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Yorkshire, England Residences

Below are some of the residences of Yorkshire, England, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Bolton Castle

Roger le Scrope, 1373
Richard le Scrope, 1378
Richard Scrope, 1394

Castle Howard

George Howard
Frederick Howard
Margaret Howard, b.1593
Henry Howard, 1694
Charles Howard, 1699
Edward Granville George Howard, b.1809
Charles Wentworth George Howar..., b.1814
Henry George Howard, b.1818
Mary Matilda Georgiana Howard, b.1823
George Howard, d.1848
Elizabeth Dorothy Anne Howard, d.1891

Conisbrough Castle

Edward Plantagenet, b.1373
Constance Plantagenet, b.1374
Richard Plantagenet, b.1385
Isabella Plantagenet, b.1411
Thomas Clifford, b.1460

Denton Hall

Ferdinando Fairfax, b.1590
Isabel Thwaites, b.1497
William Fairfax, d.1558
Thomas Fairfax, b.1560
Henry Fairfax, b.1587
Dorothy Gale, d.1595
Thomas Fairfax, d.1598
Mary Sheffield, d.1619
Mary Fairfax, b.1630
Thomas Fairfax, b.1612; d.1671

Harewood Castle

William de Boulton, b.1196
Elizabeth de Boulton, b.1222
William II Gascoigne, b.1256
William I Gascoigne, d.1270
Alice de Aldwaldley, b.1298
John 2nd Baron de Lisle, b.1318
Alice de Lisle, b.1338
Robert 1st Baron de Lisle, d.1343
William IV Gascoigne, d.1383
William VI Gascoigne, b.1387
Elizabeth de Mowbray, d.1396
Agnes Gascoigne, b.1402
William V Gascoigne, b.1350; d.1419
Grace Redman, b.1540

Hornby Castle

John Conyers, b.1355
Christopher Conyers, b.1383
Anne Conyers, b.1444
Anne Bigod, d.1476
Christopher Conyers, b.1491
Ralph Neville, d.1499
John Conyers, b.1524
Edward Darcy, b.1590
Elizabeth Conyers, b.1595
Conyers Darcy, b.1599
Conyers Darcy, b.1622
Grace Rokeby, d.1658
George Godolphin Osborne, d.1895

Mulgrave Castle

Agnes Fossard, b.1100
Fossard, b.1104
William Fossard, b.1108
Robert Fossard, d.1135
Joane Fossard, b.1140
Isabel Turnham, b.1194
Robert de Turnham, d.1214
Piers of Mulgrave Mauley, b.1220
Piers of Mulgrave Mauley, d.1242
Piers III Lord de Mauley, b.1249
Robert Mauley, b.1251
Margaret de Mauley, b.1257
Piers IV Lord de Mauley, b.1281
Edmund de Mauley, b.1283
Piers V Lord de Mauley, b.1300
Margaret Multon, b.1300
Piers VI de Mauley, b.1330
Piers VII de Mauley, b.1350
Piers de Mauley, b.1378
Constance de Mauley, b.1385
Christopher Conyers, b.1408
William Conyers, b.1430
Henry Phipps, b.1755
Constantine Henry Phipps, b.1797
Maria Liddell, d.1882

Pontefract Castle

John de Lacy
Robert de Lacy
Roger de Lacy, 1199

Pontefract Castle

Richard Plantagenet, d.1400

Skipton Castle

Henry Clifford, b.1493

Wressle Castle

Henry Percy, 1471
Henry Algernon Percy, 1477
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