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Military Ship Service (72)

PictureShip NameCrewYearsDescriptionWikiOther
CSS AlabamaCSS Alabama31862-1864a screw sloop-of-war built for the Confederate States Navy at Birkenhead, EnglandWikipediaFindagrave
CSS Jamestown21853-1862originally a side-wheel, passenger steamer, seized at Richmond, VA in 1861 for the Virginia Navy during the early days of the Civil WarWikipedia
CSS ShenandoahCSS Shenandoah11863-1865formerly Sea King, was an iron-framed, teak-planked, full-rigged shipWikipedia
CSS SumterCSS Sumter11859-1867a bark-rigged screw steam cruiser and blockade runnerWikipedia
CSS TallahasseeCSS Tallahassee11864-1866a twin-screw steamer and cruiser in the CSN, purchased in 1864, and used for commerce raiding off the Atlantic coastWikipedia
CSS VirginiaCSS Virginia31862-1862the first steam-powered ironclad warship built by the CSNWikipediaFindagrave
USS AgawamUSS Agawam11862-1867a double-ended, side-wheel gunboat of the USN that served during the Civil WarWikipedia
USS Albany-186911864-1870originally USS Contoocook, a screw sloop-of-war built for the USN during the Civil WarWikipedia
USS Bonhomme Richard-1765USS Bonhomme Richard-176511765-1779a merchant ship built in France for the French East India Company, a warship in the Continental Navy
Named for: Benjamin Franklin
USS Brandywine-1825USS Brandywine-182511821-1864formerly named Susquehanna, was a wooden-hulled, three-masted frigate of the USNWikipediaFindagrave
USS BremertonUSS Bremerton11943-1960a Baltimore-class heavy cruiserWikipedia
USS Brooklyn-1858USS Brooklyn-185831857-1889a sloop-of-war active in Caribbean operations until the start of the Civil War, in the Union blockadeWikipediaFindagrave
USS Charleston (C-2)USS Charleston (C-2)11887-1899a USN protected cruiserWikipedia
USS Chesapeake-1799USS Chesapeake-179911794-1819a 38-gun wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the USNWikipedia
USS Cincinnati (C-7)USS Cincinnati (C-7)21888-1921a protected cruiser and the lead ship of the Cincinnati-class cruiser for the USNWikipedia
USS Cleveland (C-19)USS Cleveland (C-19)11889-1929a USN Denver-class protected cruiserWikipedia
USS Colorado-1856USS Colorado-185641856-1876a three-masted steam screw frigate, launched by the Norfolk Navy YardWikipediaFindagrave
USS Columbia (C-12)USS Columbia (C-12)11890-1922a protected cruiser in the USNWikipedia
USS Congress-1841USS Congress-184111842-1865a sailing frigate, served with distinction in the Mediterranean, South Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Civil WarWikipedia
USS Connecticut (BB-18)USS Connecticut (BB-18)11902-1923the lead ship of her class of six battleshipsWikipedia
USS Constellation-1797USS Constellation-179771793-1853a 38-gun frigate, one of the six original frigates authorized for construction by the Naval Act of 1794WikipediaFindagrave
USS ConstitutionUSS Constitution101794-a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the USN, the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloatWikipediaFindagrave
USS Delaware (BB-28)USS Delaware (BB-28)11907-1923a dreadnought battleship of the USN, the lead ship of her class, laid down at Newport News ShipbuildingWikipedia
USS Essex-1874USS Essex-187411873-1930a wooden screw steamer, commissioned at the Boston Navy YardWikipedia
USS Falmouth1
USS Farragut (TB-11)USS Farragut (TB-11)11898-1919a torpedo boat in the USN
Named for: David Glasgow Farragut
USS Florida-185021861-1867a sidewheel steamer in the USNWikipedia
USS Franklin-1864USS Franklin-186431854-1915a USN screw frigate, laid down at the Portsmouth Navy Yard in MaineWikipedia
USS Fulton-1837USS Fulton-183711837-1862a steamer that served the USN
Named for: Robert Fulton
USS Germantown21846-1864a sloop-of-war in the USN, later CSS Germantown of the CSNWikipedia
USS Grampus-1821USS Grampus-182131820-1843a schooner in the USN, built at the Washington Navy YardWikipedia
USS Hartford-1858USS Hartford-185851858-1926a sloop-of-war, steamer of the USN, the flagship of David FarragutWikipediaFindagrave
USS Iroquois-1859USS Iroquois-185941859-1910a sloop of war in the USN during the Civil War.Wikipedia
USS J. Fred TalbottUSS J. Fred Talbott11918-1946a Wickes-class destroyer
Named for: Joshua Frederick Cockey Talbott
USS James Adger-185111851-1865a sidewheel steamer in the USN during the Civil WarWikipedia
USS John Adams41799-1865a frigate for the USN
Named for: President John Adams Jr.
USS Lexington (CV-2)11925-1942an early aircraft carrier, the lead ship of the Lexington classWikipedia
USS Lexington-1825USS Lexington-182521825-1860a sloop in the USN built at the New York Navy Yard in BrooklynWikipediaFindagrave
USS Maine-1895USS Maine-189521888-1898an American naval ship that sank in Havana Harbor during the Cuban revolt against SpainWikipedia
USS Maryland (BB-46)11920-1959a Colorado-class battleship, the flagship of the fleet, cruised to Australia, New Zealand and BrazilWikipedia
USS Milwaukee (CL-5)USS Milwaukee (CL-5)11922-1949an Omaha-class light cruiser built for the USN during the 1920s, assigned to the Asiatic and Battle FleetsWikipedia
USS Minneapolis (C-13)USS Minneapolis (C-13)11891-1921a USN Columbia-class protected cruiserWikipedia
USS Minnesota-1855USS Minnesota-185531955-1901a wooden steam frigate in the USN, served in east Asia for two years and in the Civil WarWikipediaFindagrave
USS Monitor11861-1862an iron-hulled steamship during the Civil War, the first ironclad warship commissioned by the Union NavyWikipedia
USS New Orleans (CL-22)USS New Orleans (CL-22)11896-1930a USN protected cruiser of the New Orleans classWikipedia
USS New York (BB-34)USS New York (BB-34)11912-1948a USN battleship, the lead ship of her classWikipedia
USS North Carolina-1820USS North Carolina-182021816-1867a 74-gun ship of the line in the USNWikipedia
USS Olympia (C-6)USS Olympia (C-6)21892-1957a protected cruiser that saw service in the USNWikipedia
USS Oneida-186111861-1870a screw sloop-of-war in the USN, served in blockade operations, and in the Asiatic SquadronWikipedia
USS Ontario-181311813-1856a three-masted, wooden-hulled sloop of war in the USNWikipedia
USS Ossipee-1861USS Ossipee-186121861-1891a wooden, screw sloop of war in the Union Navy during the Civil WarWikipediaFindagrave
USS Pawnee-1859USS Pawnee-185921859-1882a sloop-of-war in the USN during the Civil WarWikipediaFindagrave
USS Perry-184311843-1865a brig commissioned by the USN, tasked for various missions, including those related to diplomatic tensions with Paraguay, the Mexican-American War, the slave trade, and the Civil WarWikipedia
USS Philadelphia-1861USS Philadelphia-186111859-1865the flagship of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron during the Civil War.Wikipedia
USS Pocohontas-1852USS Pocohontas-185221852-1865a screw steamer built at Medford, MA as City of Boston, and purchased by the Navy
Named for: Pocahontas Amonute Matoaka "Lady Rebecca" Powhatan
USS Porter (TB-6)USS Porter (TB-6)11896-1912a torpedo boat, the first of her class, served during the Spanish–American War
Named for: David Porter
USS Portsmouth-1843USS Portsmouth-184331843-1915a wooden sloop-of-war in the USN in service during the mid-to-late 19th centuryWikipediaFindagrave
USS Powhatan-1850USS Powhatan-185031850-1887a sidewheel steam frigate in the USN during the Civil War
Named for: Chief Emporer Wahonsonacock Powhatan
USS President-1800USS President-180021794-1818a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the USN, nominally rated at 44 gunsWikipedia
USS Raleigh (C-8)USS Raleigh (C-8)21892-1921a United States Navy protected cruiser of the Cincinnati class, commissioned in 1894 and in periodic service until 1919Wikipedia
USS Roanoke-1855USS Roanoke-185531854-1882a wooden-hulled Merrimack-class screw frigate built for the USN, flagship of the Home Squadron in the late 1850sWikipediaFindagrave
USS Sabine-1855USS Sabine-185511855-1883a sailing frigate built by the USNWikipedia
USS San Jacinto-185021850-1865an early screw frigate in the USNWikipediaFindagrave
USS Saranac-1848USS Saranac-184841847-1875a sloop of war of the USN, service protecting American interests in the Atlantic and Pacific OceansWikipedia
USS Shenandoah-186221862-1887a wooden screw sloop of the USNWikipedia
USS St Louis-1861USS St Louis-186111861-1863a City-class ironclad gunboat constructed for the Union NavyWikipedia
USS SusquehannaUSS Susquehanna11850-1868a sidewheel steam frigate for the USNWikipedia
USS Vandalia-1828USS Vandalia-182811828-1872an 18-gun sloop-of-war in the USN during the Second Seminole War and the Civil WarWikipedia
USS Wachusett-1861USS Wachusett-186111861-1887a large steam sloop-of-war that served the USN during the Civil War, part of the Union blockadeWikipedia
USS Wasp (CV-18)11943-1972an Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the USNWikipedia
USS Wisconsin (BB-9)USS Wisconsin (BB-9)11898-1921an Illinois-class pre-dreadnought battleship, served as the flagship of the Pacific FleetWikipedia
USS Worcester-186611866-1883a Contoocook-class bark-rigged screw steam sloop-of-war in the USNWikipedia