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Montgomery Co, MD Residences

Below are some of the residences of Montgomery Co, MD, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Beall-Dawson House

Amelia H. Somervell
Upton Beall, 1815/1827

Best House

John Thomas Best, 1864
Margaret J. Dorsey, 1864

Pleasant Fields

Basil Waters, 1797/1844
Zachariah Waters, 1844/1871
Eliza Waters, 1844/1882

Samuel Magruder

Elizabeth Ellis, d.1839
Lucy Lee Saunders, b.1860
Artemesia Gingell, b.1861
John C. Davidson, b.1863
Mary R. Cashell, 1880
Cyrus Eli Perry, 1880
Richard Thomas Ray, 1880
Sarah A. Summers, 1880
Hazel Frances Holland, b.1899
Charles Carroll Morgan, b.1899
Ninian Perry, 1900
Samuel Edwin Wheatley, d.1900
Albert Jouett Dabney, d.1901
Mary Conrad, d.1908
Delmar Rial Lowell, d.1912
George Radcliffe Colton, d.1916
James Heath Dodge, 1880; d.1917
Richard Dunn, 1930
Agnes Davis Jones, 1930
Elliott Hunter Muse, 1930
Henry Latrobe Roosevelt, d.1936
Reginald Fairfax Nicholson, d.1939
Hugh Rodman, d.1940
Harry McLaren Pinckney Huse, d.1942
John Homer Holt, d.1942
Arthur Peter, d.1943
William Ledyard Rodgers, d.1944
Hiram Warren Johnson, d.1945
Philip Brotherson Parke, d.1948
Edward Stanley Kellogg, d.1948
Maureen Cotton, b.1948
Rutland Duckett Beard, d.1948
Joseph Melville Broughton, d.1949
Paul Humiston Alling, d.1949
James Forrestal, d.1949
Vincent Joseph Anania, b.1950
Lyal Ament Davidson, d.1950
Archibald Henderson Scales, d.1952
Montgomery Meigs Taylor, d.1952
William Sterling 'Deak' Parson..., d.1953
Cora Ruba Bean, d.1955
Pauline DeLaunay Stewart, d.1955
August Anthony Marques, d.1956
Byron Gray Sisson, b.1956
Cheryl Taylor 'Cherie' Van Gaa..., b.1956
Fannie Archibald White, d.1957
Hiester Hoogewerff, d.1958
Georgia Harding Taliaferro, d.1959
William Henry Whittlesey, d.1960
Charles J. Bachman, d.1961
George Beale Bloomer, d.1962
Catharine Elliott Brown, d.1962
Alice Beall, d.1963
Morton Loomis Ring, d.1963
Orida Jane King, d.1964
Stephen Lawrence Washington, b.1964
Paul Henry Pomeroy, b.1964
Elsie May Bell, d.1964
Harriet Cranston Hebard, d.1966
Richard Neal Smink, b.1967
William Morrow Fechteler, d.1967
Rebecca Endicott Barry, b.1967
Tiffany Allison Tankersley, b.1968
Bushrod Warren Allin, d.1968
Andrea Constantine Barry, b.1969
David Herman Frederick, 1 JAN 1970; d.1970
Thomas Charles Hart, d.1971
Hugo Lafayette Black, d.1971
Amy Richardson, d.1972
Joshua Thomas Smith, b.1975
Alexander Sharp, d.1975
Louis Alvin Gravelle, d.1978
Robert Alexander Bobb, d.1979
Nichole Olivia Mattocks, b.1983
Frank Forrester Church, d.1984
Robert Simpson Taylor, d.1987
Nallie Mae Brindley, d.1989
Kerry Sophia Kennedy Townsend, b.1991
Newton Ivan Steers, d.1993
Billy Marshall Fudge, d.1996
Ann Kutkin, d.1997
Valorie Jacqulynn Barnes, d.1998
John Lester Hubbard Chafee, d.1999
Catherine LeFevre, d.2000
Nancy Lee Cooley, d.2006
Rutland Duckett Beard, d.2008
Laura Gladys Ballard, d.2010
Robert Sargent Shriver, d.2011
Alice Claire Lacey, d.2011
Thomas Ballard Yewell, d.2014
Joseph Robinette 'Beau' Biden, d.2015
Neal Person Rutledge, d.2015

Worthington House

Mary R. D. Simmons, 1864
John T. Worthington, 1864


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