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Ile-de-France, France Residences

Below are some of the residences of Ile-de-France, France, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Chateau of Vincennes

Jeanne Princess of Navarre, d.1305
Charles IV of France, d.1328
Philip of Valois, b.1336
Blanca of Bourbon, b.1339
Jeanne de Bourbon, b.1339
Louis I, Duke of Anjou, b.1339
John de Valois, b.1340
Charles V King of France, b.1337; d.1380

Montfort Castle

Simon I of Montfort
Amauri (Amaury), Seigneur de M..., 1021
Simon V de Montfort, b.1170
Guiburge de Montfort, b.1195

Palace of Fontainbleu

Philip IV King of France, b.1268; d.1314
Louis Prince of France, b.1276
Blanche Duchess of France, b.1278
Philip VI King of France, b.1293
Jeanne de Valois, b.1294
Marguerite of Valois, b.1295
Charles II of Alençon, b.1297
Catherine II of Valois, b.1303
Jeanne de Valois, b.1304
Isabelle de Valois, b.1313
Louis Of Chartres, b.1318
Francis II of France, b.1544
Claude of Valois, b.1547
Henry III of France, b.1551
Louis XIII of France, b.1601
Elisabeth Isabel de Bourbon de..., b.1602
Gaston Duke of Orleans, b.1608
Louise of Coligny, d.1620
Louis Dauphin of France, b.1661
Philippe Charles d' Orleans, b.1664
Louis II de Bourbon, d.1686
Louis Dauphin of France, d.1765

Palace of Versailles

Louis of France, b.1682
Maria Theresa of Spain, d.1683
Philip V King of Spain, b.1683
Charles Duke of Berry, b.1686
Louis Armand de Bourbon, b.1695
Marie Louise Élisabeth of Orl..., b.1695
Louise Adélaide Abbess of Che..., b.1698
Louis d' Orléans, b.1703
Louis Duke of Brittany, b.1707
Louis XV of France, b.1709; d.1774
Louise Elisabeth d' Orléans, b.1709
Maria Adélaide, Dauphine of F..., d.1712
Philippine Elisabeth d' Orleá..., b.1714
Louis XIV of France, d.1715
Louis Philippe I Duke of Orlé..., b.1725
Henriette of France, b.1727
Louis Dauphin of France, b.1729
Philippe de France, b.1730
Marie Adélaide of France, b.1732
Victoire of France, b.1733
Sophie-Philippine of France, b.1734
Thérèse of France, b.1736
Louise-marie of France, b.1737
Marie-Thérèse of France, b.1746
Maria Teresa Rafaela of Spain, d.1746
Louis XVI of France, b.1754
Louis XVIII of France, b.1755
Charles X of France, b.1757
Clotilde de France, b.1759
Louise Elisabeth de Bourbon, b.1727; d.1759
Elisabeth de France, b.1764
Maria Josepha of Saxony, d.1767
Marie Leszczyn'ska, d.1768
Louis-Antoine Duke of Angoulem..., b.1775
Charles Ferdinand de Bourbon, b.1778
Marie-Thérèse Charlotte de F..., b.1778
Louis-Joseph-xavier-François ..., b.1781
Louis XVII of France, b.1785
Marie Sophie Beatrix Elene, b.1786

Palais Royal

Louis-Philippe d' Orléans, b.1773
Louis Antoine Philippe d' Orl..., b.1775
Louise Marie Adélaide Eugéni..., b.1777
Louis Duke of Nemours, b.1814
Henri d' Orléans, b.1822
Victor, b.1862

The Louvre

Christine Marie of France, b.1605
Henrietta Maria of France, b.1609
Marie de Bourbon, d.1627
Louis XVIII of France, d.1824
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