden-hulled Merrimack-class screw frigate built for the USN, flagship of the Home Squadron in the late 1850sWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Rodolph1
USS Roe1
USS Sabine (1855)1USS Sabine (1855)171855-1883a sailing frigate built by the USNWikipedia1
USS Saco3
USS Sacramento7
USS Saginaw2
USS Salem (CL3)21907-1930
USS San Francisco5
USS San Francisco (C5)31889-1939
USS San Jacinto (1850)81850-1865an early screw frigate in the USNWikipedia1Findagrave1
USS Sangamon2
USS Santee4
USS Saranac (1814)1
USS Saranac (1848)1USS Saranac (1848)261847-1875a sloop of war of the USN, service protecting American interests in the Atlantic and Pacific OceansWikipedia1
USS Saratoga1USS Saratoga291842-1907a sloop-of-warWikipedia1
USS Saugus2
USS Savannah7
USS Sciota2
USS Scoresby1
USS Scorpion (1847)1
USS Seminole4
USS Seneca4
USS Severn2
USS Shamrock2
USS Shark (1821)8
USS Shawmut4
USS Shenandoah (1862)111862-1887a wooden screw sloop of the USNWikipedia1
USS Smith2
USS Solace2
USS Somerset1
USS Sonoma3
USS South Carolina1
USS South Carolina (BB26)41908-1924
USS Spark (1813)2
USS Speedwell2
USS Spitfire (1814)2
USS St Lawrence9
USS St Louis (1828)1USS St Louis (1828)131861-1863Wikipedia1
USS St Louis (C20)11905-1930
USS St Marys1USS St Marys161844-1908a sloop-of-war in the United States Navy, built in 1843-44 at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DCWikipedia1
USS State Of Georgia1
USS Stockdale1
USS Supply (1846)10
USS Susquehanna1USS Susquehanna101850-1868a sidewheel steam frigate for the USNWikipedia1
USS Suwanee (1864)1
USS Suwanee (1897)2
USS Swatara171865-1871a wooden, screw sloop in the United States NavyWikipedia1
USS Sylph1
USS Tacoma4
USS Tacony2
USS Tahoma1
USS Tallahassee (BM9)21901-1922
USS Tallapoosa6
USS Tennessee (1865)1USS Tennessee (1865)161869-1886originally USS Madawaska, was a screw frigate built of wood at the New York Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New YorkWikipedia1
USS Tennessee (ACR10)11904-1916
USS Terror4
USS Terry1
Named for: Dr. Edward Terry
USS Texas3
USS Thetis6
USS Ticonderoga6
USS Tioga2
USS Topeka2
USS Trenton1USS Trenton191875-1891a wooden-hulled screw steamer in the United States Navy, named for Trenton, New JerseyWikipedia1
USS Trippe (DD33)1
USS Truxtun1
Named for: Thomas Truxton
USS Tuscarora1USS Tuscarora81861-1883a sloop of war in the United States Navy during the American Civil War.Wikipedia1
USS Two Sisters1
USS Unadilla1
USS Uncas1
USS Union1
USS United States (1797)1USS United States (1797)221797-1861a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy and the first of the six original frigatesWikipedia1
USS Utah1
USS Vandalia (1828)1USS Vandalia (1828)141828-1872an 18-gun sloop-of-war in the USN during the Second Seminole War and the Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Vandalia (1876)9
USS Vanderbilt3
Named for: Cornelius Vanderbilt
USS Vermont9
USS Vermont (BB20)41905-1923
USS Vesuvius6
USS Villalobos1
USS Vincennes1USS Vincennes221826-1865a 703-ton Boston-class sloop of war in the United States Navy from 1826 to 1865Wikipedia1
USS Virginia (BB13)51904-1923
USS Vixen (1846)2
USS Vixen (PY4)1
USS Wabash1USS Wabash271854-1912a steam screw frigate of the United States Navy that served during the American Civil WarWikipedia1
USS Wachusett (1861)1USS Wachusett (1861)161861-1887a large steam sloop-of-war that served the USN during the Civil War, part of the Union blockadeWikipedia1
USS Wampanoag1
USS Wanderer1
USS Warren (1827)12
USS Washington1
USS Washington (1814)221814-1843a ship of the line of the United States NavyWikipedia1
USS Washington (ACR11)31905-1946
USS Wasp1
USS Wasp (1865)3
USS Wasp (1893)1
USS Wasp (CV18)11943-1972an Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the USNWikipedia1
USS Water Witch4
USS Wateree4
USS Weehawken2
USS West Virginia1
USS Westernport2
USS Wheeling1
USS Whipple2
Named for: Commodore Abraham Whipple
USS Wilmington5
USS Winona1
USS Wisconsin (BB9)21898-1922
USS Worcester (1866)91866-1883a Contoocook-class bark-rigged screw steam sloop-of-war in the USNWikipedia1
USS Wyandotte5
USS Wyoming1USS Wyoming111859-1892a wooden-hulled screw sloop that fought on the Union side during the American Civil War.Wikipedia1
USS Yankee1
USS Yankton2
USS Yantic1USS Yantic141864-1929a wooden-hulled screw gunboat built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, was launched on 19 March 1864Wikipedia1
USS Yorktown (CV-5)1
USS Yorktown (PG1)111888-1921
USS Yosemite1

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